In front of you is an entirely different watch from most mechanical timepieces. This is one of those watches we always enjoy seeing on collector’s wrist. With our own developed time-telling mechanism together with its beauty and precision, THE SPACESHIP is appealing to every watch lover.

our own developed time-telling mechanism


The main feature of THE SPACESHIP is the unique in-house time-telling mechanism, which tells the time in an entirely different way from most mechanical timepieces, that make use of the typical hour and minute hands.

The rotation and revolution of the two specially made sapphire crystal thin plates show the time. The minute plate rotates once per hour while the hour plate rotates 30 degrees in the section of 55-60 minutes every hour. Time is specially shown with the red pointer underneath. Each of our 22 unique parts, as well as every gear of our mechanism, is meticulously arranged and tested to avoid shock and ageing.

This complicated time-telling system requires accurate and precise calculation as well as enough testing. Thus, it is not easily found in normal watch brands and factories. The 22 unique parts combined with 15 months of development, uncountable modification and testing models, our mechanism is reliable and sturdy.

*Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 is used for numerals which emits a Blue-Green glow in the dark and looks white in the daylight condition.

*More about Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9


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BEHRENS ORIGINAL is a group of watch enthusiasts gather and create a brand that is based in Hong Kong. We specialized in watchmaking and watch modification, in which we take pride in what we do. Our founder, B.Q.Jack, has more than 15 years in watchmaking - which we genuinely called him the watch factory master. With a group of designers and engineers works perfectly, interesting ideas and developments come out every day!

We want our watches to be well-made and with a high-end quality, which has been acknowledged and proven by 400+ backers and customers all over the world. We are being discussed on many forums and groups organised by watch lovers. You may check out for more comments about our watches’ quality craftsmanship and design in the link below:



After having two very successful Kickstarter projects (THE MOONPHASE and THE ALL-ROUND) both funded in only a few hours. We have decided to take a big step forward-- Developing our own mechanical system. is the dream of Behrens Original since the very beginning. We are not satisfied by making watches only with changing the material of dial, the form of hands and case; we want to create something really special and innovative. Thus, we are dedicated to creating this masterpiece - THE SPACESHIP.


It is very complicated to develop a new system as a precisely developed system is a combination of accuracy, materials, gears, reliability, and appearance. All of the parts have to be perfect in order to create a great mechanism. That is why many so-called "unique watches" appeared to be very similar because they share the same mechanism sourced from one or two major manufacturers.

However, it is not the case for us. We have our own R&D centre which we are determined to create our own system and mechanism. With 15 months of development, uncountable modifying and testing models; our mechanism is reliable and sturdy, with an appealing and high-end appearance.

We know that real watch lovers may concern:


  • This time-telling mechanism is completely developed by ourselves.
  • We can guarantee the best quality of the mechanism. We create it, we test it, and we know it.
  • 22 Unique parts. ZERO ready-made parts
  • 15 months of development
  • 9 months of on-wrist testing
  • More than 50 modifications
  • More than 20 testing models
  • We have encountered many difficulties for this unique mechanism. We fixed them one by one during the 15 months of development


  • We are not using aluminium like others do, as it is a soft metal, it will deform after some days; it is hardly be polished. We then developed our very special alloy as our mechanism main support. With the lightweightness and hardness, our mechanism is sturdy and nicely polished, which also results in providing a high-end appearance.
  • Platinum coating is applied to create great protection, as well as a shiny, well-polished appearance.
  • Sapphire crystal is used for the hour/minute plate. With its incredible transparency, the gear underneath can be seen clearly.


  • Unique designed bearing is used. The whole weight of the mechanism is hung onto the bearing system developed by us, and thus, very little turning force is needed to turn the whole mechanism.
  • The turning force is very little and the accuracy of the watch will not be affected. It is as normal as pushing normal watch hands.
  • Gravitation will not affect the accuracy of the movement as our whole system is hung onto the bearing system, mounted directly onto the dial.


The excellent case design is one of the significant symbols of our watches. It is also widely loved by 400+ BEHRENS ORIGINAL customers. This time, we decided to invest more to bring out an even higher standard watch case.

The previous watch cases of THE MOONPHASE and THE ALL-ROUND are already well-made. The case design, as well as the finishing, is widely approved by our customers. However, we would like to go further. We increased the budget of the case by 220% in order to achieve a swiss-made standard. In order to make it more sharper and smoother, the watch case is manufactured independently into 3 parts- the two lugs; and the body itself, so as to polish them independently. It then gives out a new level of polishing and exquisite than the normal case. Such costly production method could only be found in luxury watches production.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel which is widely used in high-end watches. Multi-polishing methods are applied: including mirror polished on the bezel and the edges of the lugs, horizontal brushed on the sides, vertical brushed on the lugs and circular brush on the back. And for this time, we redesigned the dome-shaped sapphire crystal in order to have its smooth and clear curve.

Although these production methods are long and costly, and sometimes it is unnoticeable until you have a closer look, we aim to give you the best, attractive, durable, and elegant watch cases.

*Every watch is individually numbered.


Slim appearance is the iconic design element of Behrens Original. Our slim design is adored by 400+ Behrens Original backers and supporters.

In order to have a nice mechanical watch with a thin design, we provide the best we can: With the well-designed cutting of the case and the super-high quality redesigned dome-shaped sapphire, our watch provides an incredible slim appearance. The thickness of the watch is only 8.5mm, exclusively the dome shape sapphire. With the dome-shaped sapphire, the total height is only 12.15mm.

