Blackheads plague us all. We squeeze and pinch them in front of the mirror but it damages our skin and leaves us with red marks. We try to get them to pop out, and when they do, we get that guilty feeling of satisfaction, but we irritate our skin in the process and even leave scars. Porfee can solve that problem while keeping the satisfying feeling; it’s a blackhead vacuum with a 10x zoom camera, an app, and blue-ray lights. It’s the most precise and the most addictive way to clean out your pores.

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Just like a surgeon uses a tiny camera for precision maneuvers, Porfee’s 10x zoom camera provides you with the precision you need. Our camera shows you exactly where the blackheads are so you don’t need to over-vacuum healthy skin. Porfee will never leave you looking like you got chickenpox.

Pimple popping videos are becoming more and more popular. With Porfee’s camera and app, you can make this satisfying experience your own. The 10x zoom camera will give you an up-close look at the satisfying destruction of your own blackheads.

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It sterilizes and shrinks your pores, protecting your skin against irritation and inflammation. Leaves your skin looking smoother and healthier seconds after use.

Sterilize, Antiseptic Effect, Preventing Skin Irritation

The suction pulls out all the old impurities that have been building up inside your pores and exfoliates dead skin. All together it gives your skin a natural baby-smooth look and feel. It’s the only blackhead removal product that leaves you with a healthier-looking skin seconds after use.

It’s the safest, most effective and painless way to gain spotless, smooth and healthy skin. It’s a feeling you will want over and over again.

 Ji Ke and Bin Huang testing Porfee

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Risks and challenges

We already have a working prototype and almost ready for production. There are no challenges when it comes to Porfee technology, manufacturing, and shipping. The main challenge we face is financing. When our goal will be achieved on Kickstarter, we will be financially able to mass-produce Porfee and everyone who backed us should get their reward in the following month after the campaign ends.

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Environmental commitments

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Long-lasting design

We use good quality material and durable technology. For example, we use medical-grade silicone tips instead of plastic as many other similar companies use. We carefully selected the materials and design to create a high quality, long-lasting product. It's not the kind of product that will end up in the garbage after a few months of use.