Journey, Adventure, Mystery of Roads. Unknown… Danger… what are we looking for...? Welcome to the wild story of the non-urban life of any human being... 

  The way back | This world is not easy. It can be dangerous journey through the moments of survival and perception...

Regardless of circumstances, you need to adapt to any situation...Welcome Baha. Folding Shovel Kit Pickax with Carrying Pouch Portable Tactical Army Spade Military Multitool for Outdoor Off Road Camping Hiking Backpacking Entrenching Digging Gardening Survival Vehicle Tool and much more...

Various jobs - one solution - Baha is the tool to cope with any task.

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What makes Baha special? It is designed to handle a wide variety of uses. It can improve your outdoor enjoyment or help you survive an emergency.

An easy to use shovel, with multiple additional functions, it is a simple solution for those who are stuck in a precarious situation and supportive enough for those of you who meet any small obtsacle on the road. Survival kit is equipped with branded waterproof bag and case.

 Not just a beautiful tool...Handle ccomponents are made of aviation 6063 aluminum alloy, which is used in small aircraft.

 But a way of self expression. A rigid support of your confidence. Shovel blade is made from Japanese high carbon steel 440C. This steel grade is used to make blades for very expensive knives and does not need sharpening.

 The way of self-motivation. No worries, no fears… Baha assists you. A special automatic “up and down” block mechanism can control the shift mode of the shovel. It is an advanced solution, very durable, which allows you to adjust the shovel in a matter of seconds.

 Through the hardships. Get everything you want in woods fast and easy.

 For those difficult moments...Hammer, Axe and Hoe are included in design.

 When nothing is eternal

 And nobody can help you. Solve your everyday task   

 BAHA will be always with you. Certainly, it has a wild multipurpose knife. Thickness - 2mm. Length - 8cm. The benefits… you know

 No matter where you are now. Just keep it while tracking in the wild.

 A special LED CREE XP-E R2 320lm (USA) is used in the flashlight. Operational life is more than 100 thousand hours in a row. Moreover - charge your device with the integrated powerbank in the portabl mutitool shovel.

Any way of traveling… BAHA helps you to get back on the road as it is also an ideal Survival Vehicle Tool. 

The Flashlight can signal SOS when the situation needs that!

The BAHA multi shovel adapts to the situation and task. BAHA shovel kit for survival is ready to become a new friend while traveling, camping, fishing, hiking and simply at home or work, in the car or riding off-road. It can be useful for urban and non-urban conditions.

 It will always be with you...Whistle and use flint in any situations u need to...

 And never let you down. Bringing needed comfort to you.

 It is your time to pledge for your success...Choose your BAHA...Freedom

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Risks and challenges

The day-to-day world needs to solve every problem quickly and in style. Our creative team is ready and waiting to shoulder the enormous demands and to fulfil all our obligations during the production and order stages. We understand all the natural risks and technical difficulties, issues in the supply chain and the challenges that feedback brings. BAHA TEAM has been preparing for a long time and we are now ready to make a great impression! You can relax and stay positive and well informed as we’ll do our best to satisfy all your needs. Design, custom and quality – It’s easy when you have the passion and love for our product that we do! BAHA SHOVEL is the art and you are the creators!