Egret is the patented new spray that kills germs and removes bad smells in your home in seconds. It’s 100% natural and non-toxic, using patented technology and the power of Electrolyzed water (EO water) to explode bacteria wherever it hides.

All you need to create this powerful natural cleaning solution is tap water, home salt, and Egret. In 60 seconds, Egret creates EO water, ready for you to sterilize and remove odors anywhere you want.

With its fully-automatic spray mechanism, Egret produces a fine spray of EO water, able to reach those unreachable parts of your home, like the gaps in your sofa.

Egret can act as an air purifier also which remove the TVOC and PM2.5 particles in the air. It can protect you and your children away from these chemicals.

Never buy cleaning products again! EO water created by Egret is as effective as any cleaning product, and it’s totally natural, so it won’t harm your skin or aggravate your allergies. Say goodbye to that closet full of cleaning products; Egret does it all.

Egret will sterilize and deodorize EVERYTHING even your clothes, carpets, furniture, shoes and anything else. Portable enough to move Egret around with ease, take it outdoors and even clean your car.

Because EO water created by Egret is sterile, non-toxic and safe, you can even use Egret to remove pesticide residue from your fruits and vegetables. Use it to sterilize babies bottles; it’s totally harmless!

Because Egret is wireless and portable, you can use it at your home, outdoors or in your car.

Wherever the bacteria are, Egret will find them and remove them. It can even clean your clothes, baby products, fruits, carpets, furniture, shoes and anything else.

EO water created by Egret is as effective as any cleaning product, but it’s totally natural, so it won’t harm your skin or aggravate your allergies.

Say goodbye to that closet full of cleaning products; Egret does it all.

Spend less money, reduce plastic waste and save space in your home, all thanks to Egret.

The sea is filled with waste from harmful plastic and used cleaning agents, it is everyone's responsibility to reduce it.

Plastic wastes such as plastic bottles and bags harm creatures in the ocean, and chemicals would pollute and destroy our lovely planet.

By switching to Egret, you no longer need to buy many cleaning agents and can reduce the wastage of plastic bottles and chemicals by 85%. Say No to toxic waste and chemicals now!

You need something that doesn’t just clean; it kills these harmful bacteria. Egret is that solution, it's also a solution thats safe to use around children and pets.

Egret works by harnessing the awesome power of electrolyzed water, or EO water. When you pass electricity through a saltwater mixture, you create EO water. EO water:

  1. Exterminates 99.95% of virus and germs that it comes into contact with
  2. Is completely safe, sterile and non-toxic and eco-friendly!
  3. Literally blows up bacteria by breaking its outer cells and bursting it with water

All you have to do is add tap water and a tablespoon of salt to your Egret device and wait 60 seconds. Then, you’re good to go. Bust some bacteria!

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 "How to use" video 

Buy it once and it lasts for up to 3 years under regular usage. No need to buy capsules of any kind.

Replacement electrode can be purchased on the rewards (Home Kit) to extend the useful lifespan of Egret, as other components will last longer.

Hypochlorous acid and OH radicals are produced through electrolysis process from salt and water.

Hypochlorous acid is a safe sterilizer that works similar to bleach but without the toxic. It is suitable for cleaning baby items and food that will contact directly to human and pet.

OH radical is a another common ingredient commonly found in cleaning agents. The OH radical in our EO water is less concentrated than common cleaning agents - making it safe but still sufficient to kill most germs and virus.

We have tested the Egret with an independent third-party testing center, the SGS testing laboratory and other testing laboratories.

  • The tests analyzed the sterilization ability on bacteria and virus, the deodorization ability and pesticides removal ability of Egret.
  • The tests were run using the Egret to spray on germs, bad smell and pesticides.
  • The test results show that with only 30 seconds of exposure of EO water on the bacteria and virus, the killing rate was greater than 99.99%.  Also, Egret can remove all pesticide within 5 minutes. This proves how effective the Egret is!

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 "Hypochlorite Ion Concentration Testing" video 

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 "Remove Pesticide from Apple" video 

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                  "Pesticide Removal Demonstration" video 

Below photos show our molding and production process.  We have begun molding process and pilot production process before the campaign launched to make sure the we can able to ship Egret on time.

We have spent a number of years to bring this product to the market, we believe this will change the way we consumer household cleaning products.

Egret founder Jack Chen has been working in the EO Water industry intended for industrial and farming field. The multi-purpose cleaning solution is affordable to run, effective and doesn’t trigger allergy. After researching on the tech, Jack and his team has refined it and made it suitable for home use. The chlorine inside EO Water is also able to kill most bacteria and virus, ensuring health and safety in daily life.

Leading water scientists in Asia, working at the NIES Japan and the International Water Association have also advocated for the EO Water technology as a sustainable and affordable alternative to chemicals. Their publication and support has helped our team immensely in the development of Egret.

They have spent a number of years to bring this product to the market . With multiple improvements in ergonomics and hardware incorporated, the Egret is born – a portable cleaner that both prepares and power-sprays EO Water!

 Add $8 (Retail price: $19) to any reward to get a specially made concentrate nozzle for your Egret. 

Concentrate nozzle - Egret automatically sprays out EO water through its nozzle. We have designed the nozzle such that it can atomize the water evenly to spread across the intended surface. The size and shape of the nozzle provides good performance and prevents clogging over continuous use. It is also possible to attach extensions to alter the spray for different uses.

Risks and challenges

It is not a easy project to start a new and first project in Kickstarter. There are always challenges and unforeseeable obstacles in this project. On this project, we have tackled many technical issues and improved our design to make it better and better. From the stage of idea born until launch the campaign, we have worked as a team and solving the problems together. Also, we have a very trustable factory as a partner whichcan make our idea into a real product perfectly. During the campaign, we will closely monitored your comments and make improvement continuously. If there is any issues, we promise we will follow up and post the update on Kickstarter platform if we have solved the problems. We have planned to ship worldwide and we have made the related arrangements. Please stay tuned to receive your own Egret and be patient if there is any delay. We will make our greatesteffort to avoid any delay and any other problems. Thank you again for backing us and support our campaign. We hope Egret can make your daily life cleaner and save your money and time. We will do everything to fulfill your orders and make it arrive your as soon as possible. Thank you!