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No more dry microwaved meals, every meal will be hot, fresh and delicious. Add water and you're good to go. 

Heatbox uses steam technology to heat food and maintain nutrients and flavour. The steam works to trap in goodness. 

Heatbox can heat up to 3 times on a single charge. Eat multiple times a day, or heat up bigger meals! 

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Regular lunchbox -  Regular lunch boxes have held mankind back since the day they were invented. Besides the fact that they force us to eat cold meals, they’re prone to leaking, break down quickly and leave you feeling ill equipped and embarrassed.

Electric lunchbox - Have you ever tried one of these? If not, good. If you did, you probably already know that these products are often extremely bulky, not leak-proof, awfully designed and - most importantly, need an external power source to heat up. The latter is the most frustrating part of it all, having to depend on something limits where you can eat...

Microwave - Then there is the microwave. A great way to heat up your food, and a great way to destroy all of the goodness and nutrients in meal, before radiating the sh!t out of it. When you have survived the waiting line of hangry co-workers ( if there even is a microwave in the first place) they often end up looking revolting.

Heatbox - Unlike the alternatives, Heatbox truly makes you independent when it comes to eating. No more hassle, limitations or expensive/unhealthy take out. Finally take control of what you eat, where you eat and when you eat.

Heatbox co-founder and engineering team visiting our manufacturing partner in Shenzhen. A trustworthy partner with whom we’ve already prepared the production process for Heatbox.

We have a functional app, through which we’re able to turn on Heatbox with 3 steaming programs (low, medium and high). Recipes and final app design will be added after our campaign.

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This is our prototype which we use for most of our food tests. It’s a result of over 2 years of prototyping and lot’s of taste test (which wasn’t really a bad thing).   

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We‘ve come a long way from the moment we started. After almost two years of prototyping and 4 versions later, we finally have our production-ready models. We’ve had a wide range of technical experts that worked on Heatbox. Those experts include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and consumer electronics specialists.

Once we had our MVP, we fused our designers into the process, leaving us with the beautiful and stylish design Heatbox has today.

We support ShareTheMeal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Being part of our vision ‘Freedom of Food’, we will give back to less fortunate children in developing world countries. For each Heatbox that is backed during the campaign, we are donating 1 meal to children in need!

Risks and challenges

Our highly committed team consists of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs. We run Heatbox from our Headquarters in the Netherlands and have trusted partners in the USA and Asia. We believe in high-quality products and only work with parties that have the same intentions and mindset as we do. We do believe that any project will come with risks and challenges till a certain extent. Despite our planning and preparations, there will be times where we will face problems and hardships. When these occur, we promise that we will communicate with full transparency and do our absolute best to mitigate.