Making the perfect coffee couldn't be simpler. Add up to 26 grams of coffee,  hot water, wait, and press. Oomph™ 2.0 will take care of the rest - sealed in coffee perfection! After the brew, enjoy the coffee on its own or add milk and sugar.

The original Oomph™ sold more than 50,000 units in 17 countries and has become the go-to coffee device for thousands of supporters around the world.

The patented Easy-Press Piston design produces higher pressure than most other black coffee makers, resulting in a clean, unrivalled black coffee. Brewing Oomph™ 2.0 locks in the flavour and aromas after the brew. Simultaneously, the brewed coffee is separated from the grounds preventing bitterness.

Oomph™ 2.0 makes amazing black coffee that can be taken anywhere! The easy-press piston design seals in the flavour after brewing until you are ready to drink it. Completely self-contained within a watertight, compact travel cup, Oomph™ 2.0 will surpass your go-to kitchen coffee maker and can be taken anywhere and enjoyed on-the-go.

No need for filters, consumables or even a cup! Combining a pressure-brew coffee maker and travel cup means you can ditch the takeaway cups - AND you don't have to worry about carrying a cup around with your coffee maker.

The pressure created by the Oomph™ 2.0 brings the quality of the coffee close to the standard of professional coffee makers and greatly outperforms any commercially available manual coffee maker. The video animation above shows internally how the Oomph™ 2.0 brews.

 With all of the coffee makers on the market, many people ask how is Oomph™ 2.0 different, and better than other coffee makers? Oomph™ 2.0 combines contact time and erosion style brewing like that used in espresso machines. This allows you to easily produce a rich, consistent coffee, unrivalled by similarly priced coffee makers. See how it compares against other popular methods.

We have spent the last 2 years collecting and transferring all of our customers' feedback into tangible improvements and have been working hard to ensure all of the improvements are fully developed, tested and then developed further. We believe we have made a coffee maker like no other on the planet and we're sure that you will love it as much as we do!

Oomph™ 2.0 allows you to have hot, delicious coffee with you in the workplace or on-the-go. The fully watertight design means spilt coffee is a thing of the past and being watertight increases Oomph™ 2.0 insulative properties, staying hot for well over an hour!

Oomph™ 2.0 was built with your convenience in mind. Many travel cups are big, bulky and wasteful of space. We designed Oomph™ 2.0 to deliver the necessary coffee brewing equipment in one compact and lightweight package.

We worked hard to reduce the size of Oomph™  whilst maintaining as much of the internal volume as possible. Knowing how many of you used your Oomph™ on the work commute, being able to fit a car cup holder was crucial. We tested Oomph™ 2.0 in just over 100 cars, fitting 96%. Being able to take Oomph™ 2.0 out of the kitchen is one of the key features and something that we have worked on extensively for Oomph™ 2.0, which is now fully watertight.

To make the Oomph easier to press and lock we completely reinvented the case locking design, inspired by the Japanese methodology of Poka-Yoke. The casing now glides into the lock from any position just by pressing down. [POKA-YOKE is a Japanese term which means “mistake-proofing”] 

Oomph™ 2.0 is made from tough BPA and BPS free Tritan® plastic. That is the highest grade of food-safe plastic we could get our hands on and is really tough. We have reinforced key areas of Oomph™ 2.0, meaning your Oomph™ 2.0 will stand up to the rigours of everyday life, delivering you delicious coffee time after time.

Using Oomph™ 2.0 at home just got even easier with the new ergonomically shaped anti-drip drinking spout which eliminates any drips when pouring from Oomph™ 2.0. Couples with the Easy-Press Piston this ensures Oomph™ 2.0 performs well against even the best home coffee makers. 

Cleaning Oomph™ 2.0 couldn't be simpler. Empty the dry coffee cake into the bin for recycling and pump rinse the Oomph for a quick clean. For a deep, thorough clean, the clear parts of Oomph™ 2.0 are all dishwasher safe. The new domed filter ensures that removal of the used coffee is easier than the previous model.

Oomph™ 2.0 is a direct product of customer feedback and our endless pursuit for perfection. Any usability or functional issues that some may have had with The Oomph™ 1 has been solved with the Oomph™ 2.0 along with various design and functionality improvements.

During research for Oomph™ 2.0, we asked what top 3 changes our customers would like to see on the next version of the Oomph™. We listened and made these changes. We incorporated the top 7 customer improvements within Oomph™ 2.0. We didn't stop there however and added many additional improvements.

By integrating the seals we reduced the number of components needed. This significantly increases the ease of use and improves the speed in which Oomph™ 2.0 can be assembled/cleaned.

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Risks and challenges

As an existing product in the market we have we feel got a good handle on timeframes to produce the product. Also we have been able to learn from our first Kickstarter that we successfully delivered. Also as a second generation product we have got a good handle on timeframes now for things like mold testing and refining. Last time we were a little late but we now know how long many of these things take and ultimately we didn't know what we didn't know. This time we have traded for a few years been on national television 4 times and have come across enough issues over these years to accurately predict and allow for these in our timeline. We are already working with manufacturers now on our current product so have got a better idea of timeframes and capabilities of who we work with. Obviously there can be issues with suppliers, but as we now have a working relationship (for over 3 years) we are much better now at handling these issues and have proper processes in place to handle issues that come up. From our first product we have many loyal customers and we have many expert testers and people who can help feedback and test prior to final launch (the design of Oomph 2.0 was voted for out of 6 other designs by our current customers). This will help us to ensure that the product comes out perfect from the off. It is really important to us as a business to launch Oomph 2.0 with a great reputation from day one. This product is essentially a crowd conceived one and certainly we wouldn't be here today if we had not had all of our valuable feedback from our customers. Challenges are essentially a part of our story above and our product success is linked intrinsically to how we have always listened to customers to the point where we have produced now in Oomph 2.0 the product they asked for.

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Environmental commitments

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Long-lasting design

Improving from Oomph 1 feedback, that has been provided by thousands of customers

Reusability and recyclability

Our product itself would replace peoples use of takeaway cup use. Even if you just have one coffee per day in one year the Oomph would in effect replace 365 takeaway cups.