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MONKII 360™  is:

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Whether you're a traveler, entrepreneur, busy mom, corporate slave, lifehacker or just a gym-hater, MONKII 360™ will help you efficiently build muscle, strengthen your core, lose weight, and free you to do more of what you love.

Our patented grip design activates more muscles - from your hands to your core -  through a biological phenomenon called irradiation.

By combining full-body compound movements and dynamic resistance, monkii 360 trains strength, core, and cardio through a huge range of motion. It's called functional fitness.

Using a science-backed training philosophy based on High Intensity Interval Training, you'll train in short, intense 20 second bursts. This supercharges your V02 max and engages the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

SOURCE: Tabata Study: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. October, 1996.

At monkii, we believe that incredible design is mandatory. Every aspect of our product has been obsessed over. We hope that it shows.

monkii 360 workouts use dynamic, functional, full-body exercises that move you through a huge range of motion.   Unlike machines which limit your movement potential, monkii 360 exercises require you to rotate, jump, squat, bend, lunge, press, pull and otherwise move through as much range of motion as possible. 

This is important for a few reasons:

1. Since natural human movement potential is unlimited, the only way to achieve true functional fitness is to train through a huge range of motion.

2. The body is interconnected and muscles don't act in isolation. Full-body exercises engage your body in a way that activates more muscles. 

3. Dynamic resistance keeps your muscles engaged through the entire range of motion so there is no wasted effort.

So in short our training style engages more muscles, for longer periods, through a huge range-of-motion that humans are actually designed for.

Machines at the gym can't do that.

Benefits of our Training Style:

monkii 360 workouts are based on High Intensity Interval Training. Simply - you train in short, intense 20 second bursts, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes.

To the uninformed, a 4 minute workout seems twice as gimmicky as 8 minute abs. 

But here's the thing.

Discovered in 1996 by Izumi Tabata, a Japanese PHD in exercise science - this style of training has been proven effective by over 20 years of scientific research. 

Here's how it works.

By training in short, intense, 20 second bursts - monkii 360 supercharges your VO2 max. Training at this elevated level not only speeds up your workout, it targets both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. The result? Four minutes of training with monkii 360 is more effective than an hour-long run. 

Seriously, that seems impossible?

Remember we said is was efficient, not easy. You will train at levels up to 170% of your VO2 max to squeeze out every drop of efficiency from your workout. This is no gimmick, it's a serious training protocol. 

If you still don't believe us, Google it.

 Benefits of HIIT: 

Our patented design utilizes the synergy between three innovative components to create an unmatched efficiency.

We designed monkii 360 to harness a super cool training hack called irradiation. 

Our patented grip design creates tension from your hands through your chest to your core. This increased muscle tension means that more muscles are activated during your entire workout. 

Here’s a quick way to experience this: 

Grip your phone in one hand and squeeze. You should feel tension in your forearm and maybe even into your bicep. 

Now, use flat palms and press against the sides of your phone with both hands – pushing together (if the phone wasn’t their your hands would clap). Now you feel tension into your chest and core. 

That’s irradiation. 

Benefits of Irradiation

A modular weighted core may not sound like much, but imagine the impact it has over our huge range-of-motion we talked about earlier and hundreds of reps. It adds up fast. 

By adding a weight to the core of monkii 360, we are increasing leverage during our full range of motion movements. That core becomes much heaver the farther away from your body you extend it. 

Moving this additional weight requires more force, which in turn generates more power output. 

And since you can increase your MassCore level, you are able to utilize a linear progression so that as you get stronger, we can increase the weight, which will make you even stronger!

The final piece of the efficiency puzzle is our DynaForce Bungees. 

Dynamic resistance keeps your muscles engaged through the entire range of motion so there is no wasted effort.

This efficiency is increased through our proprietary sheath. Not only does the bungee create resistance, but our sheath does as well. 

No matter how big your range of motion is, you’re core will constantly be engaged.

Includes the essentials you need to become a monkii and start your monkii 360 training.


An ideal upgrade if you are looking for a linear progression style training program that gets harder as you get more fit. Each premium training program is custom designed to work with (and includes) specific DynaForce bungees. Depending on your area of focus, choose between Cardio, Core or Hybrid.  





The Ultimate System includes everything in the Growth System and our muscle-building and core-shredding secret weapon: MassCore.


For hardcore monkiis only, the Tactical System comes in any color you want, as long as it's Blacked-Out.  


This is a super limited opportunity to bundle monkii 360 with some of our other iconic products. You won't find prices this low ever again.

Includes everything in the Ultimate System and pocket monkii in your choice of color  - at a price you'll never find again.

Pocket monkii is the most portable training tool ever invented - backed by over 8,000 people during our previous campaign and used on work trips and vacations around the world for total-body workouts.


Who it's for: We created this bundle for someone who is committed to working out, but travels frequently.  The monkii 360 Ultimate System will have you covered at home. When you have to travel for work (or hopefully vacation), easily pack pocket monkii into your carry-on and you can get in quick workouts at your hotel so you don't lose all of your progress.

Includes everything in the Tactical System and every other product we make in Tactical Black. Includes an insane amount of accessories and training as well. 

We made the Tactical Line for those who are serious about their training. The difficulty of the training included is extreme to say the least - designed to match the daily challenges that those who are interested in this bundle may face. If you not only want to look like a badass with your blacked-out gear, but also actually be a badass, then you've come to the right place.


Who it's for: Due to the nature of training and advice of our legal counsel, we cannot recommend this for anyone. Thank you for your understanding. 

Workout OUTSIDE with your monkii 360.

Set up on any tree or support structure.

The Outdoor Anchor Accessory is available as an add-on for all backers. Just add $25 to your pledge and you’ll get the Outdoor Anchor Accessory shipped with your monkii 360.

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monkii 360 will only come to life if we can meet the minimum order quantity with our manufacturer.  We are ahead of the game because we have already paid a down-payment for tooling.  But we don't have the resources to make a purchase order that meets the MOQ.  Without it, we'll be stuck with some expensive paper weights.

That's where backers come in. If you can help us reach our goal of $50,000 that will be a large enough order quantity and cash to place that initial PO. 

Beyond that need, we also love Kickstarter as a platform because backer involvement makes our products better. Your feedback and ideas will guide not only the evolution of this campaign, but the future of our company and brand.

So please back this project, become a monkii, and bring monkii 360 to life.

Dare to contact the monkii Elders directly? Speak your request clearly and succinctly, we have important matters to attend to, like canceling our gym membership we haven't used in 6 months: [email protected]

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