Created by a renowned podiatrist, ArchTek has launched a unisex dress sock that features a patented arch support system and uncompromising style. The sock’s advanced materials, built-in insole, and trademarked energy return system brings comfort technology to the world of fashion footwear.

We took the best sock out there and added our proprietary patented dynamic arch support for your foot, comfort, and everyday life and style.

Patented five-layer dynamic arch support system that has been shown to support the arch without weakening it as most insoles do. The arch is held in a way that adds structure and support but also trains the brain and leg muscles to control the arch, reducing foot and leg fatigue.

ArchTek® socks are fashionable and made of premium quality antibacterial materials to provide comfort and style, while also providing support and relief. ArchTek® socks come in 12 fashionable dress socks and 4 reinforced athletic socks.

12 ArchTek® Dress Sock Color Options 

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*Backers can pick their sock styles & sizing in the backer survey after the campaign.

Our fashion dress socks come with built-in arch support and take the place of costly and ill-fitting insoles. Our patented dynamic arch support system stabilizes the foot without weakening the arch structures all without compromising your style.

ArchTek athletic socks provide the same patented arch support as our fashion socks but with a more robust yarn weave. This allows better dynamic support of the arch and foot during heavier and more intense activity.

Dr. Bob Baravarian is the inventor of ArchTek's patented arch support system and is a board-certified foot & ankle surgeon with more than 20 years’ of patient care experience. After he experienced foot pain during his travels, Dr. Bob wondered if there was a better and more affordable solution than wearing special shoes or expensive custom insoles to prevent foot pain. He worked for more than 2 years to re-engineer every aspect of the classic sock to create a more modern sock that is better for the foot and leg. “ArchTek stands for innovation, and changing the status quo for affordable, every day, fashionable socks.”

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans have suffered from foot pain and are also likely to have pain in other parts of their body because of it, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. However, many people don't realize a sock can do as much to support the foot as an insole or a shoe can.

ArchTek® is more than just a sock. It is footwear featuring patented technology that is a complete overhaul of the traditional dress sock. The ArchTek® sock allows the wearer to wear their athletic or dress shoes of choice, without compromising style or support.

True-Fit Sizing allows us to tailor our socks to fit everyone without compromise. This means there is no bunching up fabric in the toe area, and the heel will fit like a glove. Our socks come in the two most popular sizes, covering a range of almost 80% of adults.

We are honored to have your support, and we are thankful for your trust. We want to say thank you, and that we appreciate the faith you have in our brand to back our product.

Your feedback, good or bad, makes us a better brand and lets us serve you better, so please don’t keep quiet and message us directly. 

Risks and challenges

At ArchTek, we understand the importance of brand reputation, especially for new brands. We have spent over 2 years in preparation for this launch, which consists of design, product development, establishing logistics and shipping channels and executing pre-production runs to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience to our backers. We will be working with trusted manufacturers, who supply many global brands. They work with some of the world’s biggest brands and have the capability, scale and expertise to meet any demand. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver. We also planned for production risks by producing approximately 1200 of each SKU, and could quickly manufacture more as needed. Regardless, there could be production delays as with any manufacturing. We will perform thorough checks of the finished pieces using industrial QC standards. With any high volume production run, the biggest inherent risk is timing. We’ve consulted with numerous logistics experts and sample tested our manufacturer to ensure we can deliver an amazing product on time. We will be extremely transparent and open with regards to updates on the status of production and shipment. We will be working with a local fulfillment center in the US, hence custom charges may apply depending on where you're ordering from. Each parcel will have a tracking number so it can be tracked. Unfortunate events can sometimes happen, so in the event a parcel is lost during its delivery we will do everything we can to help track it down and if the error is with our team we will send you a new one. However, we are not responsible for packages delivered outside the expected time frame. Lastly, please keep an eye out for our Kickstarter Backer Survey, which will be sent to each backer 2-3 weeks after the campaign end date. This is the standard way to collect your order information (sock sizing, sock style(s), and shipping address). It is important to respond quickly for us to deliver our socks in a timely manner. We will be messaging you through Kickstarter and your email, as well as posting regular updates each week.