Why choose between fashion vs function?

Traveling doesn’t have to mean pulling out the cargo shorts from the back of your drawer or wearing that bulky jacket you bought 10 years ago that you only use for international flights.

Own the jacket that’s not only great for travel...but one you’d want to wear year-round. 

No matter how you travel, be the alpha.

Alpha Jacket is perfect for the forgetful traveler, the chic business exec, or the wandering nomad. 

Durable, fashionable, and with convenient pockets designed for everyday use.

The fashionable travel jacket built not just for a comfortable flight, but a comfortable adventure.

You don’t want 100 features that lead to awkward bulges and bulky pockets.

You just want what you need.

For everyday commuting & long extended trips

Exactly what you need for a great adventure.

Three EASY steps to back this project

1. Choose the reward level that best fits your needs.

2. Complete Payment Information - you won't be charged until the campaign has ended. Kickstarter will only preauthorize $1 USD. 

3. CONGRATS! You're done for now. All details like colors, sizes, shipping information and add-on specifics will be collected via survey after this campaign has ended. 

The highest quality, the best design

We are excited to offer 4 stylish colors to start our Kickstarter! Help us become fully funded and we'll release the white jacket color option! 

We spent months testing and sourcing the most durable and high-quality materials we could find — all while keeping the jacket at a great price. 

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PinFin has partnered with one of the top apparel manufacturers in Vietnam. Along with sourcing our fabric, embellishments, and zippers directly from the suppliers. No middlemen! We have dialed in our lead time and are excited to start our first production run. 

The inspiration behind the jacket

Dan, the founder of PinFin, travels a lot with his wife.  

On their first trip together she forgot her neck pillow.

It made it hard to sleep and they both arrived unrested and exhausted, unable to enjoy the day.

It didn’t help that current travel neck pillows are big, bulky and are a pain to carry around. They are the pinnacle of “useful yet ugly” products.

So Dan thought - why don’t we come up with a way to easily sleep and look good on the trip? 

The idea quickly evolved, focusing in on the key principles of design as simple and beautiful.

Pinfin was created, centered around our vision to create innovative, useful, and fashionable wear that has infinite uses. 

Dan and Linh have spent years developing the best possible jacket. They are excited to bring their creation to Kickstarter first!  

Support their project today and be one of the first to travel like an Alpha. 

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