Why are so many toiletry bags poorly designed? We've blown through lots of age old zipper nylon and ziplock bags. Standard bags leak, break apart, mix everything together and makes traveling a hassle! 

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Risks and challenges

We've worked on the design since the last year. All design details have been finalized to make sure that everything on Escpade Toiletry Bag is perfect. To produce Espcade Toiletry Bag we are partnering up with a leading bag manufacturer with over 30 years of experience producing for big name brands. They have a strict quality control system that allows them to produce products of the highest standards. We are not going for the cheapest quote because we want our customers to get the best quality. That's why Lifetime warranty is offered to give you peace of mind! However, as with most high quality factories, they are requiring MOQ's (minimum order quantity). We need the funds to fulfill the minimum order with the manufacturer and bring this amazing product to life. We are extremely confident that we will deliver you Escpade as per timeline above. And of course, in an unlikely event of any delays, we will always make sure to communicate things clearly and transparently to everybody and will always be available in case you have any type of questions. Once the campaign ends, the mass production will be ready soon. Thanks for your support!