For the space saver, the parent, the host, the entrepreneur, or the gamer the new Transformer Table Collection is built and designed for everyone

The Transformer Table 3.0 Collection is for everyone no matter who you are, where you live or how you live your life.

The Transformer Table 3.0 Collection of signature hardwood tables, benches, Coffee Tables and Chairs were intentionally designed to cultivate beautiful, functional spaces that bring people together

From 18" to 118", our expandable dining room tables are built with an integrated extension feature that allows you to adjust the table for any space or gathering.

The new Transformer Table collection includes 5 signature products: 

 Offering unrivaled multi-functionality and adaptability.

 Creating the best dining table was not easy. Our team of engineers, carpenters and designers worked around the clock for the past 2 years, testing prototype after prototype, and finally got to a product we know you will love and be able to use for a very long time.

Made from 100% hardwood, the Transformer Table serves as a bold focal point in any living space. This extendable dining table adjusts from 18" to 118", seating up to 12 guests, and can fit perfectly in any home.

Extend your Table - Extend an invitation. From 18 inches to 10 feet and seating up to 12 of your guests, the Transformer Table expands to accommodate a lot people and slims down to a console size.

The Transformer Table's innovative magnetite steel ball bearing telescopic mechanism, providing complete flexibility and is sure to WOW all your guests when you open it up.

The mag latch returns underneath each panel hook into each other, providing a perfect fit and stabilization.

Its adjustable middle leg moves side to side, provides complete flexibility for all your guests. It also hides inside the legs, when you don’t need it.

 Complementing perfectly the Transformer Table our Transformer Bench extends all the way up to 11 feet and seats up to 6 of your guests.

The Transformer bench also allows you to store all your unused panels within the integrated storage box.

The Transformer Bench also feature a magnetite steel ball bearing mechanism. Extending the bench from 28 inches to 11 feet.

The Benches mag latch returns provide a completely stabilized designed, creating a sturdy seating arrangement, seating up to 6 people and supporting up to 1500Lbs.

Best part of it all, we’ve designed it to be much more than a simple dining bench. Its sleek and versatile design can also be used for all kinds of other things.


Only use the panels you need, when you need them, and just store the others within your coffee table. 

The new Transformer Coffee Table was designed to be just as versatile as all our other products. You can now store all your unused table panels inside the integrated compartment.

Multifunctionality is everywhere! Use it as a coffee table, but also for storage or even as an extendable shelving unit.

Complementing perfectly your Table or Dining Set, the Transformer Chairs have been designed to create a beautiful style and environment in your dining room. 

This mid-century dining table is made with 100% Mahogany hardwood for a classic yet sleek look of simple luxury and minimalism. Its dark brown features are perfect to give your home a natural, warm presence.

Marked by uniquely-scored distressing and earthy wood grain detail, the Siberian Birch finish brings an elegant look that’s both inviting and relaxing. Finished with a wire brush, the surface of this table is lightly textured and variable across individual pieces.

The Dark Oak table brings a bold and luxurious presence to any dining space. With balanced steel-brushed detailing and charming dark features, this finish is sure to exude a refined, contemporary look and feel.

Made from solid acacia wood, this finish inspires an elegant rustic look with an edge of contemporary chic. This table radiates the natural elegance of smooth hardwood that easily complements any decor style.

The Arctic White table is the definition of modern design. Its smooth and sleek look resonates the innovative edge and view of modern condos and housing. 

Our innovative ball bearing telescopic mechanism is the heart of the Transformer Table. It easily allows you to extend the table from 18 inches to its full size of 118 inches. It's ball bearing component allows the track system to slide with very little effort. This cutting-edge technology is what makes our products stand out from the rest.

When fully extended at 118 inches (10 Feet), the ball bearing mechanism can support up to 750Lbs of weight.

The magnetite grade steel used in the manufacturing of our telescopic mechanism provide the sturdiest and most robust table mechanism ever seen.  We're so convinced of its quality that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our mechanism.


 Soslan Tsoutsiev - President  Zaur Pkhalagov - Director   Alexandre Dore - CoFounder 

    Richard Mabley - B&D       Artem Kuzmichev - Media   Cedric Deltandre - Int.Relations

    Bogdan Luncasu - Engineer   Natalia Lemieux - Logistics   Cesar Delvasto - Creatives

       Holland Wabley - Sales         Cindy Ramelson - Accounting           Django - Mascot

                      William Lepine - Tech                Mackenzie Saint Hilare - CSR

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