A Medieval legend, a modern military machine and the watches that bring modernity and antiquity together. The Pramzius Iron Wolf watches tell the circa 720-year-old story of the founding of Vilnius, Lithuania and brings to bear watches ready to be the official timekeeper of the Wolf Infantry Fighting Vehicle of Lithuania’s modern NATO ground forces. 

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Because legends are made; not born -- Roughly 720 years ago the Grand Duke Gediminas stopped to take a rest near the Vilnia River after a successful day of hunting. He fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of a mighty Iron Wolf standing firm on the crest of a hill and baying with the strength of a hundred wolves. When he woke, he sought the council of his priest to interpret the dream and he told him this:

"What is destined for the ruler and the State of Lithuania, is thus: The Iron Wolf represents a castle and a city which will be established by you on this site. This city will be the capital of the Lithuanian lands and the dwelling of their rulers, and the glory of their deeds shall echo throughout the world."

And so, it was as Gediminas founded the great city of Vilnius named for the Vilnia river. 

Pramzius brings back military meets elegant and offers watches truly worthy of legend and a new legend in the field. Tactical watches with precision chronographs, and open-heart automatics that offer mother of pearl and full lume dials are just the beginning.   

Every aspect of the Iron Wolf watches ties back to the legend and the vehicle they represents. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal protecting a 10 ATM 316l stainless steel military-grade timepiece with unidirectional rotating bezel marked off by the teeth of the wolf, sandwich dial options, and custom-made art on the case back of the watches inspired by the Iron Wolf legend are just some of the features of these exceptional watches. 

Genuine Mother of Pearl, Genuine Carbon Fiber and Full Lume Sandwich dials on the watches.

Custom Bracelet, Handmade Leather and NATO Nylon come with all the watches. The bracelet is custom made to fit and the NATO/ZULU style straps are made of only the best, extra heavy nylon.

The leather straps for these watches are built by Constantine Hussar, also known as The Strap Lord. The heavy-duty bund watch straps are leather with a canvas upper. You have your choice of more bold or more subtle artwork burned into the canvas for the strap on your watch.

Constantine hand builds these amazing custom watch straps. We want to stress that each individual strap is made one at a time by hand with only the finest of strap materials for watches. These straps easily go for $100 or more as stand-alone items. Because of our relationship with Constantine, we were able to get that down to where we could incorporate this amazing strap into the Iron Wolf watches.

The legend of The Iron Wolf is ingrained into the history of Lithuania and its national pride. So, it made perfect sense when the Lithuanian military sought a new IFV for its ground forces the vehicle be named The Wolf. And after 15 years of importing watches from Lithuania, building a true military timepiece inspired by the ancient legend and the peacekeeping field vehicle of today was all but inevitable.

The teeth on the rotating bezel on these watches are the bite of the Iron Wolf. Gunsights on the fully functional sub dials and on the second hand on the chrono watches speak to the Wolf Fighting Vehicle along with the gun turret embedded in the crown.  

We incorporate many subtle and not-so-subtle elements into the watches to illustrate its DNA as Military watches.

The fully functional subdials on both the automatic and chrono watches are inspired by gun sights and on the chrono there are crosshairs at the end of the watche's sweep second hand.

Embedded in the crown is a gun turret which also speaks to the infantry vehicle.

Pramzius uses 15 individual silk-screen layers of lume in all of our watches and the Iron Wolf is no exception. We use only true Swiss Super Luminova. The two-tone sandwich dial version comes with a fully luminous dial. All other models of the watches come with top-quality lume at all the key indication points.

 project video thumbnail
 project video thumbnail

To complete the story of the Iron Wolf on the watch, we commissioned special, custom caseback art inspired by the imagery associated with the Iron Wolf legend.

The official logo of the Wolf vehicle is on the dial of every execution. Once you put The Iron Wolf on your wrist, you will understand how new legends come to be.

