Silveray-III is an eco-friendly and human-friendly product made of silver foam and bar with extraordinary sterilizing effects so that you can make sterilized water. Simply add filtered or mineral water and begin using to kill germs and odor-causing bacteria.


This product is semi-permanent unless the Silver Foam Filter gets broken. No further expense for electricity or to purchase the refined salt. Silveray-III will save your money.



No chemical components included. Just spray it on various surfaces and everywhere you want.









We used agar plates to show how dirty our hands are and how effective Silveray-Ⅲ is at killing bacteria. Agar is commonly used to culture microbes because it provides a nutrient-rich base for microorganisms to grow.
Within 7 days, bacteria on the left plate grew and it turned moldy, unlike the clean plate on the right we sprayed Silveray-Ⅲ to.



























Unlike general deodorizers that just mask bad odors with fragrances, the silver ion solution in Silveray-Ⅲ kills odor-causing bacteria. Silver filter bar and silver mesh filter in Silveray bottle boost silver ion levels in water and it works on pet urine odors, smoke smells, bad smells in a car, chemical odors and much more.








New Test Completed



This sprayer is registered as the product to deodorize kitchen utensils, bedding, clothing and carpet. Unless you’re allergic to metal, you can spray it even on your skin.






Difference between Silveray and an average spray

A gentle squeeze can make Silveray-Ⅲ release a burst of fine mist. This mist-like spray with 0.03mm diameter nozzle semi-automatically comes out evenly and consistently from the first to the last drops. Unlike average sprayers, Silveray's ultra fine spray head can cover bulky furniture and larger areas quickly and easily.





While your hands may appear clean on the surface, the ultra-violet light uncovers what's really living on your hands. 














The average sterilizing product is not good for your health


Common cleaning agents for family use contain harmful chemical components. Silveray-III has no chemical components so that you can even use it on your skin.




















Silverex has developed Silver Foam Filter technology that expands 99.9% fine silver and manufactured mists, humidifiers, showers and soaps including product planning. Silverex’s product quality is well known and recognized in many countries including USA, China, Japan, France and Germany as well as S. Korea. And it has been exported to many countries. Silverex will continue to develop products using Silver Foam Filters and strives to constantly evolve itself to meet eco-friendly standards.

A single Silverex’s product must go through hundreds of tests before it goes to market. This product is made of eco-friendly material and Silver Foam Filter. Therefore, each product is manually produced with careful attention. We aim to increase customer satisfaction on products and provide the best quality for our customers. We have made every effort for quality control from A to Z. All products made by Silverex are reliable and safe.




1. Bigger volume – Increased to 200ml. You can use it in different places.

2. Semi-automatic spray – If you just press it, it sprays out for 2-3 sec automatically and 1-2 times more strongly than normal sprayers.







Silveray-3 development is already completed. And Silverex has already requested agencies to examine products for tests. And the final test will be issued soon. Every product is carefully and meticulously inspected and checked out to prevent defective products. If there’s any defect on product, please check out the update and further information at Indiegogo.