Sound is all around us, all the time. Sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we cherish it. 

But why is sound so important?

We spend everyday hearing and listening, it is part of our lives.  Sound is influential, it can be informative, educational, conclusive, emotive, and many other things for us.

The problem is people remember only 30% of what they hear. Smartphones can do the ‘work’, they are certainly not built to be digital voice recorders. 

So why not try the better solution?

Born from a team of researchers and engineers who spend many hours in front of a computer, TileRec is our constant reminder to take a walk and "stop and smell the roses", so to speak.

We designed TileRec to exceed even our own extremely high personal standards.  

  •  Thin: Only 1/4 inch thin. Fits easily in the slimmest wallets.
  •  Small: As small as a piece of a chocolate bar (1.6 square inch).
  •  Light:  The same weight as a US penny (15g).
  •  Simple: Simple everything! Easy to use, easy to recharge and easy to playback.
  •  Long-lasting Battery: 24 hours on one charge. Designed to be used the entire day.
  •  Surround Recording: 360 degrees recording in a 15 feet range. Meeting, lecture or simple discussion - all sounds are easily captured with HQ clarity.
  •  Resistant: 100% recycled aluminum casing. Sleek design that blends discreetly in the everyday setup.

When we say "World's Smallest", we mean it. Measuring in at a staggering 1.6 inch in length, and 1/4 inch in height, weighting only 15 g nothing else on the market comes close with the discreet portability offered by TileRec.  

TileRec is so slim and small than it can fit almost anywhere you can think of. It blends discreetly with everyday objects - in your pocket or wallet, between the pages of an agenda, on your desk or even on your child's backpack.

Traditional voice recorders were bulky and uncomfortable, limiting day-to-day activities.   

The idea of a voice recorder so slim and thin that it can be used as a  personal assistant is to improve the daily productivity of its user. And is practically indestructible.

You can drop it, step on it, even run the car over and then resume recording. 

The aluminum casing ensures complete protection for worry-free use.

When you combine these benefits with excellent audio quality, you get a voice recorder that is perfect for lectures, interviews, meetings, and dictations too! 

Most smartphones have a built-in voice recorder app that you can use anytime, so they can do the ‘work’, but certainly are not built to be digital voice recorders. 

Small, discreet and efficient, Tilerec is the latest voice recorder designed by ATTO DIGITAL, created to encompass the ideal balance between form and function. 

So, what makes TileRec so superior to smartphones when it comes to recording?  

TileRec is perfect for anyone that wants to work simpler, faster and better – without compromising quality. 

TileRec is recording Hi-Q MP3, using a 128 kbps bit rate. 

Record the entire day then just plug & play all your recordings. 

*no additional software needed

Let’s get nostalgic for a hot second. Reflect on a childhood memory, recalling an exact time or event — what you were wearing, who you were with, the sights, smells, tastes. Try to remember how you felt, specific noises like, I don’t know, shrilling crickets layered under siblings’ laughter or, the sound of your mother's voice.

It’s difficult, right? Unless the event was recorded, the memory is likely pretty hazy. 

TileRec is designed to record your daily meetings, activities, and ideas in a non-intrusive way and carries our belief that “wear-ability” is the utmost goal in the design of everyday carry technology. 

You live in a fast-paced world where TIME is MONEY and you are searching for the best tool to improve productivity and save time?  

 Here are  some situations  TileRec can help you with:  

The perfect solution for professional use

Lawyers may use them to take voice notes while preparing cases, while criminal investigators record digital notes in the field, and doctors use it to record important info about cases. If you make a living in one of these fields, you may find a portable voice recorder invaluable.  

Using a voice recorder has never been easier. 

So why not take the leap into the digital era? Stop wasting time and paper trying to keep track of all the information. 

Just slide one button to record and enjoy the Tilerec experience.

Use the USB cord to connect your TileRec to any computer and select the audio file you need to playback.  It's just that simple: 

 project video thumbnail

Check on Soundcloud the audio sample recorder with TileRec.

The Li-Po built-in battery of TileRec is re-chargeable for more than 1000 charging cycles. It takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery, then it can record continuously or in voice-activated mode, for more than 24 hours. 

Have you ever wondered how much paper we use yearly? 

Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year; about 680 pounds per person. The average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year. 

Using TileRec for your daily notes and meetings saves time, effort and also 1 tree/ person/ year from becoming paper. 

All this while increasing productivity, saving time and keeping all your information organized with time and date stamp!

Find a reward that works for you and your family, office or team, there's something for everyone.  We are particularly excited to offer fast shipping in the US and EU.

 This is ATTO DIGITAL's  2nd product launched via crowdfunding.  We always deliver. We've learned a ton over our first Kickstarter, helping develop a good sense of our capabilities and timeline.

The satisfaction of our users is paramount!

That is why we want to make sure that when you enter the ATTO  family you feel the care and support.

Our Customer Service team is  24/7 available to offer support in more than 5 languages. And because we really do believe in the manufacturing quality of our recorders, we offer lifetime warranty for TileRec.

We, the ATTO DIGITAL team, have more than 10 years of combined experience in designing, producing and selling sound recorders and surveillance equipment.

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Our mission and passion are to listen, so it is also paramount for us to listen to our customers' feedback to better understand how the ideal mini voice recorder should be. 

 Our team is ready - so is the manufacturing - now we just need you! 

It has been a long adventure. From brainstorming to product design, engineering, and branding, it has been a trying, monumental amount of time, conviction and expertise.

It has been a stressful, exciting and thrilling experience to design a product from scratch. We want you to be part of our experience!

Risks and challenges

We have been working non-stop the for last 3 years developing this product and we feel that the amount we are trying to raise is realistic with what is needed for fulfilling the project. We know that the Kickstarter journey is a long one and that there might be several surprises along the way - including foul weather, or maybe even (shock!) our phones running out of battery. Unfortunately, there are always risks involved in getting a product from the prototype phase to the market, but we have done everything possible to minimize these risks for our backers. Extensive planning has gone into the costs needed for raw materials, labor and shipping and we feel confident we will be able to meet our outlined delivery goals. Our biggest challenge is the timely delivery of all of our components. In order to keep TileRec at such a small size, parts must be assembled simultaneously, meaning if one shipment gets delayed, our entire process may get slowed down. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan, but if not, we have multiple suppliers for each component, always ready with a plan B! The second biggest concern is quality control. While we are using the best manufacturer in China who was the previous supplier for one of the top international consumer electronic brands, we need to inspect each Goccia to guarantee 100% satisfaction. This dedication to detail is time-consuming, yet necessary to ensure a quality product. We promise to keep all of our backers informed if anything happens or our timeline changes! If we encounter anything that might affect the product, its development, and/or shipping date, we will make sure to notify you about it with frequent updates. This project is our #1 priority and we will do everything we can to bring the Nipper to its full potential. 

Long-lasting design

The TileRec has a rechargeable battery that lasts more than 1000 charging cycles. Also, the aluminum casing is ensuring long-lasting durability, protecting the technology of the recording even in case of falls, drops or other accidents.

Reusability and recyclability

We use aluminum recycled from soda cans for the TileRec casing. Also, by using TileRec for 1 year you will be able to save 1 tree from being cut down to be turned into paper.