Maximizing functionality with a minimalist ideal.

We're Dockem. We create highly functional products while keeping them as simple as possible. The result? Highly versatile, easy-to-use products at affordable prices. We think you'll love our newest creation. There's more to it than meets the eye! 


The Latcher and the Rȳd is a transforming wallet that allows you to choose your preferred level of minimalism. Multiple configuration options allow you to mix and match as needed while keeping all of your wallet contents neat and organized (even those you don't want to carry 24/7). You can even attach to your smartphone for the ultimate on-the-go convenience (and to free the 2nd pocket on your pants!). 


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What is it?

The Latcher and the Rȳd consists of 3 pieces that work together or independently to match your needs for any occasion. 

Each wallet has 3 pieces, available in either Brown Genuine Top-Grain Leather or Grey Luxe Synthetic Leather, perfectly matched to our Luxe and Virtuosa lines of smartphone cases.
  • The 2 primary pieces, the Latcher and the Rȳd, can be combined to provide 9 card slots total plus a cash clip for 20+ bills.
  • Both the Latcher as well as the Rȳd with the Cash Corral are fully functional minimalist wallets themselves, each capable of holding both cash and cards.
  •  TOO MUCH STUFF IN YOUR POCKETS? We don't like sitting on our wallets, but also don't like taking up both front pockets on our pants with a phone on one side and a wallet on the other (nowhere for your keys and headphones!). The Latcher allows for smartphone integration, attaching to card pockets on a smartphone case, moving your phone and wallet into one pocket, freeing the other for the rest of your everyday carry items.
Our Virtuosa and Luxe M1 card cases are the perfect match for the Latcher.
  • Changing up what you're carrying is fast and simple.
Take what you need, leave what you don't.

Why would I want it? (or at least, what we wanted in a wallet and why we designed it in the first place)

  • You're tired of carrying around a bulky wallet when you primarily only use 4-5 cards.
  • You like minimizing, but occasionally need to carry extra cards and cash.
  • You prefer a minimalist wallet, but still want a proper cash option.
  • You sometimes carry cash, but want to go as slim as possible if not.
  • You like wallet phone cases, but find yourself limited by what can be stored.
  • You like wallet phone cases, but sometimes you want to slim it down.
  • You like a wallet phone case but want a stand and grip feature as well.
  • You appreciate maximizing functionality with a minimalist ideal!

Key Features:

  • Carries cash with ease, but the cash clip can easily be removed. Transfer the cash to the Cash Corral to keep things tidy.
  • All configurations provide at least 2 outer easy-access slots for your most used cards.
  • Purposely not RFID blocking, so that you can use things like access and metro cards without removing them from your wallet. RFID blocking is over-rated*.
No unnecessary RFID blocking, so you can use your RFID cards with ease. We find RFID blocking to be unnecessary marketing fluff that causes more problems than it solves.
  • The Latcher attaches to smartphone card pockets for additional wallet and stand functionality.
  • The Latcher functions as a grip for your phone, providing extra security in hand.
  • The Latcher is compatible with our smartphone cases and our Magno Mount v3 car mounts for maximum functionality.
  • The Latcher can easily be removed from card cases in order to allow wireless charging.
The Latcher can easily be removed to allow for wireless charging.
  • Shielded magnets secure the wallet and cash without damaging the magnetic stripes on your credit, debit, and similar permanent swipe cards**.
  • Comfortably holds 9 cards if using 1 in each available pocket.
  • Holds up to 20+ bills easily***.
The full combined wallet with 20 bills. Note that the magnetic closure won't be strong with this many bills but it will stay closed just like any other bi-fold wallet, and the cash clip keeps your cash secure.

*We believe RFID blocking is an unnecessary marketing tactic that causes more inconvenience than it does real protection - look it up! Theft via RFID is a theoretical security risk, but in reality is not a concern because most bank/credit cards do not use RFID and more importantly, it's not a practical method for crooks due to there being much simpler ways to steal credit card info. 

**Care should be taken with easily re-writable cards such as temporary hotel cards, which are much easier to wipe than your typical debit or credit card. To be safe, these cards should only be placed into an outer pocket of the wallet, away from the magnets.

*** Note that as you add more bills, the magnetic closure will no longer hold the two sides together, but this doesn't effect the normal usage of the wallet (i.e. your pocket keeps the wallet closed, just like any other bifold). The magnetic closure is most important for when the Latcher is used on a smartphone.


