It's official, we entered into production stage.
This means we're no longer working with prototypes but our desks are going into mass-production. We hope you're just as excited as we are, check out the video we quickly shot in our showroom below to see where we stand now. Stay tuned for many more updates on how production is going.


Our unique, height-adjustable desks take care of your health and are easily controlled by
a smartphone app. Each desk can monitor your time spent sitting and indicate when it’s time to get up and continue working in a standing position.

The application compiles office-friendly personalized fitness and stress relief exercises,
to help you achieve your GOALS and to help you relax while at work. It informs you of the air quality of the room and tells you when it’s time to open a window.


Why wouldn’t we pay attention to our health at work, too? AiT Smart Desks have all the necessary features of innovative devices: unique, state-of-the-art design,
fitness and health module and mobile application.

AiT is available in a variety of colors, by choosing just the right color-combination and the functions you need the most, you can create a desk that suits your style. From restrained, simple elegance to a more extreme appearance or anything in between.
Created for your taste, limited only by your imagination.

AiT Phantom1

We are proud to have created our height-adjustable smart desk, that can help us all lead a healthier life. One of the global problems of our time brought this innovation to life. We wanted to develop a product that finally breaks the never-ending cycle of sitting all day. With your help, every household or office can get a desk just like this to help us spend our lives healthier. AIT Smart One is the coolest height-adjustable desk ever. Thanks to its integrated functions and built-in Fitness and Health module it can guide you to a happier life.

With your help AiT Smart One could become more than just a product, let's turn it into a trend, a movement, a lifestyle for millions.

Prolonged sitting is extremely unhealthy, having an adverse effect on our circulatory systemblood vessels and nervous system. Those who do sedentary work for most of their lives, may on average live two years less than those who pay attention to staying at least somewhat active during the day. Unfortunately, most of us spend the majority of our time awake sitting; we sit at work, in the car and at home in front of a TV or computer screen. Practically, we go from sitting in one place to sitting in another.

With just a few hours spent standing and incorporating purposeful exercise at work, we can improve our health tremendously by burning excess calories, which may result in quite a few kilograms of weight loss in just a few months. Some great figures of our history, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill all worked standing by a raised desk.


Hello everyone, My name is Dr. Tamas Marczali, I’m the founder of AiT Smart Products. After over a decade of experience in the field of innovation, developing electric car chargers and gas station technology for the European market, our team has embarked on developing a smart home system that improves our daily lives and meets the challenges of our times. With AiT Smart Products, we want to encourage everyone to pay more attention to their health every day, even at work, without losing valuable time. The backbone of our development team is made up of mechanical and electrical engineers, mechatronic engineers, mechanics and graphic designers. Currently, we have a team of 24 people working on our brand.

Together, we are working to create a stylish and innovative solution that doesn’t only make us more efficient at work but also helps us lead a healthier life.

After a year of hard work, the AiT product line was finally born. We closely examined all available standing desks on the market and found that we were able to create something newer, better and more. We wanted a unique piece of furniture that will hold up with time and stay competitive on the market.


Thanks to the engineering techniques of the AiT Smart products, all parts used are manufactured uniquely. Taking into consideration all feedback we’ve received during the campaign, we made all necessarily changes needed to make our products truly perfect. The production and assembly of our desks has already begun. 

Because it's made in EU, there won't be any additional taxes for EU backers, and US backers won't be charged any China import fees.

Elements, phases:

Acquiring raw materials and shipping larger parts to production, our company uses recycled metal in its production to protect the environment


We only work with reliable manufacturers with many years of experience. Together, our suppliers and our team can guarantee the highest quality.

With the help of you, our backers, AiT Smart Products will be able to spread worldwide. We hope to be able to take care of each other's health during our time spent working, so that we can improve our quality of life. With the first member of AIT Smart Products, we want to get as many people as we can to take the first step with us. Our goal is to build an AIT Smart Products brand that is a unique combination of health and innovation.

Let's take the first step together in encouraging more people to use one of our AiT Smart desks, a step on the road to creating a healthier future.

AiT Smart Desks – Smart can be stylish