Introducing the Fire Escape, a small, 1.7 oz multi-tool that can save your life!

Inspired by First Responders, the Fire Escape has been dubbed a Must-Carry-Tool for just about everyone.

For over a year we have been testing prototypes and are finally ready. We need your support for the first production run. Thanks for supporting small business and all our first responder buddies who are itching to get their hands on one of these!

Yes, we're a small company...but we've been featured in big places! Among the many accolades, our firebiner® was labeled "Best Gadget" by Backpacker Magazine in their 2019 gear guide. Much love and respect to our community!

The Fire Escape is the next-gen to the acclaimed firebiner®, and shares some of these tried and true features:

It also boasts some awesome new ones:

The Fire Escape is just as useful for every day carry as it is for emergencies. When you need it, you will certainly be glad you have it. Don't leave home without it. 

Seat Belt Cutter: easily slice through a seat belt to escape in an emergency

 Window Breaker: quickly smash out a window to escape a disaster

Mojica had too much fun field testing this. The owners of Littleton, CO U-Pull Automotive Recycling center were awesome (we owe them a couple of fire escapes).  

Fire Starter: light your camp stove or campfire quickly with the EverSpark fire wheel. It is the same tried and true technology we use on the firebiner® so you know it will work every time with ease. 

Accessory Kit: always have a dry piece of tinder with you by carrying a TinderQuik in your Wombat Whistle attached to your Fire Escape. Available with packages that contain an optional Accessory Kit, or added on later.

Hex Driver: tighten or loosen screws as needed by inserting a hex bit and taking care of business. Fits all standard 1/4" bits. 

Bottle Opener: pop, fiz, happiness...  Easily remove your bottle cap.

O2 Wrench: ditch unnecessary extra tools and know you're covered. No more fumbling around when every second counts - oxygen tank open in no time. We let one of the prototypes take a hospital and ambulance performed flawlessly

Replaceable Ferro Rods: with 2 extra replaceable ferro rods lasting over 2,000 sparks each, your Fire Escape will be your go-to fire starter. 

Why carry 8 different tools when you can carry a 1.7 oz Fire Escape?

 For the price of a movie night out you can invest in the newest and coolest life-saving device on the market. Fire escape - $20. Peace of mind - priceless.

If you love to explore, have a passion to be prepared, ...have a camp stove, have a vehicle with a window, you need this. It needs you. Let the Fire Escape join your adventure. Be prepared for anything, escape when necessary

And for all you brave men and women risking your lives to help the rest of us on a daily basis, we think you will love the functionality and ease of use of this small, lightweight multitool that you can carry with you anywhere and everywhere.  

 Mojica got a little excited when he brought the Fire Escape to Arches National Park :) 

We love our National Parks and are a proud sponsor of the PLA. If you happen to be running in a park with Vacation Races, you very well might see Mike, his wife or his daughters on the trail or on the "podium". Help us support our public lands.

For you technical folks out there, check out all this fun stuff: It's always a all starts with an idea, a conversation, a scratch in a notebook, 2D drawings, 3D models then evolves. We love this process. 

Fire Escape to Firebiner comparison

Additional stretch goals for fun:

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Here are some recent write-ups on the Fire Escape:


Our factory was willing to start the tooling process to help us meet our timing needs. Tooling is already in process. Now we need your help for the initial PO. Here are some of our expected milestones with dates:

We are in constant communication with the factory to ensure all their preparations are in order for a smooth and seamless production. Even with the best planning and backup plans, there are always possibilities for delays. We are doing all we can to minimize those chances and to get the product into your hands before the holidays.

We have experience. We learned from the firebiner®. We listen to our community. We made improvements, dialed it in, and are ready to deliver a great product. We are working with the same factory that produces the firebiner®, so the learning curve will be short and we can get a quality product into your hands as soon as possible.

Meet the Team

Michael is the founder and chief innovator. He is an accomplished engineer with lots of experience in medical and aerospace, and several patents under his belt. With his passion for the outdoors and for business, he embarked on a new adventure in life, quit his day job a couple years ago and is focusing all his attention on Outdoor Element, despite several offers to bring him back into corporate life. His wife and four girls keep him young and active. His native American name is Bodaway, which means "fire maker", which turns out to be pretty appropriate here.

Joe is the operations chief. He has over 25 years experience successfully running operations for small consumer product companies. After the last company he was with sold, Joe was semi-retired (aka being lazy and driving his wife crazy) when a mutual friend introduced him to Michael. Joe agreed to buy dinner at their first meeting but conveniently forgot his wallet and stuck Michael with the bill. True story, and forgetting his wallet really was an accident (or so he says).

This is where the logistic magic happens, in Joe's basement. Yes, our pick & staging station is really a covered pool table. The storage table in the back is the air-hockey table. And that is Michael's beautiful bride in the picture with us. It is a good thing Joe's kids are mostly out of the house, with only his daughter, his wife and him left at home, so the pool table and air-hockey only get used a couple times a year. Otherwise, this is what it basically looks like in our "warehouse". The commute is crazy. :)

Explore with confidence.