Pico is your little nature-loving companion, ready to take care of your precious plants. 

Whether you have always dreamed of having fresh basil in your kitchen or wanted to grow jasmine at your desk — Pico is there to do all the hard work for you.

Get plant parenting right with Pico, and ensure your plants are always happy. Whether you’ve never grown something before, or have a houseful of plants, Pico will help you get everything right.

The Problem with Plants

Growing a plant can go wrong in many many ways. While having plants is immensely rewarding—both mentally and physically—it is not always easy.

Pico—Your Journey to Better Plant Parenting

No more guess-work! Don't worry about underwatering or overwatering. Don’t worry about them not getting enough sunlight or being too exposed. Be it edibles, succulents or ornamentals, Pico knows what your plants need. 

#GrowFromHome Movement is here!

Pico will help you take your first steps into the magnificent world of growing plants. Easy and affordable, it ensures your plant journey is a success from the get-go. 

No time-consuming research, no intimidating functions, no pressure—only Pico.

Know Your Pico 

Your Personal Sun

Growing plants at home can be tough because they require lots of direct sunlight to thrive. Unfortunately, you can’t carry sunlight around to make sure your plants get the energy they deserve.

Thanks to Pico's multi-spectrum LED grow lights, giving your plant enough light isn’t a problem anymore; with it, you too can #GrowLikeaPro. 

Powered by high-performance power-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, Pico provides all the necessary wavelengths of light to replace the sun completely, and allow you to grow plants all year round.

These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants.

The LEDs are mounted on an easily-adjustable telescopic arm—because plants grow like crazy under our LEDs!

 Reminiscent of a vintage radio antenna, it grows alongside your plants. As they extend upwards towards the light, extend Pico by up to a foot in height.  

The Aluminum heatsink makes the LED module rigid and lightweight; it also helps the LED chips last longer through its excellent heat dissipation.

Forget About Forgetting To Water Your Plants!

 Pico makes watering your plants seamless.

Regardless of how busy you are, Pico’s watering system makes sure your plants have as much water as they need—no more, no less—to sustain their health and beauty. All you need to do is pour water in once a week. 

Watering too little can kill your plants, but so can too much. Getting it right takes time and experience. Not many of us have it. 

With Pico, that’s all taken care of for you!

Like the roots of your plants pulling water through the soil towards them, through capillary action, Pico wicks the water from the reservoir into the soil. As your plants soak up the water, Pico just feeds them more. This ensures that they never dry out or are left to rot in too much water.  

Place Your Plants Anywhere 

Plant pots take up space. They often can only be placed on flat surfaces by windows, which limits your options.

 With Pico, any place is a good place to grow some plants.

Work desk? Check. Fridge? Check. Wall? Check. Glass window, bathroom or even in a vehicle? Check, Check, Check. 

All 3 interchangeable mounts are included with your Pico.

Why several mounts? 

Because when it comes to plants, you can't have too many and you might want them everywhere.

Find The Right Pico For Your Environment

Having a plant around can help relieve stress and anxiety, but finding a pot that fits the interior of your office, bedroom, or small apartment harmoniously can be a challenge.

Choose between 3 colors, and match your Pico with its new home or even the plants it will hold. 

How Does Pico Work?

Pico stores water and provides it to plants on demand, through a capillary wick. 

The transparent window lets you know when it’s time to top up, typically once a week. Employing just capillary action and gravity, this design does not require any power supply or involve a motor or pumps. 

Your plants will also grow quicker and healthier due to root oxygenation from below, provided by small slits in the soil vessel.

Power Pico through any USB Type-C cable. Included with your Pico are 2 cables to get you started, a short double-ended USB-C and a 3 meter (10’) super-long cable, along with magnetic organizer loops to help route the cable around fridges, windows or anything else magnetic.

With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, you can chain multiple Picos together and build yourself an indoor jungle! Just connect cables to either side, and each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

Grow anything you like 

No seed pods or subscription involved.*  

Plants Make You Happy

Research has long suggested that indoor plants have a positive effect on the human mind and body. Studies show up to 60% reduction in depression, over 40% in anger, and just under 40% in anxiety. And at work, plants have increased the productivity of the office by up to 15%!

Plants have been proven to improve motivation and concentration, increase energy levels and decrease fatigue. And thanks to the transpiration and evaporation of water from plants, they increase the air quality and improve eye strain and skin health, and reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

Fresh Herbs Right In Your Kitchen 

Always wanted to have fresh edibles at hand? Imagine being able to throw your own homegrown, organic basil onto that bowl of pasta, or some fresh mint on your chicken. 

No more runs to the store for that missing ingredient, having to wash the pesticides and chemicals off of your leafy greens.

Growing edible plants can be a challenge. And while the end result is often worth it, it is a commitment most people find difficult to make. With Pico, we made sure to get all variables just right, so you can grow your favorite herbs at home without a hassle.

Yes, it's tough choosing a color.

(Unless it's a three-pack you picked)   

 What’s Included

Pico comes assembled and ready to grow.

 Just take it out of the box, add some soil and water, and a few of your favorite seeds. Plug it in and watch your plants thrive!   

 What’s in the box

Pico is available in 3 colors (Krispy Mint, Tangy Orange and Oh-So-Lemon).

You will be able to choose your preferred color in a post-campaign survey.

Pico comes assembled and ready to grow. 

 Just take it out of the box, add some soil and water, and a few of your favorite seeds. Plug it in and watch your plants thrive! 

In Use

Who we are?

Our design team behind Pico

We're Altifarm Enverde, a startup based across the USA and India. We strive to offer a healthier and wholesome way of life to all. We believe in Your Right to Grow, Anywhere, Anytime.  

Our first campaign was for Altifarm, which led us to switch from a Product Design studio into building home farming products. Altifarm is our flagship home farm with grow lights, greenhouse and mobility packs. 

Last year we launched Herbstation, a more sophisticated compact indoor farm. We've just completed fulfilment to our Kickstarter backers around the world.

Compared to the other two, Pico is a tiny—but only in size and not in ambition. Our goal with Pico is certainly big—to bring as many people as possible into the fold of Urban Farming. Now anyone can connect with nature and #GrowlikeaPro!

This year, we took Pico to CES 2020. We were excited by all the attention—no one could get enough of it!  

Compared to the other two, Pico is a minion- but only in size and not in ambition. Our goal with Pico is certainly big- to bring a lot of people into the fold of Urban Farming. Now anyone could connect with nature and #GrowlikeaPro!

 Why Grow at home?  

Is it possible for a Pico to grow enough to replace grocery shopping? Certainly not! 

With our products Altifarm and Herbstation, we help people grow a substantial amount of fresh produce at home, with soil-based and soil-less methods. If anything, most items that are consumed fresh—the ingredients for salads, smoothies, soup, garnish—Altifarmers grow enough to meet a family's requirements when planned and rotated well

With Pico, our aim is to bring up the conversation around sustainable practices in food, and by participation, to have a greater appreciation for fresh produce among family members, including children. 

You don't need fertilizers or pesticides when you grow your food at home—no transportation, refrigeration or even washing is required. And certainly, no single-use plastic packaging is involved.

Pico lets one engage in the meditative activity of gardening and tending to plants. Connect with nature, in the fast-paced urban life, without bothering yourself with routine watering or climate factors.


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