Our 4th successful Kickstarter and the best one yet!

While our video and my haircut maybe homemade (thanks quarantine), we've built an amazing product and are excited to get it in your hands!

Four years ago we launched the Lolo lid (now Trinken) on Kickstarter. Since then, we've had thousands of happy customers with rave reviews!  We've always wanted to match our lids with the perfect collapsible cup that can accommodate all drink types.

Holds over 25oz and rolls up to 2.5"

Introducing the CWB cup. Coffee, Water, Beer, this cup can do it all!

A TPU outer cup, a silicone insert and our patented lid

 Our cup is an ultra lightweight collapsible TPU cup rolls up to fit in your bag or pocket so you'll always have it on you. Available in white and black.

Black and white with more colours on the way

It features a removable inner silicone bladder which forms a double wall insulation to keep hot drinks piping hot and cold drinks cool.

The patented lid that snaps on all can sizes 12-17 oz and turns your cup into an insulated can cooler keeping drinks cold and sneaky.

Our patented lid works on 12-17 cans, small, skinny or tall

Why settle for a cup that lets your drinks get cold almost instantly? Cups that need to be put down gently because they are too collapsible? Or tiny collapsible cups that seem like they're designed for ants? Our cup holds a proper amount of liquid and keeps it insulated like it should,  without having to haul around a giant steel mug.