The Latcher:

  • Holds up to 5 cards
  • 2 easy access outer pockets for your most used cards
  • Easily holds 20+ bills (***see above).
Easily holds 20+ bills. (***see above)
  • Removable cash clip and a unique adjustable depth pocket allows for maximum minimization 
  • Attaches to smartphone card pockets for additional wallet and stand functionality.
  • Functions as a grip for your phone, providing extra security in hand
  • Provides smartphone wallet functionality while the ease of removal still allows for wireless charging

The Rȳd:

  • Minimalist wallet with 4 card pockets
  • additional deep middle slot for attaching to the Cash Corral or the Latcher
  • Built-in metal plate means it pairs perfectly with either the Latcher or the Cash Corral
  • Combine with the Cash Corral to add cash clip functionality with minimal bulk
  • Combine with the Latcher for a complete 9 slot wallet with cash clip

The Cash Corral:

  • A sleek cash holder with magnetic functionality
  • If going cashless with the Latcher or Rȳd, use the Cash Corral to keep your cash tidy
  • Attaches to the Rȳd to add cash clip functionality

Material Options

Grey Luxe Canvas Style Synthetic Leather

  • Matches our best selling Luxe line of card pocket phone cases
  • Unique look and texture
  • Doesn't scratch easily but note that it will show wear over time
  • Vegan friendly option

Brown Virtuosa Top-Grain Genuine Leather

  • Matches our popular Virtuosa line of top-grain leather card pocket phone cases
  • Real leather, so it's very durable and will develop a patina over time
  • Real leather, so no 2 wallets are exactly alike!

Compatible Cases

Note that these cases can already be purchased on our site or on Amazon, but you can also order one of the combo reward options to have it included in your pledge at a discount.

M1 Series:  Our M1 series is our slimmest compatible case, specifically designed for use with the Latcher. It's available in black and grey Luxe or brown Virtuosa genuine leather. It's also fully compatible with our Magno Mount v3 series mounts. (see below)

Dockem M1 card cases pair perfectly with the Latcher and have a built-in metal plate for magnetic mounting with our Magno Mount series of mounts.

M2 Series: For those who want more color or more pockets, our M2 series also works nicely with the Latcher (note that the M2 is not available in genuine leather)

M2L Series: For those who want the maximum protection on their phone, our sturdy liquid silicone case is the series to go with.

Compatible Mounts

When the Latcher is used with one of our M-Series card cases, you can still fully use any of our Magno Mount 3.0 magnetic car and wall mounts without the need to remove the Latcher from the phone. Available in the Combo Reward level for the Wallet, Card Case, and Magno Mount 3.0. If you choose this reward level, you'll be able to pick 1 of 4 options; DashPro, VentPro, DashMini, and Minikin. 


Why Kickstarter?

We launched our first product on Kickstarter, and enjoy the supportive community as well as the exposure and validation it provides when launching a new product. Since this is a new product line for us, to move forward with production without understanding demand could result in a costly lesson that would be hard to swallow as a small business. Kickstarter allows us get feedback on our design while generating quantifiable demand before dumping money into final production. Our first ever product was launched on Kickstarter, so we can proudly say that without it, we wouldn't be here today!

Who is Dockem?

We're 2 brothers who had an idea for a simple wall mount for smartphones and tablets. We successfully launched that first mount (the original "Dockem") on Kickstarter in 2011. Since then we've added 3 new members to our team, learned a ton through 2 additional successful campaigns (our popular Koala Mounts), and added a slew of additional unique products to our line-up. We focus on selling our items online in order to keep things simple and to bring you, our customer, the best prices we can offer. We encourage you to check out our complete line-up on Amazon and to read through some reviews. We put a lot of care into the selection and design of our products in order to maximize value, which we think will be evident as you read through the overwhelmingly positive feedback. We expect the Latcher and the Rȳd to be no different.

How do I know you'll deliver?

We've delivered on our last 3 campaigns with no major issues. Feedback from backers was overwhelmingly positive, and our mounts continue to be best sellers in their niche on Amazon to this day. We take great pride in our reputation and plan to continue launching new products on Kickstarter in the future, so you can be confident we'll make sure to deliver. We've already put a significant amount of money into developing this design so that we'd be ready to fulfill our rewards ASAP once the campaign comes to a close.  At this point, we've already received several rounds of pre-production samples from our manufacturer (who we have been working with for years now to produce our phone cases). The design is finalized and ready for production, so all it will take to move forward is some packaging design, funding from the campaign, and the green light from us. Costs have been carefully laid out and planned for, so we have no doubts about our ability to fulfill to our Kickstarter backers as long as our funding goal is met.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk for this project is delays in manufacturing. Depending on quantity, we anticipate a production time of 2 months plus another 2 months for fulfillment. In our delivery estimate, we've tacked on an extra 2 month cushion so that we're set up to beat expectations rather than disappoint our valued backers. With the design already finalized, a reliable manufacturer selected, and fulfillment processes streamlined over the past 9 years, we believe we've done a large portion of the leg work already in making our wallets a reality, so we're confident we can deliver what we've promised.