Nest will help you declutter and organise – allowing you to be more productive and efficient at work.

At Orbitkey, we believe that life’s better when everything has its place. Which is why we designed Nest –  to help you spend less time searching through mess looking for things, and more time on things that matter. 

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In this in-depth review, Ed from Rushfaster gives a detailed walk-through and demonstrates how the Orbitkey Nest can help you organise – to suit any lifestyle:

Matt shows us how he uses the Orbitkey Nest and why Nest stands out for him – as a functional solution to help him organise:

1. Home For All Your Essentials 

Comfortably store all your daily necessities inside Nest. Separate the top tray from the internal storage to easily retrieve items while you work at your desk.

 2. Always Within Reach 

The leather lid serves as a beautiful tray for the things you regularly reach for while you work – maximising desk space and keeping things in place.

 3. Always Charged 

The wireless charger embedded in the lid will keep your devices charged while you work – so they’re always ready to go.

4. Customisable 

Movable dividers allow you to customise compartments to suit your specific needs.

5. Time-Saving Storage 

With everything neatly organised in a shallow compartment, you’ll easily locate items in a glance, and know instantly if something is missing.

6. On The Go Access

Simply flip the lid open like a book to access your essentials on the go. The foam padded interior will keep your belongings safe and protected as you go about your daily commute.

 7. Storage For Cards and Loose Items 

Store cards you don’t use often in the lid to free up space in your wallet. Also included is an elastic pouch for smaller items that tend to go astray. 

8. Convenient Pen Access 

The pen loop on the exterior ensures you always have easy access to a pen when you need it. 

 1. Dual-Function Hinge Mechanism 

Lift the lid or flip it open like a book to access the internal storage.

 project video thumbnail
 project video thumbnail

2. Adjusting Movable Dividers 

Easily setup or change your storage configuration by moving and placing down the velcro dividers.

 project video thumbnail

3. Drop Test

The secure elastic loop closure keeps Nest in one piece.

 project video thumbnail

4. Everything Stays In Place 

Items stored inside won’t move around. 

 project video thumbnail
  • 1 x top tray (with embedded wireless charger)
  • 1 x bottom tray
  • 6 x movable dividers
  • 1 x USB-C Cable

Orbitkey Nest compared with Macbook Pro 15"

We believe in clever organisation for better living. 

Since 2013, we've launched 3 Kickstarter campaigns, with 22,000 backers, raising over USD 1 million. 

We love Kickstarter. Not only did you help bring Orbitkey to life, you also allow us to focus on making great products and keep doing the things we love – without the influence of outside investors.

We are a team of 14 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia – driven by design, innovation and the idea of better living. This new project is the result of continuous feedback and hard work for the past few years. We hope to have you join us on our journey towards better living.

We always try to be conscious of what we’re designing. To focus less on the quantity, and instead focus more on the quality of the small, but considered selection of products. Our hearts, minds and even weekends were poured into this new product, and here’s a small lookbook to give you an idea of how we went about designing Orbitkey Nest.

Apart from being a beautifully designed product, we’ve ensured that Orbitkey Nest is crafted from premium materials and will withstand everyday use. We’ve conducted rigorous testing that demonstrate the durability of Nest: 

External Fabric Abrasion Testing

Elastic Loop Durability Testing

Elastic Loop Abrasion Testing

Project budget

Taxes & Fees
Last updated February 4, 2020
This is a projected budget provided by the creator and may be subject to change.

Risks and challenges

There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life. However, this will be Orbitkey’s 4th Kickstarter campaign, and the previous campaigns have given us valuable experience in all aspects of bringing a product to life and running a crowdfunding campaign. It has better prepared us in the challenges associated with tooling, production, logistics, communication and delivering a high-quality product. In the case of encountering unavoidable obstacles, we have always handled them swiftly and efficiently, and have always conducted things in the best interest of our backers and Orbitkey family. We always keep our backers updated and with complete transparency. We will do our very best to ensure we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever possible. Thanks for believing in us!

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Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

We've made a commitment that everything we do and build needs to add value toward helping our community live better lives. If they don’t, we should rethink why we’re doing it, and work out a better approach. They are designed with the best materials and built to last – and tested thoroughly to withstand heavy use. We love that we're still seeing plenty of backers from our first Kickstarter campaign in 2013 still using the rewards they received on Kickstarter.

Reusability and recyclability

Our products are designed to last. However, should you encounter any problems with any of the parts, you can let us know and we'll be able to send you a specific replacement part. For example, the in-built wireless charging pad compartment can be accessed using a small sharp object in the case of it breaking. On top of this, all our packaging material is plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

Environmentally friendly factories

All our factories have been carefully selected and are partners we've been working with for several years. We have team members on the ground who visit the factories on a regular basis to ensure quality, ethical and environmental standards are upheld.

Sustainable Distribution

We plan to optimize our shipping routes by utilizing sea-freight of bulk quantities to local warehouses and to reduce the carbon footprint of our delivery plan.

Something else

Like Kickstarter, we've already committed to offset our carbon footprint in 2020 to zero. We've also signed up to become Climate Neutral certified.