A.Brolly Tube Auto – The lightest anti-collision umbrella EVER

A.Brolly is proud to introduce our newest product, the “TUBE AUTO”. Our two previous successful Kickstarter projects were:

1) The World’s Lightest (87g) “TUBE” umbrella.

2) The Super Large (canopy size of 122cm diameter) anti-collision “Stonehenge” umbrella.

The “TUBE AUTO” combines the best feature of both of these products! It is an ideal lightweight, super water repellent umbrella that has our unique patent spinning Vortex function as well!

With our Vortex technology, you never have to worry about bumping into anyone as you stroll along a crowded walkway on a rainy day.

If the umbrella comes into collision with another umbrella, the 360-degree rotating canopy function will prevent the umbrella from getting damaged.

Have you ever had your umbrella turned inside out by a strong wind and you couldn’t get it back to normal? Our Flexible Resilience Ribs have totally solved this problem!

If your umbrella is turned inside-out by a strong wind, just shake it back, and the flexible resilience ribs will easily return your umbrella back to it’s normal condition.

By using AQUA REPEL repellence technology on our umbrella’s fabric, water will never stay on the surface of your umbrella!

 The raindrops are easily shaken off before they have a chance to be absorbed by the canopy. We also have coated the umbrella fabric with a UPF50+ shieldto protect you from harmful UV rays.

No one likes to carry around unnecessary weight. So, we developed this umbrella to be an incredibly light 235grams!

The same weight as an IPhone 11 pro max, a book, a mug or even your glasses case! You’ll find out how light the TUBE AUTO is when you pick one up!!!

ONE CLICK system to open and close it to make your life easier


Compare of Our three different Series

Fashionable and convenient style in the palm of your hand.

Classic Black, Coral red, Midnight Blue, Wine Red.

Classic Black
Coral Red
Midnight Blue
Wine Red


Weight: 235g±5g

Rib specification: Aluminum & FRP

Shaft specification: Iron

Umbrella and umbrella Frame: 54cm×6rips Automatic open and close folding umbrella

Umbrella cloth: Fabric´╝ÜFormosa Taffeta 100% polyester



 MEDIA Cooperation

In London, the subway is also known as “Tube”. The reason why it got this name traces back to the early years when modern tunnel support technology hadn’t yet been developed . When digging the London subway, in order to prevent tunnels from collapsing, circular collars had to be place and connected as the tunnels were dug. After that, long tubes were buried underground. To this day, trains still travel through these tubes, carrying passengers from all over the world across London.

Inspired by the London subway, A.Brolly invented the convenient and portable Tube umbrella.

But we didn’t want to just stop at that! Just like the constant innovation of public transit, our team at A.Brolly continues to improve the Tube. This time, we combined the Tube with our Stonehenge technology, creating the “TubeAuto”.

The Tube Auto refers to the London subway in many ways. Much like the circular form of the London Tube, our designers used the essence of cylinder form to create the handle and case. Also, the Tube Auto uses a two-way arrow button much like the door switch of the subway train.

The Tube Auto is light and easy to carry, setting it apart from all other standard, heavy automatic umbrellas. Despite it’s lightness, it also has both functional and stylist advantages. In the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the Tube Auto can react to all kinds of weather changes and bring everyone to their destination stylishly and with the utmost convenience.