ATTENTION: All Parents, Caregivers, Healthcare Workers…and EVERYONE that is looking to reduce the spread of pathogens to live a healthy lifestyle!

We are proud to introduce HYGICARD – the antimicrobial brass card tool! A tool eliminating the need to touch things! Allowing you a worry free and safer way to push and/or pull doors, press elevator buttons, activate touch screens at the ATM or stores!

Based out of Spain, we are a small company that has been forced to reinvent ourselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, our business was dedicated to manufacturing merchandise for sporting events. With sporting events and gatherings being cancelled due to COVID-19, we are now looking at supporting and helping the public with trying to stay safer.

This global pandemic has us all living the intense psychosis each time we leave the house. There's fear in every day common tasks that we didn’t previously pay attention to! From the moment we leave our homes, we are receptive to coming into contact with pathogens. Everything we touch – things we don’t even think about – from opening and closing doors, turning on public faucets, flushing toilets, using keyboards…this list is endless!  The HYGICARD helps to minimize the risk of touching these surfaces and reduce the spread of pathogens. HYGICARD creates a physical barrier when you open doors and press the lift buttons and helps minimize the risk of touching these surfaces and reducing the spread of pathogens.  

             Introducing the HYGICARD Tool  – the next generation, contact-free gadget that acts as a frontline barrier between you and germs.  

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   We will inform you of the best personalized offer for your company.   

               I have been so afraid of 'catching' a virus that I have been using my credit card to open doors!  That's how my idea came to birth! With much enthusiasm I researched countless hours on hard and antimicrobial materials to come up with the properties for the HYGICARD!  My detailed investigation concluded that copper and brass had antimicrobial properties; and from there I started to design and sketch the blue prints and immediately went to my workshop to create my first sample pieces in methacrylate.  I went to CNC and quickly distributed the first pieces among my friends and family to test out!  After only a few days, I received remarkable feedback!  

This Project has had many obstacles in the way, we were confined in mid-March, and Spain only allowed essential work. We have had to work from home and make home videos, but in the end there is a good idea and a good job. 

 HYGICARD is made from antimicrobial brass, which is widely known to have natural antimicrobial properties, so germs and bacteria do not adhere well to metal. Its properties have been recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)!  It is also widely used in hospitals, door knobs, public toilets. Please 

Note: HYGICARD does not replace the need for correct hygiene practices, such as washing hands, which continue to be the basis for infection control.

HYGICARD creates a physical barrier when you open doors and press the lift buttons, and helps minimize the risk of touching these surfaces and reducing the spread of pathogens.

With your help we can bring the HYGICARD into production and get into the market quickly as the need to minimize the exposure to pathogens is pertinent during this unprecedented time.  We thank you for your donations, likes and shares.