We are Casamera. Our mission is simple: to develop and create better bath essentials than anything in the market. That means peak performance, serious softness and engineered endurance at accessible prices.

Casamera was created by two quality-obsessed best friends who noticed a remarkable difference in the quality of home linens after moving to America.

It seemed like every item we purchased was made cheaply and without much consideration for the end consumer. Whats worse was that the labels attached to these items were not coming from a trustworthy source- making them utterly useless.

So we decided to do it ourselves and the feedback from our friends & family only confirmed that we were onto something.

Ask anyone that's owned a bathrobe before and they’ll tell you their life has never been the same since they acquired one...

Buuuuut we felt like we could do better. So we packed our design with features and specs that will end every single bathrobe out there!

Forget the heavyweight, bulky robes of the past. Our breathable clever-comfort design means your robe will be comfortable to move in, never feels too hot and never requires you to wash or dry separately.

Our cotton of choice is ethically grown, picked ,and manufactured in the Nile Delta then shipped straight to you. We partner with trusted suppliers who share our values and standards so you’ll always get the real stuff with minimal impact to the environment. No subpar materials mixed in, 100% traceability and 100% authentic.

The Nile Delta, Egypt

Means no harmful chemicals or substances will ever be used in the production of your robe.

Our honeycomb weaves grow tighter & the cotton more resilient after every wash with minimal shrinkage to the robe itself. This is thanks to the time-tested wander of Egyptian cotton.

Your outfit for when you’re not ready to get seriously dressed yet + shields your children from having to see you walk around in your underwear. It's been described as having something called “classic nomadic charm”.

While we don't take ourselves too seriously, there's no one more important to us than our backers. Thats why we decided that once you buy our robes, you should never think about buying another robe again.

No arbitrary time limit, no ridiculous demands. If something goes wrong, like you burn your robe over the stovetop, for a small fee (based on location and size of order) we’ll send you a new one, if you send us your old robe back.

We’re offering just two sizes to cover the majority of the population. As the campaign goes on, and you make your opinions heard we’ll run a survey and see if we should add a couple more sizes to accommodate everybody.

The ideal length we're going for will have the robe sit comfortably in the mid-calf region. This seems to be what most people prefer in terms of length and will allow for ease of movement and a little more cover for when you're out and about in your robe.

The robe looks to be breathable and won’t get too hot while styling my hair or putting on makeup! I can’t wait to receive it!

The robe looks great. I can't wait to see it!!

I wear a bathrobe daily! It's a thick black one that I have right now but it's starting to get too warm to wear. I have osteoarthritis and it helps keep my back and knees warm when it gets chilly every morning and evening.

I love the idea of a waffle robe. It looks as if it would be so incredibly soft and easy to wash.  I cannot wait until I finally get to feel and try on the robe for myself.  I may never take it off.

The moment I open the video and it started playing I loved the robe just looking at the the pattern...its really pretty and you can just feel the comfort looking at them.

I’ve been thinking about investing in a bathrobe for a long time. This sounds like what I need.

I have 2 Danes! At times they will wake me up from sleep to go outside how nice to throw on a robe instead of having to get dressed! -  🐕

Because at 3 am in the morning when I wake up and cannot get back to sleep, I throw on my robe, make a cuppa and sit down to sip away quietly while the rest of the household sleeps on.

I love the oatmeal one! These look like the most comfortable bath robes. Mines old and raggedy but I still wear it all the time after a shower!

I wear it at home usually after a bath or shower to relax and watch a show or drink hot chocolate.

My robe is a little short. It shows some hiney!! I'd be able to wear this one outside the bedroom if needed without scaring someone!!

Beautiful robe!!!

I will wear a robe anywhere and if it has pockets it's on like Donkey Kong :) - 

In an effort to be fully transparent we’ll update this timeline as time goes on and will include any changes we make in the updates as well.