We invented a smart charging cable equipped with Bluetooth and dedicated app, which by automating charging process in safe ranges ensure optimum battery charging, thus preventing reduction of its life in subsequent cycles.  Save your battery from overheating and  give your battery optimal charge and de-charge cycles to maintain an optimum level that increases its lifetime.

Each mobile device’s battery has a defined initial capacity, but overtime, as a result of subsequent charging cycles, it becomes smaller. It means your phone is dying faster and faster… What is especially harmful for the battery? 

Charging your phone to 100% and discharging to 0%, but that is hard to control and prevent. Not with BatteryPal, though! It charges the battery in a safe range, eg. 20%-80%, which significantly extends its lifespan.

Plug your phone into BatteryPal at bedtime, set the alarm and sleep peacefully, knowing for certain that it will be ready to work all day just before you wake up. Slow and safe charging in an optimal range while maintaining a low temperature of the device will take care of its health. 

Use your plugged phone while driving and keep it cool so it won't shut down. Overheating your phone and charging it to 100% are the most common causes of deteriorating battery capacity. BatteryPal provides optimal charging process in a narrow range, perfect for heavy load and temperature when you're using a GPS or have many apps opened in the background.

Forget about protecting battery health by constantly plugging and unplugging your phone at work. You can easily keep it plugged all day long, knowing that it won’t let you down when needed most. BatteryPal will take care of optimal charging process in a wide range, dedicated for low and medium device load and temperature.

User mode – choose your own individual setting of charging range and time. We realize that each and every one of us uses their phone in a different way, that’s why we don’t limit you to default modes.