Mr. H stands for Mixed Reality Headset.

When originating the idea for the headset, we wondered how we could improve the audio experience, which has become so familiar but is still very limited? We decided to focus our efforts on virtual reality technology and built the headset from there. We wanted the headset to be an oasis, something you can put on, with or without a smartphone, and instantly be placed in the environment of your choosing. By using specially designed head-tracking technology, we are able to mimic your own personal favorite audio environment, allowing you to move within the auditory space as if you were there. This is a very exciting new frontier for listening and we are excited for others to try out and experience Mr. H for themselves.

Mr. H is a 3D wireless headset designed to allow you to create your own individualized 3D space. 

We employed binaural, 9DoF head-tracking technology (using accelerator and magnetic sensor) in order to track your head’s movement and combined it with high definition speakers to not only improve audio, but also personalize that audio to create a truly unique 3D audio environment. Listen to your favorite music as if for the first time in any space you like: café, forest, beach, you name it! Pair your headset with a game to put yourself into a world you could only before see. Record everything you hear directly onto the headset and listen back later. Talk with your family or friends without touching your phone. This 360 listening experience works effectively to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and into your own personally created virtual audio space. With 16 gigabytes of onboard storage, you can load up on music, podcasts, or audiobooks and listen for up to 20 hours without the need of a smartphone or video device. At Whoborn, we hope this Mixed Reality Headset, Mr. H, will provide you respite from the daily monotony of your job, commute, or chores and reinvigorate your life with a unique audio experience.

1. Audio Space

    “Create your own space with Mr. H” 

 What is Audio Space?

  • Object Sound + Binaural Effect + 9DoF Head-Tracking = Spatial Sound 
  • Non-Binaural Recorded Audio + Binaural Effect + 9DoF Head-Tracking = Spatial Sound 
  •  Spatial Sound (Background Preset) + Spatial Sound (Music from Bluetooth or Audio Player) = Audio Space 

The future of virtual reality is 3D Spatial audio. In 3D Audio Mode, Mr. H uses head tracking sensor technology to horizontally and vertically “move” sound around you (9DoF head-tracking technology using accelerator and magnetic sensor).

Deeply immerse yourself in virtual environments: Find your center on a relaxing beach or in a calming forest; enhance your focus in a bustling café; step up your home workout with the sound of a busy street; experience the surround sound of the theatre anywhere! Mr. H brings the excitement to you wherever you are.

  • Centering mode (beach, forest)
  • Creating mode (café)
  • Empowering mode (street, park)
  • Entertaining mode (theater, concert hall)

 Early Feedback for Mr. H's 3D Audio and Audio Space

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 2. Audio Recall 

   “Recall what you record onto Mr. H” 

Mr. H features audio recording directly on your headset. You can record phone calls, Bluetooth audio, and external sounds on the device, which holds up to 16GB of storage (which can record about 26 hours). Having trouble keeping up in class? Record the lecture to listen back on your own time and take notes at your own pace. Want to remember something quick? Leave yourself a voice memo without having to take out your phone or other device. Need to jot down a phone call but you couldn’t find a pen? Use the headset to record the call directly to the headset and listen back later. Want to hear again what you heard on the radio? With Mr. H you can quickly and conveniently create audio recordings with the press of a button. 

Disclaimer: Whoborn DOES NOT have access to each user’s recordings directly saved on Mr. H and the recordings must be used with each user’s personal, discreet, and responsible use only.

Mr. H wireless headset features a comfortable, modern design that sets it apart from other earbuds and headphones. It is super lightweight at 3.63oz (103g).

—that’s lighter than half an average orange! 

The adjustable band makes it wearable for all head shapes and sizes. The noise/vibration cancelling rubber pads over the speakers - which are designed to fit with any ear shape - shows that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and utility for a cool, sleek style.

  • Comfortable, modern design in 5 colors (upon availability)

  • Lightweight (103g, 3.63oz)

  • Adjustable band for all head shape and buttons and a jog dial for intuitive control without your smartphone

In the Base package you will receive: 

  • Three rubber pads will be included, designed for noise/vibration-cancelling and a comfortable fit for any ear shape
  • A carrying pouch
  • USB-C data/charging cable
  • 8GB or 16GB Mr. H headset device in your choice of color (black, blue, red, white, and purple)

In the Deluxe package you will receive: 

  • Three rubber pads will be included, designed for noise/vibration-cancelling and a comfortable fit for any ear shape
  • A hard shelled carrying case
  • USB-C data/charging cable and adaptor
  • 8GB or 16GB Mr. H headset device in your choice of color (black, blue, red, white, and purple)

  • 3D Audio: Binaural Effect (Head-Related Transfer Function), Head-tracker (3D 9DoF, 360 degrees)
  • High Resolution Audio Player (24 Bit/192kHz, Format: FLAC, etc)
  • 8/16GB Storage (more than 1000/2000 songs)
  • Connection: USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mr. H App for Smartphone (iOS and Android): You can control Mr. H fully with the app. 

General Usage

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iOS and Android App

Mode: Bluetooth, Audio Player, 3D Audio, Audio Space, Audio Recall

Audio Space Mode

Mr. H’s 3D Audio and Audio Space Explained!

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Mr. H's Audio Recall Demonstration

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We introduced our first prototype of Mr. H at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, USA, where we met with many consumers and fellow tech creators who were amazed by Mr. H and encouraged us to pursue Kickstarter for mass production. Based on their feedback listening to 3D audio with Mr. H, we realized there was a much larger market of people who would be interested in creating their own 3D personal spaces and began work on our two main functions: Audio Space and Audio Recall. Through Kickstarter, we hope to get Mr. H to as many people as possible so that they can enjoy a more immersive, 3D audio listening experience. 

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 Bae Youngsik created Whoborn on April 1, 2013 with a vision to make imagination into reality. He originally worked as a developer on the first generation of the MP3 players and is working as Whoborn’s CEO. His research director at Whoborn is Do Wonsuk who worked as a developer for the first generation of CD players. Together they have over forty years working in the audio industry. Whoborn was founded as a research and development company. It is here where they began their work on patent-based(US 6829365, etc) tech development. Their work on AR/VR, IoT, 3D printing, and Block-chain technology was displayed at international exhibitions which led to collaborations with local tech research institutes and recognition within the industry. Through these innovations, Whoborn began work on optimizing algorithms for 3D audio and head-tracking. With the final implementation of an MP3 player, Whoborn had the essential ingredients to create the internals for Mr. H.

Risks and challenges

From our first crowdfunding in South Korea, we got to know that with any hardware project, there are always risks associated with manufacturing and delivering the product. So, before launching the Kickstarter crowdfunding, we made sure we finalized all necessary steps to make this headset a reality. With all necessary technologies secured, we were able to finish our design and came up with the prototypes of Mr. H at CES, January 2019. Since then, we kept optimizing it by testing, upgrading with software and firmware updates, and improving its wearability. Also, we have already made a contract with a top-tier manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience for mass production of high tech products. Currently, we are developing the iOS/Android app for full control of Mr. H, which will be finished within two weeks after the crowdfunding starts. In short, we should be all set for manufacturing and delivering Mr. H within 3 months after the Kickstarter. While we will try our best to deliver Mr. H in a timely manner to our backers, unexpected things can happen for international shipping. If there is any delay in delivering Mr. H, we will let our backers know immediately through our community and put every effort to ship as early as possible. Also, we are always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions that you would like to see for Mr. H, please comment and we will get back to you shortly.