•  Say goodbye to keys and hello to codes! The Oaks Smart Lock 3 is a great solution for both Consumers and Enterprises. 
  •  Homeowners can easily and safely provide temporary access for guests and more. Vacation Rental owners can share digital access for guests to enjoy no-key, hassle-free access throughout the duration of their stay.
  • The Oaks Smart Lock 3 integrates with Rently’s Self-Touring Tech via the Oaks API. Property managers can schedule Self-Guided Tours for prospective renters after work hours and on weekends to lease properties and units faster!  
  • Oaks Smart Lock 3 is a ANSI Grade 2 Certified Deadbolt and recently won the Good Design Award 2019 and the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) 2019 for brilliant Product Design and Quality. 
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  • Pair the Oaks Smart Lock 3 to the Oaks Home App via Bluetooth
  • The Oaks Home App is required to control and manage your Oaks Smart Lock 3
  • The Oaks Home App is available for download on both App Store and Google Play 
  •  Download the Oaks Manual for more information

The Oaks Home App allows you to generate digital access and share it with your guests for the duration of their visit. The auto-lock sensor automatically locks the door once they leave the property. 

Use the Oaks FOB (Smart Key) to provide access to anyone who does not own a smartphone. Pair a FOB to your Oaks 3 via the Oaks Home App. 

Oaks Smart Lock 3 is a ANSI Grade 2 Certified Deadbolt and is designed to offer superior security for your home!

  • You can easily track who accesses your lock via the Oaks Home App.
  • You will also receive an instant notification on your phone each time anyone unlocks the door via the Oaks Home App.

Never worry about forgetting to lock the door. The auto-lock sensor automatically locks the door when the door is closed.

Are you a property manager or real estate operator who wants to use the Oaks Smart lock 3 to automate your leasing? The Oaks Smart Lock 3 integrates with Rently's patented Self-Touring platform via the Oaks API! Rently is trusted by Americas largest Real-Estate operators and has powered over 10 million secure self-tours to date! Automatically syndicate a vacant property with marketing, automate appointments, and generate one-time secure access code for a prospective renter. 

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Score high quality leads with Rently's Self Touring Tech and the Oaks Smart Lock 3!

  • When a Prospective Renter inquires on a Property Manager’s home thats for rent, Rently lets the prospect know if they can tour the home themselves via an email.
  • The Prospective Renter then registers to self-tour by going through Rently's secure check-in process.
  • The Prospective Renter receives access instructions to tour the property with an access code thats active for an hour, only.
  • The Oaks Smart Lock 3 automatically locks the door once closed, after the Prospective Renter has finished touring and has left the property.
  • Rently follows up with an application link to apply for the property if the Prospective Renter is interested in moving in.
  1. The Property Manager marks the home as leased, adds the resident, and schedules move-in invites.
  2. The Renter receives the move-in invite via email, with a master code and link to download the Oaks Home App.
  3. The Oaks Home App streamlines the Renter move-in process.

For additional queries on Self Touring with the Oaks 3, please email [email protected]

  • The Oaks Smart Lock 3 has a gradient design that makes it easy for any user to interact with.
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  • Furthermore, it can be installed in under five minutes without any professional help!
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  • The Oaks Smart Lock 3 is extremely affordable with a one-time payment, only. There are no hidden charges to use it just by itself for your home, workspace or at your vacation rental.
  •  Additional charges do apply if you plan to use it to lease properties with Rently's Self-Touring Tech. 

Risks and challenges

Shipping is currently limited to the US.