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We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make Luminook a reality.

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t give a dollar or pre-order a Luminook, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of! 

Risks and challenges

There are always certain risks that can arise at any moment during a project like this. That being said, we’re confident in our ability to produce, and have taken all the necessary measures. We have a highly qualified team and have partnered with leading manufacturing and fulfillment companies around the world. We just need your help to bring everything to fruition. Don’t worry, we’re completely prepared to bring Luminook to your dimly-lit small spaces, and we have the manpower to make it happen, but if anything comes up along the way, you’ll be the first to know.