Flash started with a vision to create high quality, high-performance electric skateboards for racing, training and commuting. Use our FLASHBOARDS to go anywhere fast and have fun at the same time.

Our Airless wheels were designed by riders for riders. The unique design and premium materials provide a smooth ride on every surface. Plus, the quality aluminum core ensures the wheels safely get you over every pothole and road bump. At high speeds, they'll provide you with maximum stability and control. No matter the weather conditions, your cuts and turns will continue to perform at the highest levels.

Airless are compatible with Flash, Boosted, Evolve, Exway, SlickRevolution, Wowgo, Riptide, Metroboard, Revel, Ownboard, Trampa, Vester and many more.

Your thin mate for everything

Alpha was created from ultra-light carbon fibre and designed to fit your style with a razor-thin deck. This powerful and portable board is a great way to start your daily commute, have fun in your free time, and to discover places around the corners.   

With having little or no experience, Alpha is the best choice to begin with. Starting with the slow speed mode, it’s super easy to learn how to ride it and become familiar with the basics. You will quickly find out how to control the throttle and use your balance to turn. If you are already an experienced rider, there is nothing that can stop you from going full speed.  

The electric skateboard Alpha can now become a favourite part of your life.

Your super fast mate that keeps up with you

The most premium electric skateboard XRace can take you on long distance trips that were impossible before.  

XRace was created to be the most powerful and long-lasting electric skateboard on the market. It is made from ultra-light carbon fibre and designed to have a thin body which carries a high Li-on capacity battery. The longer body provides additional stability in high speeds and allows you to enjoy more comfort with a wider stance. This powerful and ultra-stable board is a great choice for longer trips. Every extra mile lets you plan a longer route to discover more places.

The bluetooth remote can track your speed, distance, battery level of board and remote. It can be easily charged by using a USB-C connector.

A lot of time has been spent refining each of these modes to perfectly match different abilities of riders and offer smooth consistent trigger control. The most noticeable effect of each mode is on torque and maximum speed.

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Kickstarter will only allow you to pledge to one reward. However, if you would like to pledge to multiple rewards (two or more), just adjust the total pledged amount by adding prices of the other rewards you would like to get. We will notice that and contact you to make clear which additional rewards you would like to receive. 




After reaching this stretch goal we will contact you to confirm your desired color. The color selection includes: white, black, yellow, red, blue and pink. The color customization available only for XRace.

 This Stretch goal is only for Backers who purchase one of our FLASHBOARDS. 

Mobile application with personal customization of speed modes, ride tracking, monitoring of range and battery and more. 

We are already in manufacturing stage!

We have completed the production of  mould and entered the mass production stage. It is expected that the earliest batch of first sets of FLASHBOARDs will be produced in May 2020. 

Distributors & Dealers

We are looking for the right people with interest in this industry, who love electric skateboarding same as we do and want to be a part of building the new brand. We are ready to set up distribution channels and start cooperating with distributors and dealers around the world right after the Kickstarter campaign.

For more information contact us here: [email protected]

Influencers & Reviews

We know that the right promotion and product presentation is really important. For this reason we are looking for the people with enthusiasm and experiences in this industry who will help us spread the message about our products to wider audience.

For more information contact us here: [email protected]