Meet Albicchiere, or Albi for short, an all-in-one solution that allows you to drink your wine at the perfect temperature and preserves it for up to 8x longer than other devices. 

Albi allows you to open and change between your favorite wines without worrying about the opening date or wasting a bottle just for one glass of wine. Our new technology allows you to drink it for up to 6 months from the opening date.

 With Albi, you can buy a preservation system and a little cellar at the lowest cost on the market.

Wine Preservation

You can preserve your favorite wine without worrying about the opening date or wasting a bottle just for one glass of wine. Our system allows you to drink for up to 6 months from the opening date, 8x times longer than other systems.


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You can set your preferred temperature for each individual bottle of wine or follow the recommendations of the wineries by simply using the Albi app. Albicchiere uses NFC technology that automatically recognizes the wine inside and will bring it to the ideal serving temperature for that specific type of wine, be it 4°C - 20°C (39.2°F - 68°F). Now your wine can truly be enjoyed as it was intended to be. 

Albi is the easiest way to get your wine to its’ optimum temperature.

Use your own or use Albi's wines  

We want to make sure you can still enjoy your favorite wines as well as the range of amazing wines the wineries who are onboard with us offer.  

You can either pour your own bottle of wine into an empty Smart Wine Bag, which will preserve your wine for 8x longer. 

Or, use our pre-filled Smart Wine Bags that you can purchase directly from wineries or your smartphone with Albi's app.  

Switch your wines in seconds

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You can endlessly change the wine loaded unlike all the other systems even if you drink just a glass thanks to our flexible container because the wine in our Smart Bags is preserved in perfect conditions and will preserve for up to 6 months from the first opening.

You can enjoy a glass of your favorite white wine and the move ahead discovering a great red wine, without worrying about spoiling what's left in the bottle.

Works with your home assistant 

 Albi is the smartest wine dispenser on the market and will happily pour you a glass of wine if you ask... make sure you say please!

Parental control 

 Albi has parental control features that allow you to lock your wine dispenser from the app so that your children can't use it when you are not there. 


The Albi app is easy to use and allows you to make the most of your Smart Wine Dispenser. You can browse new wines, place an order, get recommendations and set the temperature of the it can be ready to enjoy when you get home.

Portable Wine Dispenser 

Albi is a portable wine dispenser that can be used around the house and outdoors thanks to the charging dock. 

When changing the temperature of the wine it will need to be plugged into the power socket. Albi will maintain the temperature and pour wine whilst not plugged into mains power. 

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This is the longest wine preservation system on the market, up to 8x times longer than the other systems, by 6 months from the opening date according to the type of wine. Set up your favorite temperature, from 4°C - 20°C (39.2°F - 68°F) for the wine. (If needed you can set the temperature to 50°C for other applications).  

 Albi's Smart Wine Bags are washable and we encourage you to reuse yours!

How to pour your wine into an empty Smart Wine Bag

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For our Smart Wine Bags, we have created a BPA Free packaging that lets us reduce by 40% the carbon footprint and reduce by 90% the weight of our container in comparison with glass bottles. Thanks to this system you can store more bags in your fridge, so more red and white wine will be available for tasting, 33% more than with glass bottles. 

 To claim an add-on, please add the required amount to your current order. For example, if you want 10 empty Smart Wine Bags then please add €13 ($15) to your current purchase and these will be added to your reward.

 What's in the box? 


Do you own a restaurant or bar?

Please get in contact with us by sending a direct message and let us know how many Albi Smart Wine Dispensers you would like and we will create a custom reward for you.  

 Click here for more information on using Albi at your bar or restaurant.

Or a hotel... 

Click here for more information on using Albi at your hotel.

Do you own a winery? 

 Click here for more information on using Albi at your winery.

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With your special one


 Each order will receive the following stretch goals!

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This is the current working prototype of Albi, the main features of serving wine from the Smart Wine Bag inside the dispenser are fully functioning. The Albi app will be ready by April. 

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We  tested the opening system and the tap of the Smart Bags hundreds of times to be sure to guarantee you an excellent glass of wine every day for the next 10,000 days.

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Risks and challenges

We have been preparing for this Kickstarter for the last 3 years. We have visited a number of different factories and chosen the highest quality option. A test batch of Albicchiere units was created successfully in our chosen factory. Although we do understand that mass-producing a product is more difficult, so we will be completely transparent if anything doesn't go to plan and keep our backers updated every step of the way. We are a large team with many years of experience in the tech & wine industry, all of which will contribute towards a smoothly ran campaign. production and fulfillment of Albi.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

A bar or restaurant can use it over 100 times a day and still works perfectly, so it is great for your home use. We aren't planning on bringing out a new version every single year, which seems to be the trend of so many tech companies at the moment. We will create new versions only when the time is right to do so.

Reusability and recyclability

The smart wine bags we use are 100% recyclable.

Environmentally friendly factories

The factory we are producing Albi in has all of the environmental certifications and is based in Italy so that we can keep a close eye over the process.

Sustainable Distribution

The use of Smart Wine Bags use less space & weight compared to glass wine bottles so they can reduce carbon footprint by 40%.