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 Say Goodbye to Your Bulky Wallet! Introducing Tenuis3 

a 1/4-Inch (6mm) Thin Revolutionary Wallet

Tenuis3 is the newest edition of its ultra-thin predecessor Tenuis2, which generated more than 3.5 million yen in revenue through crowdfunding. So far, Tenuis3 has raised more than 44,000,000 yen (about 440,000 USD) through crowdfunding only in Japan. By using canvas and goatskin leather, the wallet has realized its paper-thin 1/4-Inch (6mm) thickness without sacrificing its overall quality. Revolutionary and minimalist it is a wallet that can retain its shape even with coins and cards inside. and it even can be used as a travel wallet since it has a coin pocket inside.

Result of a crowd funding campaign in Japan 

Changes from the previous

1: The goat leather used inside is replaced with even softer leather

to give calm and cozy feelings.

2: Paraffin wax coated on canvas material is replaced with another type 

which gives you a moresmooth feel through your sensation.

Japan's love for canvas

The history of canvas started from Ancient Egypt and then the material has spread all over the world, In Japan, canvas has become popular around the end of the Edo period (the mid-19th century) when people started using it mainly for durable sailcloth and bags. In modern Japan, we can witness many types of artificial fabrics in a wide variety of uses, but there are still plenty of people who love canvas because of the natural texture and durability of cotton, which gives us a sense of comfort and rigidity at the same time through tactile sensation. When you visit Japan, you will be greeted by a myriad of canvas products sold at many stores and those products are loved by many including kids, teenagers, young adults, seniors, and even tourists from abroad. Thus, canvas still maintains a close relationship with us humans, and we would like to combine this wonderful traditional material with sophisticated modern designs.


What is Tenuis3, the paper-thin wallet?

The first thing you realize is its 1/4-inch (6mm) thinness. However, typical slim wallets are not known for their durability due to their thinness and they get bulkier as you put in more bills and coins.

Another notable characteristic of Tenuis3 is its longevity. Since it’s made of canvas, traditionally used for sailcloth due to its high strength, and goat leather, known for its high quality and durability, the 1/4-inch (6mm) thin wallet can last for a very long time.

Hidden inside the wallet is the secret of its flatness: the two main card sleeves are placed not on top of each other but horizontally and the divider inside the coin pocket, which was specifically invented for this product, keeps the coins spread evenly. 

Tenuis3 is the successor of Tenuis2, which received more than 3.5 million yen in support, and the wallet is also the front runner of Solahanpu, the brand famous for its canvas products. Through rigorous research on attaining structural integrity for such a slim wallet, the brand managed to produce a new minimalist wallet that greatly evolved from its predecessor, which was promoted just for its 1/4-inch thickness.

Why Is Goat Leather Used for Its Material?

 The biggest concern for Tenuis3 was its durability due to its paper-thin structure. To create a thin product, one has to use thin materials, thus durability is likely sacrificed for petite physique. Although it’s rare to use goat leather and canvas for making wallets, those materials are the reason why Tenuis3 can be 1/4-inch thick yet structurally sound. 

As a material goatskin can be turned into quality leather. Compared to cowhide, goatskin is less popular but lighter, and it is as strong as other skins and hides. Goat leather is also known for its beautiful leather grain.

The exterior is covered by canvas, which is also used for sailcloth. 

 One of the characteristics of canvas can be measured not only by its high strength but also by its distinct ever-changing appearance; it ages like the sail of a yacht. Moreover, the wax on canvas can give the wallet a unique appearance over time.

Introducing the First-Ever “Horizontal Card Sleeves” that Can Hold 6-8 Cards Side by Side

When you put Tenuis3 on the table, you would realize the wallet is only as large as two credit cards placed right next to each other. Yes, you can actually store your cards in the wallet just like that, and this feature is one of the biggest improvements from the previous version.

By adjusting its size to twice as large as a credit card, Solahanpu made it possible for Tenuis3 to hold many cards while still retaining its slim frame. 

 Each sleeve can hold up to 3-4 cards. Honestly, it is extremely difficult to find another ultra-thin wallet with this capacity to store up to 6 cards. Although the sleeves are a little tighter at first due to the nature of goatskin leather, they loosen up just about right as you use the wallet for a week or so.

 Coin Divider to Spread the Coins Evenly and Keep the Wallet Flat. 

 It’s inevitable for an ultra-thin wallet to get bulkier as objects are inserted, especially coins. To solve this problem, Tenuis3 offers a divider inside its coin pocket.

This divider keeps the coins spread so the wallet maintains its form even with many coins inside. The zipper is also thin and flat. These are some of the features that keep this wallet flat in various everyday situations and traveling as well.

Two Hidden Pockets for Key and IC Card

There are two hidden pockets in the main bill sleeve of Tenuis3.

The bigger one is for a card, band aids or tickets and the smaller one for a key. The card pocket is best for your IC card, which you would often tap onto something.



Canvas, goatskin, Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Paraffin wax coat on canvas


3.54 inch (90mm) wide x 4.33 inch (110mm) long x 0.25 inch (6mm) thick

 (when it’s empty)


Up to 8 cards (6 cards are recommended), bills, coins, keys and other small objects


3 Colors (Black,  Gray,  Blue)

Super early bird: 1 for 8,800 yen 10%OFF!  Only for the first 50 individuals for each color. (Approx US$80)

Early bird: 1 for 9,300 yen 5%OFF!  Only for the first 50 individuals for each color.(Approx US$84)

Kickstarter special price: 1 for 9,800 yen (Approx US$89)

The actual product may differ from what is shown in these pictures.