All Of The Thanks!

I already owe so many thanks to so many people in the playing card community. Even before launching this project some fantastic people stepped up to give me invaluable feedback, advice and support in creating this campaign. It gives one a warm fuzzy feeling to know that these people are around. So thank you, to those people, and to each and every one of you that reads this page and supports this project. It really is appreciated on so many levels.

 The Deck 

Highborn Gold Edition Playing Cards (3D Render)

Highborn playing cards are a modern take on classic playing card design and heritage. As someone who has spent more than 20 years obsessively interacting with playing cards as a magician, a collector and having designed and released a deck in 2011/12, re-imagining the classic design I am so familiar with, in my own way, felt like the right approach for my first project.

The core theme of this deck stems from royal lineage and family, being born into aristocracy classifies someone as being "highborn". This is a recurring theme that is evident throughout playing card design history.

The design elements, styles and effects used throughout the design and production of this deck all work together to create a traditional but modern feeling deck, maintaining conventional design and recognition in practical use for magicians and card gamers.

 The Faces  

Highborn Gold Edition Face Design (3D Render)

The face designs of the Highborn deck are designed for simplicity and ease of practical use. The numeric cards use a standard pip layout which has been slightly adjusted to suit the style of the deck and maintain a more modern feel than traditional deck design. 

The Court Cards

The court card design, again, focuses on maintaining a more traditional style whilst modernising the overall look and feel of the cards to create a unique design that helps bring the overall theme together in this deck. Each card was individually illustrated with the above in mind utilising recognised elements from conventional playing cards throughout time. 

Highborn Gold Edition Court Card Design (3D Render)
Highborn Gold Edition Court Card Design (3D Render)
Highborn Gold Edition Court Card Design (3D Render)
Highborn Gold Edition Joker Design (3D Render)
Highborn Gold Edition Court Card Design (Artwork)

The Backs

Highborn Gold Edition Back Design (3D Render)

The design of the card backs is underpinned by a geometric tone, combined with minimal recognised heraldic elements, to create a unique but conventional style that's in-keeping with the overall deck design.  

Highborn Card Back Design (Artwork)

 The Tuck Case 

Highborn Gold Edition Tuck Box Design (3D Render)

The tuck case for the Highborn deck utilises a number of print production effects and techniques to create a truly unique and engaging design that will be at home in any collection.

High Born Gold Edition Tuck Case (3D Render)
Highborn Gold Edition Tuck Case Design (Artwork)

 Platinum Deck (Limited Edition)

Highborn Platinum Edition Tuck Case Design (3D Render)

With this project, I wanted to cater to both magicians, enthusiasts and collectors alike. I wanted the deck to be rare enough to be a collector's item but available enough to be enjoyed by magicians and regular card players. As such, the platinum edition of the Highborn deck was created exclusively for collectors which will only be available through this Kickstarter campaign.

This is a sleek version of the Highborn deck that portrays a more minimalist tuck case design utilising more solid blocks of colour to allow the design to stand out. The card faces feature the same design as the gold edition, however, the deck features a unique colour palette exclusive to this deck.

Highborn Platinum Edition Card Face Design (3D Render)
Highborn Platinum Edition Tuck Case Design (Artwork)

Highborn Platinum Edition Court Cards (Artwork)
Highborn Platinum Edition Card Backs (Artwork)


Highborn Gold Edition

The playing cards will be printed on a classic stock by the USPCC.

The tuck case will be printed by Gamblers Warehouse. The outside of the gold edition case will feature gold foil stamping and will boast additional black foil stamping and strategic embossing on luxury matte card stock (exact stock to be confirmed).

The first 3 decks will also come with a special 3D holographic authenticity sticker and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Highborn Platinum Edition

This deck will only see 1000 copies printed with no-reprint and will boast a unique style exclusive to this deck.

The playing cards will be printed on a classic stock by the USPCC.

The platinum edition tuck case will be printed by Gamblers Warehouse. Silver foiling will be used on the outside of the tuck case as well as embossing on a luxury dark blue matte stock (exact stock to be confirmed). 

The first 3 decks will also come with a special 3D holographic authenticity sticker and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Current Project Status

The current status of the project is as follows; 

The artwork has been sent to Gamblers Warehouse / USPCC and given the preliminary OK, quotes for printing for all elements of this project have been received by me and have been added to the goal of this project.

A prototype of the playing cards has been ordered and delivery is expected imminently. Providing all is OK with the print quality of the prototype cards, I will create new imagery (non-3D renders) and create a campaign video showcasing them.

I am currently in talks with two printing companies about arranging an affordable prototype of the tuck case. The cost of creating such a prototype on such a short print run is looking like it will be exceptionally expensive, however, I am hoping that a few contacts I have in the industry will be able to pull something out of the bag for me.

I aim to update this page frequently throughout the campaign with regular progress reports, stretch goals, videos and more.

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Production & Delivery

Order fulfilment will be handled by Gamblers Warehouse in the USA. Providing the campaign reaches its goal, the conservative delivery date for these decks is June/July 2020, providing there are no production issues or delays (more info under Risks & Challenges).

Please Note: When shipping products, any import taxes or customs fees are the responsibility of the pledger.

Customising Your Pledge

Highborn Add-On Pricing Table

Stretch Goals

More stretch goals will be added to this campaign as the project progresses.

Stretch Goal: Inside Tuck Case Foiling (Locked)
Stretch Goal: Custom Numbered Deck Seals (Locked)

Risks and challenges

As a professional graphic designer of 15 years, I have run numerous complex print projects from start to finish. The processes that are in place for production and delivery aim to ensure smooth-running project delivery but I have accounted for potential delays or problems, just in case. Gamblers Warehouse will be fulfilling the majority of this project. Once the cards are printed by the USPCC they will be shipped directly to Gamblers Warehouse who will package the cards into the tuck cases (printed by Gamblers Warehouse) and distribute them to them all pledgers. As with all projects of this manner, there are, however, risks: 1.) Delays in Production There is always a risk of delay in production if, for example, the USPCC or Gamblers Warehouse are busy or backed up with other projects. I expect an approximate production time of 12 weeks from start to finish but have allowed for additional time in case of delay. 2.) Artwork / Print Proofing All artwork has been submitted and given the OK for printing, but I aim to deliver the best possible product of the highest possible quality finish to all pledgers and as such I will be proofing the final printed products to ensure this is the case. If there are print defects or any problems with printing, these will need to be rectified, which could add additional time to the delivery of the product and potentially mean minor amends to the artwork. 3.) Speciality Decks Any speciality collectors / signed decks will be shipped to me directly, produced in the UK and shipped to pledgers from here. As such there may be a slight delay in the delivery of these decks.