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In a Nutshell:

  • Palm sized 3-port laptop & USB-C/A wall charger.
  • Full 65W Output (that’s enough to fully charge a 2019 13” MacBook Pro in 1.7 hours).
  • Ridiculously compact. World’s smallest & lightest (literally).
  • A single charger to simultaneously fast charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone (or any 3 smart devices). 
  • Includes 1.5m braided USB-C cable with an eMark chip for full 65W out-of-the-box.
  • Current Kickstarter Price: $49. Retail Price: $80.
  • Ships to backers in April 2020. 

Introducing SHARGE

SHARGE is a revolutionary 65W GaN quick wall charger that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to fast charge three devices at the same time.

And with it, you’ll never need another wall charger for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or devices again.


We all know how inconvenient it is to carry separate bulky chargers for each laptop, tablet, and mobile phone to keep them powered through the day.

Even though laptops are getting thinner and lighter year by year, manufacturers continue to ship huge, heavy chargers with them.

As avid travelers ourselves, we knew there must be a better way.

That's why we decided to dive deep into R&D, exploring how we could make the smallest possible one-stop solution for powering every smart device on the market.

The result of this R&D — and over a year of sweat and tears — is SHARGE: the world’s smallest and lightest 3-port 65W quick charger, powered by GaN.

Palm Sized, Pocket Friendly

Smaller than a credit card and lighter than the lightest iPhone, SHARGE boasts a full 65W power output. That's enough to fast-charge a 2019 13" MacBook Pro.

No, really — SHARGE is so small that it will even fit into the coin pocket of your jeans!

One Charger for All

We designed SHARGE to completely replace every laptop/device charger you’ve ever owned.

SHARGE is universally compatible with virtually every laptop, tablet, smartphone, and smart device on the market today — and can charge up to three devices simultaneously!

Designed for Travel Pros

SHARGE’s compact size makes it perfect for travelers and digital nomads.

SHARGE accepts worldwide universal 100-240V voltage, meaning you’ll never need a voltage converter when you travel abroad.

And since SHARGE has no internal battery, it is completely safe for air travel and for use on airplanes.

Further, SHARGE also features fold-in electrical pins for optimal compactness and convenience.

Half the Size, Twice the Speed

Don't let SHARGE's size fool you. It’s small, but mighty.

All of SHARGE’s ports are quick-charge capable. The two USB-C ports support Power Delivery (PD) 3.0, and the USB-A port supports Quick Charge 3.0.

This means you can fully charge a 2019 13" MacBook Pro in just 1.7 hours!

And you can charge your iPhone X in 1.6 hours — that’s 2.5x faster than with the 5W charger that came with it.

Smart Power Splitting (SPS)

SHARGE uses a patent-pending technology called Smart Power Splitting (SPS), which intelligently determines how much power to feed to each device attached.

SHARGE is capable of providing a total of 65W to all devices plugged into it. If only one laptop/device is plugged in, that device can use the entire 65 Watts if it is able to.

If more than one device is plugged in, the 65W will be intelligently split among the devices, to ensure all of them charge as quickly as possible.

For example, if you plug in a 13" MacBook Pro, an 11" iPad Pro, and an iPhone X at the same time, the wattage will be split as follows: 

 Note: Please ensure that your laptop needs no more than a 65W charger. If your device typically feeds off more than 65W SHARGE will likely still charge it, but it will charge it more slowly than a higher-wattage charger would. 

She's Tiny. Promise!

Goodbye Silicon, Hello GaN!

GaN. You've probably seen this word floating around the internet recently. But what is it exactly?

GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, and it is the heart of what makes SHARGE so groundbreaking. With this technology, SHARGE delivers a revolutionary level of performance and efficiency compared to traditional power adapters. 

Most microchips, like the one inside your computer, are made of silicon. Silicon is relatively inexpensive and easy to manufacture.

However, SHARGE’s chips are made of GaN, which produces less heat during operation — 40% less actually — meaning it can run more efficiently and can be significantly smaller than other silicon-based chargers.

To put it in a nutshell, GaN allows SHARGE to be smaller, lighter, and more efficient than any other 65W charger out there.

