As a new innovation, we have integrated a magnetic charging connection between the back pocket and the suitcase. Imagine it like a Magsafe®, on your carry-on!

Your devices will come back to charge automatically when you lock the pocket back in.

We have beautifully integrated a removable battery inside the carry-on. You will NEVER need to remove it:

If a TSA agent ask's you about the battery, simply pull it out in seconds and show thats it's TSA approved.

To charge the battery, simply connect your USB-C laptop charger to the carry-on. Don't even open it.

 And you can charge your devices .... WHEREVER YOU ARE !

KABUTO is made out of 80% recycled polycarbonate. It's so strong that your suitcase is almost unbreakable. 

Security is our priority here, we have sourced the most efficient Fingerprint sensor on the market currently used on smartphones. Your suitcase will unlock in 1/100 second.

We have developed our own electronics for enhanced security, you can save up to 10 fingerprints for friends & family.

Thousands of customers are using the fingerprint lock on our first suitcase, and we guarantee 100% TSA compliance. We are providing a back-up key to unlock your carry-on and TSA has one as well.

You can now arrive home at 1am in silence, without waking up your family.

To design our own wheels, we simply replicated a car wheel.

Our bearings are the same used on electric skateboards. Where first priority is long and effortless spinning, these are metallic bearings and not plastic.

With our expandable system, you'll need below 10s to get 50% more volume. Great for shopping or travelling longer!

Finally, we designed a mechanical system to let you sit on your luggage, even when expanded.

The flexible fabric we have designed is similar to Kevlar, it's called Cutlon®. You cannot even cut it with a knife. Don't forget, KABUTO is almost unbreakable and has a lifetime warranty.

Your Kabuto is delivered before Christmas. If you choose to add the expandable option, you can either add +$50/ KABUTO to your pledge now or wait until the end of the campaign, we will send a survey to choose your color and option.

We need a bit more time to manufacture them and you will receive them in January. Both Lifetime warranty!

And if you want the Add-a-bag strap, you just have to add +$20/KABUTO to your pledge.

SIZE: To design the external shell of the Kabuto, we compared all the airlines carry-on size requirements and we ended up with the most optimized size and shape.

Fingerprint lock: Only you and up to 10 people you choose can open KABUTO with their fingerprints. We also integrated a back-up key system (key furnished) for you and especially TSA. They can open your carry-on if required.

Battery: 100% of airlines allow our battery to be carried on in-flights. If you want to check-in your KABUTO, the battery is easily removable, and just take it with you in the plane.

We have shipped thousands of units of the first generation of KABUTO with 100% satisfied customers.

If we can't deliver your KABUTO before Christmas, we'll refund 100% of your pledge. 

Product warranty

This lifetime warranty covers the following:

The battery warranty is 18 months

Return policy

You are entitled to return all products  within 30 days of receiving the merchandise for full reimbursement, provided the merchandise is complete, unused and undamaged.

The products shall be returned with its original packaging, with the original labels, brand new, without having used it or washed it, wheels must not have been rolled. After 30 days, the sale is final.

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