About 3 months ago, I was watching a thriller called “Contagion”. The movie is about a fictional story of a pandemic, and the whole world is desperately searching for a cure against an aggressive virus. After that movie, I said: “I hope that never happens in real life!” Unfortunately, it did happen somehow.

That is why we decided to design a product that will help you to stay safe. Our multifunctional carabiner will enable you to do everyday tasks in a safe and easy way.

The Stay Safe carabiner can be used as a door opener, stylus, key carabiner, quick fixer and a box opener.  Carabiner give us quick access to all the functions. It can be clipped on your pants or purse. Because of the germs transmission, we do not recommend carrying it in your pocket. 



The carabiner give us quick access to all the functions and to not carrying it in the pocket. Clip it on your pants, bags or purse. In these days nobody wants to touch the door handle with a hook or a hand and then put it in the pocket. And we recommend, that when you wash your hands, wash also the carabiner.


The door hook gap is 2inch (5cm), which will definitely work perfectly with all the standard door handles. 


On the carabiner there are 2 points that can be used as a stylus. Every key pad, elevator button, touch screen situation will show you which one to use. 


In these days, we are all trying to avoid going to the shops, so online shopping is working on full capacities. Because we know, we got many packages these days, we added the function of a box opener, which is very needed in these days. 


If you will need any quick fix, hex driver is added on a carabiner. 


In our daily lives, we are constantly touching different public objects and surfaces, like door handles, elevator switches, keyboards, toilets, faucets, kettles, doors, soap dispensers, etc...

We know that all the cleaning stuff is working hard on cleaning all the public surfaces, however that is a never ending story. All of us have to consider, what we can do for our own protection.  

The whole world has fallen into a situation, where we are all more conscious about germs and public surfaces.  Did you ever find yourself in front of the door and trying to find a way to open without touching it? Well... we have and that is why we decided to make a tool for solving some of those problems. 

 How it is made? 

Stay Safe carabiner is made out of 99% COPPER, which is fully recyclable. COPPER is a natural antimicrobial material, therefore is a perfect material for our product. The carabiner spring is made out of stainless steel. 

The carabiner is cut with a Water-jet machine. After we cut the basic shapes, we continue with manual work like sanding, sharping the edge for a box opener, assembling, packaging. 


We have already sucessfully finished some of our Kickstarter projects in the past. You can check it here: Carabinsi, Hudwood, Xavier Wallet.

 and below are some of the comments:

We have been using our Carabinsi (Jimi and Billy tools) for a few weeks  now, we love them!  Mine goes with me to work every day and the box  opener part of the Billy is used all the time.  Excellent quality  product. :)

I got it and it's really funtional.

I just received mine today, it looks pretty awesome and gave it to my  brother-in-law and he likes it. Also, thank you for the free gift.

Thanks for your great solution. I am very happy with my wallet and the  quality is really great. I use it every day and get positiv feedback  from my environment all the time. It really is an eye-catcher. I  couldn't recommend it more.

Very classy carabiner, excellent workmanship. Now I have a carabiner  that goes with suits that my high tech looking ones clash with.

I received my Wallet and carabiner in Colorado, USA today and I love the craftsmanship.  they are both supurb!  Love them!

Got mine while ago. Thank you. It is simply perfect:)

Got mine yesterday (Dallas, Texas). Exactly what they advertised and love the fact I have a place to put coins.