We searched far and wide for the right packaging for the Iron Wolf watches. We wanted something that fit well with the Iron Wolf being a military watch. But we also like packaging that can be used for more than one purpose. We are so happy with what we were able to create. The packaging is a combination of the highest quality materials, including a canvas outer covering in cammo style. What we love about it is the ingenious way it makes the interior easy to access in more than one way and it can be used as a travel case for two watches and other accessories. To us, it is ready to be thrown in any soldier's duffel bag.

Following our successful campaigns for the Pramzius Fall of the Berlin Wall Watch and the Trans-Siberian convertible pocket watch, we are "over the moon" to offer our third watch for your consideration — The Iron Wolf. We thank everyone so much who helped make the dream of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Watch come true. We were blown away by the success and amazing feedback on that watch. It was an amazing experience. We hope you enjoy our Iron Wolf campaign, engage with us again, and can join us as we make this third Pramzius timepiece a reality.

We aren't the World's 1st anything and we aren't trying to be. We aren't even the first watch to incorporate part of the Berlin Wall. That was Romain Jerome. And you can own one for the small sum of $15,000. We would absolutely LOVE to be the first watch you think about putting on in the morning. But we will leave the real firsts of the world to people like Neil Armstrong and Marie Curie.

  • We have no interest in "disrupting the industry" or disrupting anything for that matter. All we want to do is build quality watches with a great story that we like and hope you like too.
  • We aren't trying to create some pricing structure that "cuts out the middle man" or makes it sound like you are getting a better deal than you are. As watch distributors and manufacturers, we believe distributors play a vital role in the industry and it is perfectly okay for them to make a profit. We hope to have distributors all over the world some day. We already have distributors in the UK and Canada and are in negotiations with Singapore. Our goal is to build a great watch at a fair price — nothing more.
  • We aren't interested in categories. We don't want to be exclusively dive watches or pilot watches or military watches or dress watches — well, you get the idea. If you are having a hard time putting Pramzius into a category, that makes us smile. We want every watch to be an event and we are perfectly okay if the next one looks absolutely nothing like the last one.

If these are the things you are NOT looking for in a watch either, then Pramzius just may be the brand for you. And we are perfectly okay with the fact that it isn't the brand for everybody.

You can't get very far into any guide to best practices in crowdfunding that they don't tell you to write your project in first person. The backers need to connect with the creator. I get that. And "we" can make you sound like a bigger organization than you are. I get that too.

But I can't in good conscience litter this campaign with "I". And if I have given you the impression we are a big organization, boy did I fail on that score too.

What I will tell you is there are a lot more people than "I" who have brought this project this far — not just the people who actually work at our company. There is a group of friends and colleagues, most of whom have no financial stake in this whatsoever, whose ideas, guidance and feedback were invaluable in this process. I call them the "Pramzius Brain Trust." They deserve far better than "I" — both in these prose and in my gratitude.

Risks and challenges

We are on our third Kickstarter watch, with the first two successfully funded, manufactured and delivered. Also our company has been in the watch business for the better part of two decades. We know the watch business and we know what it takes to build a successful watch. We won't let you down. That said, all watch production comes with risks. The watches you are viewing in these photos and videos are prototypes of what will become the final product. At least some minor changes will be made. We will also be looking for feedback from our backers. Our goal is to produce 100 to 200 of each dial. This project should be completed by the end of April, 2020. However, unforeseen things can and do occur. If there are any delays we will promptly inform our backers. You can rest assured that we will keep you informed every step of the way as you can see from the updates on our first project.

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Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

Our watches are built to last. If the owner properly cares for and services our watches they can last decades. Beyond this, it is unusual for someone to simply throw away a quality watch, even if it is in need of repair. Watches are one of the few remaining products where repair is both possible and cost-effective.

Reusability and recyclability

Every part of a watch can be recycled, either through traditional means or as parts for other watches.

Sustainable Distribution

We have reduced the size and weight of our packaging while maintaining the functionality we would looking for. This reduces shipping weight and material usage.