‘A single solution with everything motorcycle riders need for a safe ride.’

You can record everything that happens in front and behind your bike in 1080p Full HD video. Check your blind spots using an intuitive HUD. Call other riders in your group with group-calling. And, listen to your favorite music or podcasts.

All without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the handlebars.

The HUD is strategically positioned in the lower right corner of the helmet so it doesn’t impair a rider’s vision. The HUD’s position can be further refined with micro adjustments using its unique hinge, after the rider puts on their helmet.

Two types of HUD covers are available, See-through and See-closed, to match the riding style of the rider. 

 Blind Spot Security 

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. And most riders have no idea of the dangers lurking in their blind spots. Revan HUD allows riders to see a live-feed of the rear camera while riding. The front&rear camera has a 143° field-of-view so a rider can see everything behind them.

143° Field-of-View

A wider field-of-view is better, right? Not always. 

At 170° the camera begins to distort the image it captures and decrease a rider's ability to view clear images during playback. The cameras on the Revan use a 143° field-of-view to minimize distortion and allow for the highest video resolution possible. 

They also provide the most optimal angle for riders to see what’s behind their bike and in their blindspots.

Revan is equipped with front and rear 1080p Full HD cameras. Each camera has an ultrawide angle and 143° field-of-view. The cameras record simultaneously and have continuous recording so riders can record everything when they’re out riding on the road.

This is helpful if there’s an accident because now riders will have the video recordings they need to prove who’s at fault for the accident.

 <Indicator LED>

Smart helmets are useless when they don’t have power and become dead weight when riding.  Revan’s batteries last an astonishing 12-hours. And have 7000 mAh of power in two lightweight batteries.

 Rechargeable on-the-go 

If riders need to recharge Revan’s batteries while on the road, they can use the provided usb-c cable to charge the batteries using a portable battery or a cigarette lighter socket.

Position Lamp

Revan’s battery module also has built-in LED lights that help make riders visible from a distance when they’re riding at night.

Revan lets riders use the gear they know and trust.

Most riders already wear helmets that fit their head size and face shape. And they know their helmet is lab and street tested so it’s safe for them to wear on the road.

Revan attaches to most full-face or open-face helmets and it’s compatible with popular helmet brands such as HJC, SHOEI, and Arai. So there’s no need for riders to change their helmet to upgrade their riding experience.

Use on all your favorite helmets

Riders often have multiple helmets that match their bikes or riding gear. With Revan, they no longer have to give up riding with their favorite helmets or change their style to get the features they want while riding.

Revan can be used on multiple helmets by adding additional brackets to each helmet the rider owns.


Revan remains securely attached to helmets at sustained speeds of 124 mph / 200 km/h without causing fatigue in riders.

 Field-Tested Over 3,000 Miles / 5,000km 

As a member of Hyundai and Kia Motors incubator program in South Korea, we have access to manufacturing and production techniques that can help us deliver Revan on-time.

Use the Revan smartphone app to download or view recorded videos, adjust settings in the HUD, and set up group calls. Riders can even view a live feed of front & rear cameras.

New firmware and feature updates such as real-time streaming and navigation are coming soon.

Record Videos for Social Media

Revan comes equipped with a directional microphone that allows riders to record noise-free audio while riding. Using an editing application, riders can combine the crystal clear audio with their recorded videos and upload them to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube so everyone can enjoy the ride.

This is the best way to remember all the adventures you had in the summer time during those cold winter months when you can’t ride. 

 Leader focused Group-Calling 

Riding in a group is a great experience. Revan enhances this experience by giving riders a better way to communicate with each other.

Using VoIP-based group calling, riders can invite a large number of riders to a group call. Each rider can be assigned talk permissions to help reduce chatter and noise on the call. And, special leader permissions give the lead rider control of the group call.

Play Music, Make Phone Calls

Link the Revan to a smartphone to listen to radio, music and podcasts when riding alone. Or, call a buddy to join you on the road.

Record With GPS - Geo Tagging

GPS data is automatically collected as video is recorded. Using 3rd party software, riders can review GPS coordinates of their ride and create route and tour maps so they can ride to a specific place again or share the maps with other riders.

Operate the HUD using the wireless Bluetooth handlebar remote control. Attach the remote on either side of the handlebars in a position that’s comfortable for to reach with your fingers. Individual buttons on the remote control different functions of the HUD, making it easier to operate.

 Control with Gestures

In stressful or emergency situations, reaching for the handlebar remote or using voice commands may not be the best idea.

Revan has motion gestures that riders can use to quickly display the rear view camera live feed on the HUD. These gestures are simple to activate and instinctive. With a few movements of the riders head, the rider can see what’s behind their bike.

The sensitivity of the gestures can be adjusted inside the Revan app.

We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. We’ve been riding motorcycles since we were teenagers and we spend our weekends, every weekend, riding. 

We know what it takes to make a product that keeps motorcycle riders safe on the road.

As a member of Hyundai and Kia Motors incubator program in South Korea, we have access to manufacturing and production techniques that can help us deliver Revan on-time.

Members of our team have experience developing electronic and home IOT devices after working at Samsung Electronics.

Years of mass production experience.

And one member, has 8-years of service in the South Korean Marine Corps.

We have the guts, heart, and determination to make Revan the best motorcycling riding accessory.

Front&Rear Camera Test

Head-Up Display Test

You’re a VIP and we know it. When you back Revan we’ll include a VIP certificate in the box. This certificate extends your 1-year warranty to a 2-year warranty. And, you’ll also be eligible for additional perks in the future when they become available.

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