Every part of our design is uniquely made for reaching our goal: a thin mechanical watch. We have gone under many tests on making a thin, durable watch. Our design team remade the dial part more than five times to remove 10-30C each time. There are no words can fully describe the hardship we had in the process, but we have put our efforts wholeheartedly in making this unique yet slim mechanical watch.


For producing luxurious watches, we persist to use only sapphire crystal for both sides of the watches. Due to the remarkable hardness of sapphires - 9 on the Mohs scale, our watches can hardly be damaged by plain scratches. Thus, we believe that sapphire crystal is the most suitable material for daily wear.

Dome-shaped sapphire crystal is used to give an ultimately slim appearance to the watch. As sapphire is a hard material (A 5mm thick raw sapphire material is used to craft into a 3.65mm dome-shaped crystal), it is beyond difficult to make the dome-shaped sapphire. Since it is costly and time-consuming (our machine can only produce 3 pieces of dome-shaped sapphire crystal max. per day), the yield rate is low.


Watch modification and movement tuning are our central focus. As such, absolute accuracy is always on our important checklist. We ensure the quality of every part by using strict control testing standards before assembling the watches.

The testing procedure lasts 7 days

Day 1 Before assembling the watches, the movement is fully wound (also known as T0) mechanically. The movement is tested in five positions, crown left, crown up, crown down, dial-up and dial down. Then given a rest period of 24 hours(also known as T24) , the movement is tested again in the five positions.

Day 3 After assembling all the parts together, the watch is put into an auto-winding machine for 1 day. The watch would be fully wound and be tested with the same testing procedure in Day 1.

Day 5 The watch keeps putting into an auto-winding machine. The watch would be fully wound and be tested with the same testing procedure on Day 1.

Day 7 Before packing, the watch is fully wound(T0) and is tested in five positions again.

All our watches have to pass all of the above procedures before delivery. We make sure that the accuracy of our watches is highly maintained in -20~+20 seconds/day. We tested the watches in more positions than the normal quality checkups do - we tested the watches in 5 positions while the others tested in 3 positions only.

We need to ensure the watches are adequate in every situation. We then on-wrist tested the sample watches for more than 9 months before we started our Kickstarter campaign. The stableness of BEHRENS ORIGINAL watches is highly guaranteed.


Movement is the soul of all watches and that is exactly what attracts all watch collectors. Our factory has more than 10 years of experience in the Swiss and Japan movement watchmaking and watch modification.

This time we selected the Miyota 9015 for our movement, which is well-known for its slimness, reliability and stability. This Japan movement functions with a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 A/h), 24 jewels, 42-hour power reserve, automatic winding, and a sweep second movement. With a movement of height 3.9mm and 26mm overall diameter, it is super slim. Combining both thin body and functionality, this movement is only used in high-class watches. Although the price of this movement is very high, we persist to provide the best we can.


We are all perfectionists, we see the pairing of the best leather strap and BEHRENS watches is an obligation. We provide a high quality fine crafted Italian calf leather strap as usual to give you the most comfortable and pleasant wearing experience. The strap with an interchangeable catch on the lugs side allows you to change your strap without any special tool.

You can also pick our Horween Leather strap; an American leather producer with high recognition in the watch strap industry, has more than 100 years heritage in hand-craft manufacturer technique. This Horween Leather Brown/Honey Brown achieve an aniline finish with a rich and oily texture, widely used in luxury leather goods.


We care about watches, as much as you. We want our watches to be in the best condition when they are being shipped to your hands. Thus, we would like to provide FREE SHIPPING with DHL professional crew. It is one of the best courier services not only keeps your watch(es) being tracked, but also ensure the best protection throughout the shipping process.



Specification of THE SPACESHIP


We provide a press release and a set of promotional materials for journals and ambassadors. If you want to feature us, please kindly download them at the link below:

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We appreciate every each of your support!

Stretch goal


If we have successfully reached $400,000, we will have an extra leather strap as a gift to all the backers! Please share our project to your friends and get one more of your wonderful leather strap for free now.

We would also provide 4 more strap options for you all to order!
            1. Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather with fade-out color(two color options), with its soft supple touch and rich pull up, vegetable-tanned leather starts to be loved by watch enthusiasts.
            2. Italian Suede Leather(Grey and Blue)
            Suede leather provides a comfortable and soft feeling to your wrist. Its unique appearance is adorable.


We knew that AVENTURINE with its shimmering gold particles is an eye-catching material and is used to create high-end appearance for watch dial. We then chose to provide the blue AVENTURINE dial for all the backers to add an HKD$500 to upgrade.


We know what you care the most: your watch!

If we reach $800,000, we will have an HKD$800 travel case as a gift for FREE to all the backers! You can bring all of your watches around well-protected! Your BEHRENS ORIGINAL watches deserve the best protection.


A total of three (3) year warranty will be given if we reach HKD$1,200,000. This is what the watch lovers want most.


Please note that it is our company policy not to lower the declaration value of the goods or mark as gift/sample, as it is illegal in most of the countries, we may be blacklisted and charged by the customs. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.



Risks and challenges

As a new and independent watch brand, we would always like to give out the best materials, technology, and the price to value ratio (PVA) to all of you. However, for the SPACESHIP, the R&D is very time-consuming and costly. We spent 15 months on development and testing, which brought us to this stable yet aesthetic time-telling mechanism. As a result, the price of SPACESHIP is higher than before. If you agree with our direction, please do not hesitate to back us! If you do not mind, please tell your friends and let’s enjoy the magical moments of real watchmaking!