Durability. Hygiene. Style.

NitraPro is a protein shaker, unlike any other protein shaker. With design on our mind, we introduce to you the most durable, hygienic and stylish shaker ever.

Back this project and smell the success, not the build-up of bacteria.  

 Keep it clean and avoid bad smells. 

Have you ever forgotten to clean your shaker after a workout and opened it hours later just to be horrified by that pungent smell? Not only is this an unpleasant feeling but you’re also experiencing the build-up of bacteria taking over your bottle. We designed the NitraPro bottle to put an end to this. Our 100% hygienic kitchen-grade stainless steel bottle prevents bacteria build-up, is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb those nasty odors. 

 High quality, 100% BPA free. 

All the materials we use are of the highest quality to ensure your shaker remains odor-free and the taste is not affected. We only use 100% BPA free, food-grade certified materials making NitraPro the most hygienic shaker ever.

Wanna stay cool…or hot? 

Keep your drink at its original temperature for up to 12 hours with the double-walled insulation. That sweat caused by condensation won’t be an issue. You’ll be the only one sweating after a successful workout and ready to enjoy a drink at its perfect temperature in or out of the gym. 

No moving parts for maximum efficiency.

Tired of attracting attention when you shake your bottle? Get a smooth, clump-free protein shake every time. The parts in our bottle fit perfectly together, making the smoothest shake, silently and effortlessly. No one will hear, try it yourself!

Twist cap to prevent leakage.   

Have you ever opened your bag only to find everything inside drenched by your drink? Many bottles leak and sweat, ours has been engineered to fit your active lifestyle. No matter how you place your bottle, the BPA free twist cap is extra tight, so your drink stays in the bottle, where it belongs.

 A bottle made to last you a lifetime. 

We need to take care of our planet and sustainability is our main concern. Instead of wasting your money on low-quality shakers, save your money and the planet. NitraPro is made of only the highest quality materials used in professional kitchens worldwide made to last and withstand the test of time.

Unlike plastic bottles, no chemicals will get into your drink. Choose the best for yourself and our planet.

Not into protein shakes? No problem! 

Our shaker is capable of much more than just blending protein. It adapts to your lifestyle. You can store your hot and cold drinks, and the agitator doubles as a fruit infuser or ice holder. Enjoy coffee, tea, water, smoothies or even a cheeky cocktail in your stylish bottle created not only for the gym.

Take your NitraPro bottle anywhere you go. Its sleek design fits in all standard size cup holders. The silicone strap was created for a comfortable grip with the possibility to attach your bottle to anything. 


We’re already working with a partner factory that specializes in the production of stainless steel bottles and containers. They produced prototypes and samples of outstanding quality, which makes us confident that we will deliver the highest quality products to you. 

Risks and challenges

We are fully committed to NitraPro and work on this project full time to bring it to life. We have tested our bottles and have made multiple iterations in order to bring you the highest quality product. With only some minor tweaks that we are currently working on, we will soon be ready for mass production. Our factory partners are already lined up and we have a long-standing relationship with them. They are waiting for the green light to get production underway. From now until product delivery, we will spend our time conducting rigorous quality assurance. Although we are working hard to anticipate our timeline accurately, we are aware that things may not go to plan. We have added some buffers to make space for the unexpected but rest assured that we are working very hard to meet our deadlines. As a backer, you will be given full transparency. You will be updated and notified on our progress during and after the campaign.