The National Parks have a never-ending beauty that reaches from the deepest canyon to the highest mountain, but beauty alone isn’t the only reason to care about them. Anything that acts as a home to so much wildlife deserves some attention. Especially when some of that wildlife is endangered. Bringing attention to the parks means bringing attention to those creatures who can’t speak for themselves.

National Parks are public lands, that means they’re not owned by the government, they’re owned by each and every one of us. And it’s up to us to care for them and spread the word. These parks should not be taken for granted, they need to be visited, explored, and loved.

America’s parks are beautiful from one end of the country to the other, and we want everyone to experience that beauty firsthand.

Newverest is launching a unique National Parks Scratch Off Poster! Visit a national park, scratch it off your poster, and keep track of your travels while planning future ones. Newverest includes an easy-to-use scratch tool with every poster that makes scratching away the outer layer of foil easy.

Think of the National Parks Scratch Off Poster as your bucket list of National Parks. Once you get the poster, you can use it to plan which parks you want to visit. Every time you take a trip, scratch away the outer layer from the picture to reveal the hidden colors beneath. It’s a fun way to keep track of all the parks you visit.

Each poster also includes a set of 60 beautiful cards, one for each of the National Parks. Like our poster, the cards are all hand-painted by artists. Flip the card over and read an interesting fact about the park you’ve just gotten back from, or the one you plan to see next. 

Ready to plan your next trip? Use your poster for inspiration. One quick look will tell you the places you have yet to go to. Take a look and see which National Parks appeal to you most, then start planning your trip.

When you return, your scratch poster acts like a memories keepsake better than any trinket you might pick up on your trip. Get your poster framed with the Newverest frame and hang it on the wall, and the memories of your National Park adventure will always be within sight. 

We want everyone to see that our National Parks are National Treasures and inspire everyone to visit as many as they can.

There are many reasons why you need a National Parks Poster. Here are the top 5. 

We were inspired by the natural beauty of the parks, worked with our team of artists who hand-painted real scenes from each individual park using watercolor paint.   

  •  Scratch Off National Park Poster. The poster features a fresh new design. Each hand-painted picture encapsulates the idyllic and singular ‘personality’ of each park.
  •  Gift Tube. The poster is shipped in a specially crafted tube making it an immediately gift-ready product.
  •  Sixty-two picture cards. Get one card for each of the National Parks. The pictures hand-drawn by local artisans and absolutely gorgeous. On the reverse, you’ll find fun facts about each park.
  •  New scratch tool. Our metal mediator is the latest and greatest scratch tool. It won’t damage the poster and makes tracking your travels easier than ever.
  •  Must-have accessories. You don’t just get a scratch tool, there’s also a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away residue, adhesive stickers to hang it, and a carry bag.

Our National Parks Scratch Off Poster makes a totally unique gift for your loved ones. It’s handcrafted, high quality, and will last a lifetime. Perfect for…

Surprise the people you love with a gift they’ll love and actually use. 

We offer 2 colors. Brilliant white or majestic black. Choose the one you like or pick two!   

 So if you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you’re into the National Parks as much as we are. You want to draw attention to them and keep them safe. You want to help travelers of all ages experience their majesty. We want that too.

Ready to help us out? Here’s what we can offer in return. 

Newverest is a team of travelers looking to inspire others to get off the couch and actually see the world with our Trek Scratchers™ and posters. Track past travels, plan future ones and motivate kids, adults, students, and seniors to seek adventure, whether it’s across the globe or in their own backyard. Live life to the fullest and it will reward you to the fullest. Our products from can get you there.  

Our Newverest name comes from two words—New and Everest. We want our products to inspire people to climb their own personal Mount Everest. Explore the world, search for new horizons, and achieve your biggest dreams. Why? Simple. Because with exploration and adventure come freedom, inner strength, and confidence.

Like most things in life, we need money to get things started. The minimum we need? $10,000. Once we get that, we can get the ball rolling and start putting out our National Parks Posters.

Spreading the word is easy. You’re probably already on social media. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Just find us and click the like button, share our posts, or write a couple of sentences about what we’re trying to do here. It doesn’t take much to get our message out and help our National Parks.

Risks and challenges

We’ve got a great team of people who have been working with us for years, including our artists, printers, and suppliers. With the years of experience we all have between us, and the success of our previous Tker Scratchers™, we don’t anticipate any problems. Of course, issues arise when you’re least expecting them. But that’s why we’re prepared. We’ve already talked to everyone involved with the project and confirmed that production can begin on time. And when our posters are finished, we’ll be ready to ship. If anything does go wrong, we’ll let you know and keep you updated on how we’re resolving the issue. We’re excited to inspire people to see our national parks and appreciate your support.