Watch: GaN Technology Explained

Safety First

We have obsessed over every detail of SHARGE to ensure it is as safe as possible.

We carefully engineered an internal chipset that protects your devices in the event of a power surge or short circuit, and also provides over-temperature protection.

SHARGE also has a state-of-the-art fireproof casing, and has passed all relevant US certifications (FCC, ETL, DoE, CEC).  

Complimentary 65W USB-C Cable Included

Not every USB-C cable is created equally.

Almost any USB-C cable can charge a smartphone, as most phones only need around 5W to juice up.

However, not every USB-C cable can charge a laptop. A special type of USB-C cable is needed in order to transmit the full 65W needed to charge some notebook computers.

This might seem confusing, but fear not — SHARGE has your back. We will throw in a professional-grade, thickly braided, 1.5 meter USB-C to USB-C cable for any and all of your USB-C charging needs. With it’s integrated eMark chip, it can charge anything from your wireless headphones to your MacBook Pro.

 But what if my laptop does NOT charge with USB-C? 

No worries! You're good.

Any laptop, so long as it requires no more than 65W, can be charged with SHARGE. All you need to do is get a Converting Wire, either on your own or from us.

Our Converting Wire is a sturdy 1.5m cable that has USB-C on one end (to plug into SHARGE) and your power connector of choice on the other end (to plug into your laptop/device). We can throw one in with SHARGE for an extra $12.95. This will be made available to backers as an optional add on when 

 What if I live outside the US where plug pins are different?

SHARGE’s built-in electrical pins are Type A (two-pin), used in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia directly out of the box.

However, we know that international backers outside of Type A will need an adapter for different pin types. So, if you live abroad, we will include one complimentary adapter from one of the power outlet types below. We will determine which adapter to send based on which country your SHARGE ships to. 

Note: only backers outside of the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and SE Asia will receive a complimentary adapter. This adapter will be an industry-standard size and design.

Technical Details

 See Full Product Manual HERE.

Proof of Concept Video

Project Timeline

We have already completed the final stage of product design and testing, and are now entering the volume production phase. The plastic molds are just about to be completed.

Once the plastic molds pass the Engineering Validation Test (EVT), we will proceed into final sample confirmation, Production Validation Testing (PVT), and finally Final Acceptance Testing (FAT) and volume production. By the end of April 2020, you’ll have SHARGE in your own hands!

 About Us

Tobe Xu and Zach Bielak first met in Shenzhen, during Zach’s first trip to China. It was love at first sight — the brotherly kind ♥️

They bonded over two important things they had in common: they were both engineers and avid travelers.

During their many treks together in southern China, they always had to lug around their laptops and devices with them just in case projects popped up. Oftentimes, they found that the chargers often took up more space than the devices themselves! They knew there must be a better way.

In early 2019, Tobe and Zach met William and Pan at an event in Shenzhen. William and Pan together shared years of experience in producing state-of-the-art chargers.

And with that, the idea for SHARGE was born.

Zach and Tobe brought on board two other people they had met in their prior travels: Jelena, an expert marketer, and Sivash, a graphic design god.Together, the six formed SHARGE, a world-class team with the dream of reinventing how we juice up our digital lives on the go.

Over a Year in the Making

Our team — based out of both New York City and Shenzhen, China — have dedicated countless nights to perfecting every detail of this product.

We have put together a world-class team of engineers to design this charger to be as small and safe as technologically possible. We have obsessed over every detail, from the exact GaN chipset to the plastic resins used throughout the product. And thanks to all of this hard work, we now have the smallest 3-port fast charger of its kind.

 Thank you for your support and backing, and for being part of the charger that will change the way we all juice up our digital lives. 


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Risks and challenges

No project is without risk and challenges but we try to do our absolute best to minimize them. We feel that we have done all the necessary preliminary work prior to coming to Kickstarter. The SHARGE charger that you see in the above videos/photos are actual full working prototypes. With your support, we can bring SHARGE to users in 6 continents as a household brand. We have already started mass production for 10,000 pieces. We also just passed ETL certification. Your contribution will help us achieve significantly lower economies by scale to keep the product's cost low.