PodLatch by Orellio

Orellio is a start-up brand with a single mission to create a range of products that Stop earbud Fall-Out - the PodLatch

PodLatch Original designed to work with Apple's original EarPods

Like many ideas Orellio was born from the need to solve a problem.  Having spent to many years frustrated with earbuds falling out I looked into solving the issue myself. 

Having tried many products, nothing I found worked well enough. The game changer for me came when Apple launched the AirPod. The cord had gone, removing the snagging issue that pulled the earbuds out, but unfortunately my Airpods still fell out too often. 

AirPods are expensive and with two kids keen to use them, the idea of losing or destroying them was now a concern too.  From this, Orellio’s first product, the PodLatch was born.  

We are really pleased that the creative effort behind the PodLatch means we now have secured a patent pending status on the design.

The Orellio mission - Stop Earbud Fallout

The PodLatch concept came to me while taking part in a Parkrun near London.  I have no background in product design, so I set about finding people who could help me realise the product and who also understood the frustrations of earbud fallout. 

After some research and lucky networking, the team of Jonathan, Tom, Milton, Shosannah and Simon came to be. The design focus was on style, comfort, performance and great value for money. The result I am proud to say is the PodLatch.

Why create the PodLatch?

Apple make excellent AirPods but they can still come loose or drop out whilst we are active. Enjoying your favourite tunes as you run or working out or simply during the daily commute, is bliss.  PodLatch is the super reliable and comfortable way to prevent AirPod fall-out.

PodLatch keeps AirPods in place in extreme conditions

Orellio has NO ties to Apple, but we chose to develop PodLatch-Air around the Apple AirPod. If you haven’t gone for the AirPods yet, we have a version for the corded Apple EarPods named the PodLatch-Original. 

Development is underway to cater for other major brands of earbuds soon.

What was our brief?

As we embarked on our mission, we got a lot of feedback from friends, family and sporty people about what they needed from the PodLatch. We shortlisted the key features they wanted; they needed to be comfortable, easy to use, not get in the way hats and glasses, as well as being inexpensive and hygienic. We set about creating the PodLatch to bring together all the elements into the final design.

PodLatches are great value for money.  Why risk losing your expensive Airpods?

PodLatch : Unique Selling Points

Great feedback during product development helped us check a few boxes and create some strong USPs

How does the PodLatch work?

The PodLatch can be attached in 2 quick steps.

Step 1,  Easily clip the PodLatch to your AirPods

Attaching the PodLatch to your AirPod is quick and simple

Step 2,  Put your AirPods in as you normally do and secure them to your earlobe with the PodLatch clip, then simply adjust to suit.

Put your AirPod on as normal and then secure the PodLatch to suit you

Why do we think the PodLatch is so good?

The Orellio PodLatch is a stylish solution to earbud fallout, and it is so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them.  The PodLatch has been engineered for you to set how tight they hold.  

Whatever you are doing, from a vigorous workout to finding that ‘just-so’ position whilst commuting to work.  PodLatch holds your AirPods in just the right spot to give you the best listening experience.

We partnered with Jonathan at Dezign-Ideaz who did an amaazing job to the idea and turn it in to a reality.

Jonathan sketcing the initial concept
Fragile 3D prototypes printed in small volumes helped move development forward
3D printed prototypes meant we could test and hone both style and performance on a low budget
Many designs were drafted and tweaked before we were happy to move to the prototye phase

The PodLatch has been cleverly designed so that...

· they don't pinch - they just hold as tight as you like - you decide

· they're easy to clean

· they fit any ear type

Comfort with style

· they are made from a light but strong grade of plastic

· they are great for getting the most out of your listening experience

· they can be worn with hats, glasses or piercings etc.

Earrings and glasses - no problem
Wear your glasses without compromising comfort
Multiple earrings and secure AirPods

· they come in great colour options

Great colour range including White, Black, Orange, Grey, Pink and Clear

· they are made in the UK (made in USA coming soon)

 How does the PodLatch work?

Fig A - PodLatch component 1
Fig B - PodLatch component 2
Fig C - PodLatch assembled
Fig D - PodLatch applied to AirPod (EarPod shown in render example)

PodLatch Testing Program

After agreeing on the dimensions and aesthetics of the PodLatch, we shortlisted a number of options that had the potential to meet our operating mechanism. Inital crude prototypes were created and tested by our design and manufacturing team.  We swiftly rejected all but the final option (a ratchet based hinge), due to sub-optimal performance or manufacturing complexity.

We then 3D printed examples of the final design choice.  Although made from polystyrene, these performed remarkably well.  At this stage, there was a lot of debate about the tolerance of the gap between the teeth in the hinge mechanism and more specifically, the minimum size of the gap when at close on the ear.  This is crucial for achieveing the perfect of mix of performance (grip on the earlobe) and comfort (low pressure on the earlobe).

Further 3D prototypes were created and a test program was undertaken.  We used a network of family and friends over a period of months to wear the PodLatches on a daily basis.  Specific focus was placed on runners, walkers, mountain bike riders, train commuters and long hall flights.  The profile pool of test users were both male and female ranging from 11 years old upward.  The feedback was great and only minor tweaks were required to slightly increase the tightest tolerance capability for the most active users.  Test users were asked to provide specific feedback on the ease of use, performance and comfort of their PodLatches.  Feedback was amazing giving us confidence to proceed. The best feedback was that everyone at some point had forgotten they were wearing them... what a result!  

Why are we  requesting your support?

We are simply looking to secure enough funding to build the PodLatch tooling.  Once we have reached our target, we can commission the toolmaker to begin.  Any funding beyond our goal will be amazing and put toward increasing capacity, improved packaging and looking to expand PodLatch to work with non Apple products.


We plan to have the tooling complete and tested over the summer with the fist batch for shipping in August 

Podlactch launch timeline

Ultimatley, we know you love to be active whilst listening to your favourite music or podcast. When your earbud falls out, the rhythm is broken and the moment is spoilt. That's why we invented the PodLatch. 

 The Orellio Team

The team behind the Orellio PodLatch

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Thank You.