From the Makers of America’s Most Desired Lube: Power + Endurance for Your Transmission

First, we took Kickstarter by storm with our award-winning engine treatment. Now, we're excited to introduce TriboTEX Transmission, available exclusively on Kickstarter. Experience unparalleled power and an endurance boost with a drop-in treatment that’s quicker than checking your oil.

TriboTEX Transmission - actual product

TriboTEX Transmission is a simple and powerful ATF treatment that protects and reverses wear in your drivetrain with nanoparticles, so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will be there for you when you need it most. We designed this advanced technology to repair damaged bearings and gears, and protect the most precise and delicate components of gearboxes with diamond-like armor.  

TriboTEX Transmission—actual product

With a single application, TriboTEX Transmission will protect and improve your vehicle for thousands of miles. Made in the USA and developed with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation, and NASA.


Take advantage of the following benefits for your vehicles:

  • Dramatically extend the life of at-risk metals in your transmission
  • Reduce heat generated by friction thus extending the life of your lubricant
  • Deliver more energy to the wheels rather than wasting it on cooling
  • Boost and protect your towing capacity
  • Defend your transmission from shock loads during towing and rough shifting 
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Taking Flight

Taking Flight 

Aviation-grade lube hasn't changed since the '70s—not since M*A*S*H was on the air. We want to change that.

Your dollar is doubled by a matching grant from the U.S. Air Force

Since the beginning, our company set its sights on flight. With the help of the United States Air Force, we're bringing our wear-reversing nanotechnology to flying machines. If successfully funded, our project will be matched with a Phase II SBIR grant to achieve the major milestone of FAA certification. That means, your dollar gets us twice as close to the dream of aviation applications for our wear-reversing nanoparticles.

Watch our winning pitch to the Air Force:

2017 Defense Innovation Award Recipient

The engine revs but you move nowhere...

car trouble

It’s a cold Monday morning. You have an important meeting and you cannot miss it. You start your car and shift into reverse. The engine revs but you go nowhere; your transmission has just given out! You are experiencing the invisible, multi-billion-dollar problem faced by drivers every day—a problem Big Oil hopes you will ignore.

Transmission or gearbox failure is often the bitter end for cars and trucks. Millions end up in the junkyard every year when they wear out or become too costly to maintain. The environmental impact alone is staggering, and for you it means the sudden death of a daily driver or a timeless classic.

We have a small solution for this big problem.

We offer diamond-like armor to protect all kinds of engines and machines from the perils of friction. Our treatments are simple to apply and activate while you drive. The armor activates at the highest friction points, fills in worn spots, and leaves an ultra-low friction surface. This gives you a better running vehicle and added insurance against transmission failure. 

Diamond-Like Armor for Your Transmission

A limited number of treatments are available at an even lower “early bird” price. Act fast, before they all fly away!

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The Technology

The Technology

TriboTEX is pioneering a new landscape of lubrication technology. We can reverse wear in your transmission in as little as 15 minutes! Our dual-sided nanoparticles activate under the high heat and pressure present during normal operation. 

TriboTEX Anisotropic Dual-Sided Nanoparticles

These powerful little particles are anisotropic, meaning they are different in different directions and have two functionally different sides; one side binds, and the other glides. The grippy side reinforces and strengthens by binding to engine surfaces, exposing the slippery side to fight friction. This killer combination reduces friction so low, there's a term for it—superlubricity.

Superlubricity: friction coefficient < 0.01

TriboTEX nanoparticles only activate under high heat and pressure, so they aren’t wasted on surfaces that don’t generate friction. Instead, they intelligently self-align into a super strong lattice structure on top of compromised surfaces, compensating for years of wear, thereby REVERSING it. The treatment’s smart activation puts the coating only where it’s needed without affecting clutches or solenoids. TriboTEX is also non-toxic, biocompatible, and environmentally safe.

After an activation period, which takes roughly 500 miles in a normal vehicle, the critical components of the gearbox are coated with a porous, lubricious tribofilm (tribo means friction) boasting excellent embeddability and oil retention. The slippery surface contains select catalysts, added to accelerate the formation of a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) cap on top.

