Introducing AIR: The World's Most Breathable Blazer Ever loaded with Mesmeric Features.

Hey, I am Harsha Kasey, Founder of GOTTLICH - a menswear innovative apparel startup. You don't know me, but just like you, I always wanted to look sharp & elegant. Wearing a T-shirt was too dressed down. Wearing a dress shirt was better, but was not elegant enough. Wearing a blazer seemed like the perfect choice. But there was something missing with the existing blazers. The Wool/Poly-wool blazers looked too overdressed, hot & suffocating. The Linen blazers are breathable but shrink & wrinkle even with the slightest touch. The Cotton blazers, well, they are heavy, stiff, hot, wrinkle easily & are just ugly. So, I dreamt:

What if a blazer breathes like no other blazer in human history? What if a blazer doesn't shrink & is so lightweight that you feel like a flower petal is on you? And what if it still has a stunning luxury wool appearance? That would be the most revolutionary & magical blazer that can be worn by everyone, everywhere!

After years of extensive research, multiple iterations & prototyping in both fabric & construction, my small team & I have finally developed & created this revolutionary dream blazer with a magical fabric made from Sustainably grown Austrian Beech Trees. But we didn't just stop there & added loads of breathtaking features to the already magnificent AIR.

 After researching hundreds of available fabrics in the world, we pinned down on the Fabric made from sustainably grown Austrian Beech Trees. It is popularly known as Modal. However, the modal we use has been specially tweaked, blended & engineered to suit the AIR blazer's desired properties – to look like wool but to breathe like a shirt. Unlike wool/poly-wool AIR’s fabric is naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level itself. It is inherently 50% more breathable than traditional cotton.

The already super breathable fibers are then woven into a luxurious fabric with specially engineered micro gaps which further allow more airflow resulting in Supreme Breathability. We have achieved a spectacular air permeability of 6000 units, making AIR the most breathable blazer in human history. The fiber breathes, the fabric breathes & the blazer breathes. Breathes at every level. Truly, revolutionary!

For the first time ever, a blazer has a Magnetic Closure. Two identical powerful coin magnets are inserted & stitched to facilitate the blazer closure. It is very futuristic and magically elegant. It is much quicker & easier to use than a button closure. The magnetic closure is a delight to the blazer wearer and after using it for some time, you will never go back to using buttons in a blazer. It creates an uninterrupted blazer surface and intuitively assists the blazer’s reversibility. You will fall in love with the Magnetic Closure. Simply feels magical.

*Magnetic Closure feature is a Patent Pending design technology solely owned by Gottlich.

AIR is the world’s first-ever Seamlessly Reversible blazer. While there have been a few reversible blazers in the past, they all look very shabby with the reverse side popping out onto the main side & vice versa. To solve this, we have developed innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature. A special micro-coil single needle chain stitch has been developed to facilitate this seamlessness. It is impossible for the naked eye to know that the AIR blazer is reversible. You get two blazers in one and you get two blazers for the price of one. Plain on one side & pattern on the other side. You can change your entire look by simply reversing the blazer literally on-the-go.

*Seamlessly Reversible feature is a Patent Pending design technology solely owned by Gottlich.

AIR weighs about 200 grams owing primarily to the inherent nature of our beech tree fabric and also because of our innovative superfine & super lean internal construction which is delicately sandwiched between the plain & the pattern fabric sides. AIR is approximately 66% lesser in weight than any other blazer in the world making it the world’s lightest mainstream blazer. It is almost as light as a cotton dress shirt, you won’t even feel like it’s on you. AIR is like a flower petal on your shoulder.

For the first time ever, a blazer has a Sleeve Monogram made from pure Mulberry Silk which is the most luxurious & exotic among the silk family. Generally, the blazer monograms are present on the blazer’s inside chest area & are hidden from the outside world. AIR has the monogram on the sleeve, delicately embroidered with Mulberry Silk in a color that is a few tones off from the blazer color which makes it subtly pop out for the onlooker to stop & stare at the pure exclusivity of the blazer sleeves. Our Sleeve Monogram is the most exclusive & the most personal blazer experience ever.

Due to our fabric’s natural cellulose property, the blazer feels soft & smooth on the skin. Especially while sporting the AIR blazer with a T-shirt, the skin around the neck, arms, forearms & hands are in contact with the blazer fabric, you immediately feel the soft buttery sensation unlike the rough touch of the wool, cotton & linen blazers. AIR blazer’s touch is refreshingly soothing & glides smoothly with a tender feel on the skin, you just want to touch it all the time.

AIR’s fabric is infused with flexible elastane providing an optimum 3-dimensional stretch. You are no more limited in your movement. While there have been a few stretchable blazers in the past, all of them are knitted, not woven, with their fabric looking like a cotton T-Shirt fabric with a little stretch & dramatically bring down the sheer elegance of a woven blazer. We did not compromise by simply knitting but we have accomplished a stretch that beautifully blends into our weave itself. So, AIR looks like a mainstream elegant blazer but one which allows free body movements in every direction. I have been personally using AIR blazer & though I have included this as a bonus feature at a slightly later stage of development, believe me, the 3D stretch is surprisingly one of my top favorite features of all.

AIR’s fabric is magically blended with a specially engineered porous microfiber resulting in exquisite wrinkle resistance. After multiple iterations & carefully studying every fabric swatch we prototyped & developed, we finally accomplished to engineer the AIR’s fabric to look like luxury wool with a sublime crosshatch melange finish. We truly believe our melange texture that mimics wool in appearance, is a subtle artistic & design stroke to an already magnificent fabric. Breathes like a cotton shirt yet looks like wool, pure Luxury Experience.

AIR’s fabric is infused with the latest liquid & stain repellent nanotechnology. You never have to worry about spilling water, coffee, cola drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc. All liquid will roll right off, protecting you from any stains. Any leftover residual liquids can be absorbed easily with a paper towel/napkin.

AIR’s fabric is enriched with Silver Ions. The silver ions disrupt the cell division process of bacteria. When bacteria come in contact with the silver enriched fabric, the bacteria cells dock & take up the positively charged ‘Ag+’ silver ions. Upon consuming the silver ions, the bacteria cells get damaged or destroyed. Hence, the bacteria cannot multiply, and the blazer smells as fresh as it feels keeping you odor-free all day. Our anti-odor silver ion treatment has been rigorously tested and is completely safe for the skin and the environment. This feature, in a way, completes the AIR blazer in its entirety.

AIR comes in four carefully selected, poetically named, elegant, exotic colors. We care so deeply about AIR, we just could not name its colors generically. AIR is a creation from the heart and so must be the names of its colors.

The Deep Ocean color is a deep & intense dark ocean blue with a tiny grain of coral & with pure black popping out in between the weaves. The Deep Ocean is perfect for formal business setups, offices & even an elegant dinner date. But it can be equally casual if dressed down with a dark T-shirt, especially the reverse checks pattern side.

The Alpine Grey color is a subtle modern stroke on a traditional grey color with a very gentle tinge of purple-grey hue. The Alpine Grey is not too dark & not too light, making it the most versatile color among the lot. Perfect for a wide range of occasions right from offices to coffee shops to movies.

The Cloud color is a pure white shade with the purity & magnificence of a cumulus cloud. Perfect for brunch parties and especially if you live in a coastal city like LA or Miami, you better get this color & sport it with a white T-Shirt clubbed with white pants or even with a pair of elegant shorts.

The Sky color is a toned down wearable version of a beautiful day clear sky. Its subtle light blue hue is again perfect for beaches & sunny days. It is also my personal favorite for an elegant weekend surprise attire.

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