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Part storage unit, part notice board, Geco Hub is flexible and adaptable. You can organise your things where you want them, in a way that suits you.

Whether it's sorting stationery at your new home office or getting your kid's toys off the floor in a fun way, Geco Hub has you covered.

Whatever it is, Geco Hub can hold it.
Your stuff is secure with Geco Hub's adaptive rubber matrix

Geco Hub's patented flexible matrix adapts to instantly and securely hold your things, whatever shape or size they are. It's quick, fun and intuitive.

What Can You Store In Geco Hub?

Here's a bonus video where I demonstrate how Geco Hub can hold a wide variety of different items you might use on a regular basis.

What Sized Items Can Your Store in Geco Hub?

In this bonus video recorded just before the campaign launched, Simon demonstrates just how big an item Geco Hub can hold.

Geco Hub separates your important things from the day-to-day clutter and ensures you never have to search for important stuff again.

Whether it's for your:

Geco Hub keeps your important things in easy reach, so they're there where and when you need them.

Remove surface clutter and keep your belongings safe
Install Geco Hub wherever you find yourself reaching for stuff.

Geco Hub might be small in size but not in spirit. It packs the punch of larger organisers, all whilst staying close to the wall, making it perfect for smaller living spaces. Its small size means it can fit on wall spaces other organisers just can’t too.

You can mount Geco Hub to all sorts of surfaces...

The thing that sucks about wall-mounted storage is mounting the damn thing on the wall in the first place! No need to worry about that with Geco Hub.

Stick the optional adhesive strips onto the placeholders on Geco Hub's backboard.

Geco Hub installs in minutes with strong, yet removable, adhesive strips (available as an add-on) or using the included screw fixings for something more permanent.

Take off the outer tape and stick Geco Hub on the wall. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The option of using adhesive strips or screws means you can mount it to tiles, glass, brick walls, plaster walls, wooden furniture and even the side of your fridge. Wherever you want.

Whatever the surface is, chances are you can fix Geco Hub to it.

These optional adhesive strips won’t mark the wall either, keeping you and your landlord happy. If you want to remove them, just pull the tab down and away. They're strong too, meaning you can fill Geco Hub with up to 2.5kg/5lb of things.

Use the screw fixings included with your Geco Hub to screw it to the wall.

Screw fixings come with Geco Hub as standard, and adhesive strips are an optional extra. To get adhesive strips with Geco Hub just add £3 to your pledge.

Remove without leaving a mark. These adhesive strips are available as an add-on.

Geco Hub doesn't need cleaning any more than other wall mounted storage like shelves or cabinets. But if you do want to clean it, it's easy! You just wipe it down with a damp cloth, or remove the silicone rubber parts and put them in the dishwasher. 

Geco Hub's rubber parts are made from silicone rubber, the same non-stick, stain-resistant rubber used in kitchen utensils and cake tins, so you can rest assured it'll stay looking sharp for a long time.

We made an earlier version of Geco Hub a few years ago and it got quite a bit of press. This version is based on feedback from early users and lots of testing so now Geco Hub is better than ever!

You can read about the earlier version and what's changed further down the page 👇

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You can tile Geco Hub together to expand your storage space as much as you like.

You could fill an entire wall with Geco Hub if you wanted...

What's more, the gap between each Geco Hub becomes another storage space for your things.

The space between two Geco Hubs becomes another storage spot.

So whether it's for...

... Or something for that awkward space you've been scratching your head over, Geco Hub has it covered 😎 Check out the rewards further down 👇

Rows, squares, rectangles, zig-zags, a checkerboard. The list of shapes you can make goes on...

(Note: this GIF is a digital rendering, as we only had two final prototypes at the time of launch.)

Geco Hub also comes in two different colours, light grey and blue-green. 

(Note: You get to choose which colour you'd like after the campaign ends, so there's no need to make a final decision when ordering.)


Light Grey

All of Geco Hub's flexible parts are easy to install by hand, without the need for any glue. They can be swapped out at any time...

Geco Hub's rubber parts are easy to assembly and swap

... This means you can create your unique designs!

Just a few of the countless designs you could make with 4 Geco Hubs

Remember, we'll ask you which colours you'd like after the campaign. There's no need to decide now.

Every little helps in a project like this, so if you're not completely sold on getting yourself a Geco Hub but want to help out with the project anyway, you can pledge a minimum of £1.

Anyone who pledges will receive exclusive access to news and updates about Geco Hub and our other projects.

Add-ons & How To Include Them

To include one or more add-ons, simply:

1) Sum up the cost of the add-ons you'd like

2) Add this total to your chosen Reward when backing the campaign.

After the campaign, we will send out a survey so you can confirm your choice.

Geco Hub's backboard is made from ABS, the same durable and tough material used in power tool casings, LEGO bricks, the keys on your keyboard, and more. This means it can comfortably live up to the rigours of everyday use.

Made from the same engineering polymer as power tools

Geco Hub's round disc and rectangular fins are made from silicone rubber, which is made from silica sand. That's right, sand! Silicone rubber is strong, stain-resistant and easy to clean, it won't deform over time like other rubbers, and has a great "soft touch" feel to it too. It's not cheap, but it is hands-down the best material for the job.

Obviously there's more too it than just clapping your hands...

Built To Last

The durability of these chosen materials means that Geco Hub is really built to last. There are earlier versions of Geco Hub out there made from the same materials that have been in constant use for the last five years and are still going strong.

This is the first trial version of Geco Hub, still going strong after 5 years!

Still not impressed? Here are 10 extra benefits and features that help make Geco Hub great.

We know that it's one thing looking at nice photos online, but another thing entirely imagining something on your wall at home. So here are Geco Hub's key dimensions.

Okay, so we've thrown some numbers at you, want more info? No problem! Here are a few common everyday items stored in Geco Hub so you can get a better idea of scale...

And finally... the extra details just in case you're interested.

If you're a distributor or retailer interested in Geco Hub we'd love to hear from you, get in touch with us via email at trade[at]version22[dot]com today.

We've delivered three campaigns to date (including an earlier version of Geco Hub), so this isn't our first rodeo.

As with any manufacturing project, there are always unknowns that pop out of nowhere. That said, we're confident we can tackle anything that comes our way.

We've already got suppliers lined up for the components, and have had manufactures evaluate all of our designs to confirm that they're suitable for mass production.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we didn't arrive at the final design for Geco Hub right away. In fact, dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of development have gone into it. He's just a small snapshot of what was involved.

At Version 22, we aim to make functional gift and home products which solve REAL everyday problems in ways that make you smile :)

We have successfully launched three different brands through crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter and Indiegogo), and our product ideas have collected a bunch of national and international design awards between them, and have featured heavily in national and international press too.

We love making things, and will continue doing so... until someone stops us! Thanks for joining us on our latest journey, and we hope to see you stick around for more.