The Background

My name is Jonathan Katz, and I have designed a multi-functional piece of exercise equipment that is both transportable and versatile, making it easy to work out in any type of space. The unit serves as both a cardio and strength training device, with the ability to target every muscle group for a complete workout. I have always been curious about designing a portable device, as I am usually forced to improvise. In a recent training session, I used a cinder block as a platform and a weight in a workout which showed me the potential to have a portable box. Ignited with this idea, I decided to refine and make it happen.

Having been both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Philadelphia, you can say I know a thing or two about the best methods to exercise. My clients and groups typically meet outdoors, and, in some cases, we meet at the homes of my clients. I understand the value and delicacy of delivering a good workout with variety and excitement. This is not always easy when you are a trainer on the go and can only work with limited space. Based on my experience and background, I decided to pursue building a piece of equipment to operate within these constraints. I not only wanted to build the equipment, but also share my workout routines to help and educate people, so I decided to offer accompanying videos on YouTube on effectively using this product. Combining my filmed routines with the accessibility of my unit, people at any fitness level can feel confident in this “one size fits all” piece of equipment.

Version 1

Version 1 - Currently Available

In the video you saw the prototype which has been built and has been undergoing testing with clients and other fellow trainers. Through some reiterations and enhancements, I am ready to offer a first version of the Power Exercise Box (this is the image you see above). Features with this version include the ability to change the size ratios, adjusting the inside weights, and improving the overall cosmetics of the product. I started filming workouts and uploading them to YouTube for you to join along with me. This first version, which is the upgrade from the initial prototype, has the design blueprints finalized and ready for production, but I need your support! Units will be delivered around July with an option for expedited delivery (at an increased shipping cost). Ultimately, the unit can be purchased as just the box, in case people already have their own dumbbells, but will also have the option for purchasing any combination of the available 2 Kg, 4 Kg, or 6 Kg inserts. Cables which are used for the anchor will also be available to purchase separately.

Key Features

Moving Forward

The money raised will be used on manufacturing, R&D (research and development), and improving the supply chain. Most of the money raised will go directly to purchasing the first 100 units for my backers. Afterward, I will focus on reducing manufacturing costs in order to keep the product at an affordable price for its customers, which includes new materials to improve convenience and stability. I will also look to outsource various components from different suppliers to reduce the price and lead times where I can. As a software project manager, continuous improvements are a priority to me as we look to improve the product and offer it at a competitive price. Below is an image of where I plan on taking this product. It will continue both cosmetic changes as well as enhancements to the design to allow for even more ways to use and even more creative and fun workouts. 

Future State Design

In addition to some of the points above, I will also be focusing time and energy into enhancing the design of this box. I will be looking into making the box collapsible for even easier transportation. Color choices will also be added similar to the image below. Lastly I will look to get creative with the parts inside to see if I can build it in a way to remove the need for an outer shell, reducing weight and increasing mobility.

 Uses of the Power Exercise Box

Ways to Use

I truly hope my product can help people of any level reach their fitness goals. Not only am I offering a piece of equipment that can be adjusted for any level or exercise, but I am also providing ‘follow-along’ workout videos and instructions to help tailor workouts and your future routines for specific goals. I want you to succeed in your journey! I promise also not to just stop at the videos. If you ever need help, or have any questions, I promise to be there for you as you work to accomplish your goals. One day I would even love to offer in person fitness classes where people can come together, with their box, and all exercise in a group session. Building community is important and always provides a bit of fun to training!

 Thank you for reading my story. Please feel free to support me either by sharing or backing my goal.