Will and Scott, two of our founders, are always on the move. Whether at the office, at home or traveling, their workspaces could not keep up with their active schedules. Soon after their levels of frustration peaked, they had a discussion on how useful a portable monitor would be with a laptop. This idea would later change their lives.

The next day, Will 3D printed a simple L-Bracket for his Surface Pro. Seeing this come to life was the catalyst to look into the concept more. At this stage, we had no immediate plans to start a business. Over the next few months, we created prototypes, tested different portable monitors and participated in pitching competitions to help refine our idea. From this came revisions, and we started getting more serious about this project. We designed the 'X-Frame' which could connect one, or even two screens. Our third founder, Matt, then joined us and brought his extensive experience and success from previous ventures.

In November 2018, we went to Shenzhen, China to connect with suppliers, do some rapid prototyping and get amongst the hardware ecosystem. We broadened our scope and set ourselves a bigger goal. After many nights of hard work, sweat and tears, we finalized Espresso Displays — the monitor we dreamed up months prior!

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We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make Espresso Displays a reality.

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t give a dollar or pre-order one, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of!