Our Story

The goal here is not simply to create a successful business and gain a profit. That would be all very well and good, and would certainly fit inline with the aspirations I have been developing since I was a teenager. However, when it came to bringing my ideas to the drawing board, it all just seemed a little straightforward and a little short-sighted. After all, if I am going to create a successful business, which I will one way or another, why not use it to make a difference?

It is for this reason that the Paragon brand was developed, inspired by the figure of the Hero that has been present throughout history in the form of myth, legend, and reality. Our goal is to harness the spirit of this figure, and use it to inspire the everyday hero that exists within all of us. 

Grooming Options for Everyday Heroes

After unknowable hours of research, practise, and trial and error, we have tempered our expertise and developed a range of products that we have a great deal of faith in. Our flagship range consists of three separate products in four scents, each of which has been painstakingly refined by hand to ensure a genuinely high-quality product.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • Beard Oil. After testing every combination of oils we could think of, we have finally managed to bottle the spirit of the Hero. Hand crafted in small batches, we have created a blend of natural aromas to establish a range of ultimate scents.
  • Lip Repair Wax. Designed to last for an extremely long time, our beeswax and honey based Lip Repair Wax will allow you to stand up and test your mettle in the harshest conditions.
  • Body Bar. Crafted from goats milk, honey and beeswax, with our signature blends of natural essential oils, this long-lasting all-in-one Body Bar can be used for your face, hair, beard and body. 

 All of these are available in the following scents, carefully blended through trial and error to achieve the perfect combinations, inspired by our Heroes:

  • Beowulf: A light, fresh and brisk woodland scent, reminiscent of the ancient era of heroes, legends, and the natural forces of the world that reigned supreme.
  • Voltaire: Inspired by the love of coffee of one of the greatest minds the world has even known, you too can find enlightenment every morning with a powerful coffee and vanilla aroma.
  • Drake: Each bottle contains the spirit of the explorers and pirates that donned this fruity, spiced bay-rum scent for centuries, representing the freedom and wonder of the open seas and new horizons.
  • Fenrir: In the spirit of change and renewal, this aroma is subtle in nature, representing the invisible chains that bind the mighty Fenrir. Don the scent of leather, and experience the individuality, freedom and tenacity of the Great Wolf.

 But we don't want to stop there!

Our Vision

Our goal is, of course, to create a successful business. We have a lot of faith in what we have to offer and we know that we can do it with your support! But that's not all, and it certainly isn't the hardest part. We want to use our business to make a difference. So what does this mean?

As we grow and develop, we will hold close to our hearts our pledge to use natural and sustainable ingredients in everything that we offer. We will get even better at this as time goes on, and we will continue to work on it to ensure we offer you an ethical and sustainable product.

That isn't all though. Once Paragon is self sustaining and running smoothly, we want to ensure that we are giving back in return for our good fortune, and therefore we have chosen a cause that is close to my heart: Men's Mental Health services. Our Hero inspired brand stems from these roots, and we want to ensure that our message can get across to everyone, especially those most in need of it. We will offer what support we can to the cause as soon as we are able, but in order to do so we need to create our business first, and we can't do it without your help!

Here's a breakdown of our plans. Some are short-term, others are long-term:

 Of course, we aren't expecting to get all of that going straight off the bat. It's going to be a long hard struggle, and we are very excited to get started with it! But you're probably wondering what's going to be happening NEXT. Read on.

Why Kickstarter?

In order to get the ball rolling, we need a few things to start off with. That's where YOU come in. We have sank a fair amount in ourselves already, and have come up with extensive product and brand development, a first shipment of products that you can see in our photos, and we have been in touch with local distributors with some very positive responses to what we have to offer!

Here's what we need to get a kickstarter on things so to speak:

 As you can see, our Kickstarter goal is significantly less than what we need, and realistically this is just the start of it. This is because we aren't lazy, and we're willing to put the effort in to get what we need by letting the quality of what we have to offer speak for itself. However, every penny counts, and anything above and beyond our Kickstarter goal is still massively appreciated and extremely useful. 


We have done our best to offer an extensive variety of what we have to offer, including any combination of the scents available alongside a special custom service. This allows us to prove our expertise and add a little fun and excitement to the rewards we have to offer. We may also be able to accommodate other requests, so feel free to get in touch.

We want to hear from you!

This is going to be an ongoing project and we want input from all of you! Our goal is to establish a friendly community full of individuals who can share their thoughts, support one another, and enjoy a pleasant social environment. This will also give us a platform to offer some amazing deals, competitions and rewards, so join up! Everything will be going live at the same time, so you'll be able to see is grow from nothing to huge! Find us here:



Thank you!

We cannot stress enough how far each and every donation, no matter how big or small, will help us along our way. We intend to build something extensive and wonderful, and your help is massively appreciated. 

Risks and challenges

In truth, there are not many risks that we anticipate will be a problem. It is important for every donor and customer to understand that, as with everything that contains natural ingredients, allergens may be a concern for some. We will do our part in exercising caution where applicable. In terms of business development itself, if we are successful with our funding then we already have a solid plan for the foreseeable future. We have established links to suppliers and potential distributors to run alongside our own sales, and we have ran an extensive cost analysis of all matters involved. Of course, surprises are always around the corner, although we welcome challenges with open arms! While we have chosen this industry due to our expertise, the lower start-up cost bracket, and the fact that the market is not overly saturated with sellers in our chosen niche, it is nonetheless always a concern that competitors will always be present. Again, we welcome the challenge with open arms - we have a lot of faith in our products, we know it is of superior quality, and we know we can win!