When you invest in our protective products, your money is used to improve our lubricants and develop new products for all sorts of machines. Your investment also goes toward improving lubrication standards for military, transit, and infrastructure. We recently received an esteemed Air Force research grant to re-engineer gearbox lubricants for helicopters, which can ultimately save lives.

Read more on our Science page.

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Who We Are

Who We Are 

TriboTEX is a technology company developing smart nanomaterials to prevent wear, reduce friction, and repair machinery. Our products improve the efficiency and lifetime of industrial machines and combustion engines.

The Palouse

Based in the beautiful Palouse region of the Northwest United States, we take advantage of our close proximity to two research institutions. Washington State University and the University of Idaho. We're proud to research, develop, and manufacture all in the USA. 

For a deeper look at our company history, see the Milestones section below.

Our Background

Our Background

Ten years ago, Dr. Pasha Rudenko met with industry executives to show how his research in tribology (the study of lubrication) could solve important problems facing our world. They responded that life-extending technologies simply don't help corporate profits. Determined to bring his technology to the people, Dr. Rudenko set out on his own. TriboTEX was born, and with the success of our first Kickstarter tens of thousands of people have joined the cause for superior lubrication that makes our machines last longer and run more efficiently.

Dr. Pasha Rudenko, PhD - Founder
Dr. Pasha Rudenko, PhD—Founder & CTO

It took thirty of years of combined experience, extensive research at universities and national labs, and a dedicated team to bring TriboTEX to you. If it was not for the thousands of people who first adopted our groundbreaking technology, we would not have made it this far. That investment has paid off, and we estimate our treatments have saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel and kept countless daily drivers, work vehicles, and classic cars running smoothly and safely.

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How to Use

How to Use

Instructions vary by vehicle, but most automatic transmissions allow you to easily apply TriboTEX Transmission through the dipstick tube. You may also ask a mechanic to treat your vehicle by any shop the next time you have your fluids checked. 

STEP 1: Warm up your engine, then shut it off.
STEP 2: Locate the transmission dipstick.
STEP 3: Empty syringe and replace dipstick.
STEP 4: Drive normally.

Locate your transmission dipstick and remove it. Always check your fluid levels regularly. The volume of the treatment is small enough not to affect your fluid level. 

Add the entire treatment, put the dipstick back, close the hood and continue to drive normally. The treatment fully activates after about 500 miles of driving.

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 Watch the video that started it all. 

Milestones Timeline


Does it work with my specific transmission fluid?

  • Yes, TriboTEX is known to be compatible with all transmission fluids on the market.

Will this void my warranty?

  • No. TriboTEX will not cause any damage to your vehicle resulting in warranty claims. Your warranty is also protected by the Magnuson Moss Act.

Will this work in a new car?

  • We recommend treating after your break-in period.

How much do I need?

  • One treatment is sufficient in most cases. Extra large or high mileage vehicles may benefit from a second application.

Does it work in long-life fluids...?

  • Yes, TriboTEX Transmission works in long-life fluids.

Does it work in limited slip differentials?

  • Yes, TriboTEX Transmission works in limited slip differentials.

Does it work in transfer cases?

  • Yes, TriboTEX Transmission works in all transfer cases.


See Brian's review and hundreds more like it on our website:


Risks and challenges

We know Big Oil is getting nervous; what we offer is starting to rock the boat. That’s why we need your help to spread this technology to the world! Every vehicle treated is a step in the right direction. Every dollar goes toward making your vehicle drive safer, last longer, and save you time and money in the long run. TriboTEX is moving forward by developing treatments for a wider range of conditions. This could be anything from lawnmowers to deep-sea drones to hydroelectric dams. We would love to see our treatment fortifying machines in space! But to get there, continued research is necessary. Your investment not only improves your vehicle but also keeps our research moving forward.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Something else

All of our products are designed to extend the life of machines while improving their efficiency. More than 36,000 cars have been treated with TriboTEX and we estimate hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel have beens saved.