Every one of us can. All we need are the right, efficient tools, that will not make it harder for us. It is the mission of the POWME to make those tools a reality.

In this day and age, we always want more: more power, more time, more efficiency, more functions, more stuff done. And while our Macs provide us with some of these, they lack on the peripherals. We designed POWME with all those small but frustrating downfalls in mind to empower you even more.

The GaN or Gallium nitride is the newest and latest in the semiconductors field, that speaks the upcoming trend in electronics production.

The GaN is what allowed us to make the POWME so ridiculously compact and lightweight while being so powerful.

One POWME is equal to the whole accessories bundle you carry with you... but it's smaller, lighter and, well, in one piece.

POWME carries out all the peripheral functions you need with your Mac.  In addition to being a small and convenient Type-C laptop charger, it gives you the possibility to charge 3 more gadgets simultaneously through 2 wireless chargers for your phone and Apple Watch and a Fast Charging USB 3.0 QC port. POWME also contains all the most common ports, to give you maximal connecting capacity.

 The Apple Iconic color-scheme seems to be perfect, but we are here to give you the power to incorporate more of your style into the Macs. POWME is available in a series of colors, allowing you to decide your mood.

We went beyond just that to bring in some of the great outdoors right at your Mac. Here is the glorious POWME Stones Collection. Designed as some of the most mesmerizing stones out there, this collection will allow a glimpse of nature in the office.

We did not make POWME just for the Apple users. This device is compatible with any Type-C laptop, QI charging smartphones and smartwatches. 

The POWME is the beloved creation of our designers' team. It is crafted to be powerful, effective, durable and reliable.

We used the highest quality materials and ultra-modern technologies to have the best device out there.  

The best tech on the market is coated in Aluminium and Acrylic glass to ensure the reliability and functionality to satisfy our most demanding team.

POWME is a reality. We do have all the contracts with the suppliers and producers. We simply need the pre-orders to ensure the minimum order numbers for the producers to launch the line. The prototype adaptations to mass production are done, as well as all the preliminary stages.

The POWME team is a small community of experienced professionals, passionate about technology and confident that everything has to be comfortable and functional... multifunctional on the best-case scenario. We have tech-geeks, engineers, marketers, and designers, glued together by the idea to empower everybody to do more, to make living and creating easier. 

Risks and challenges

The development of POWME is smooth and on schedule. Only a completely unpredictable event such as the shortage of some key material could delay our production, and then only temporarily. This is one of the best-planned projects ever, and we are both confident of, and committed to, delivering a quality product on time.