Introducing INDX: A beautiful, ultra-satisfying magnetic fidget toy

What is it?

The INDX is, to our knowledge, the first fidget toy specifically designed around harnessing the satisfying sensation of magnetic attraction. We've designed it to be enjoyable for anyone to play with, but we believe it can also be used as a tool to relieve stress and calm nerves.

Most fidget toys we found on the market look and feel like, well, toys. We aimed to make something unique that was appreciable for its good design and manufactured using premium materials, giving it a nice "solid" feel.

How does it work?

 Nine powerful N42 Neodymium magnets are embedded in the two halves of the INDX, which are joined together by a single sealed ball bearing. As the INDX is rotated, the magnets skip past each other, attracting or repelling one another depending on their position. This provides a satisfying, smooth tactile feedback that you'll feel through your hand and wrist. It feels like a "clicking" sensation, but smoother, and without any noise!

How is it made?

Precision CNC machining was the only option for manufacturing the INDX. Externally, it features a specific curvature designed to not only reflect light in a soothing manner, but also to feel comfortable in your hand, no matter how it's held. Internally, precise features locate the internal magnets and sealed ball bearing, so operation is smooth and tight.

Material Selection

We are very excited to launch this first round of INDX fidget toys in the following materials and surface finishes:

Blue-anodized aluminum
Black-anodized aluminum
Clear-anodized aluminum
Bead blasted stainless steel
Mirror polish stainless steel

The bead blasted stainless steel INDX looks just like the clear anodized aluminum version...what's the difference?

1) Weight! The Stainless version weighs 2.5x more, see for yourself:

Strangely, this weight difference also has a significant effect on how the magnetic tactile feedback of each INDX feels. The heavier stainless version has a slower, softer feedback while the lighter aluminum version feels faster and "clickier"

2) Color! Individually, it's hard to tell these two versions apart. Put them side-by-side however, and you can clearly see how the clear anodized aluminum has a very bright white finish, while the stainless version is more dark and gray:

Bead blasted stainless steel (left) vs clear anodized aluminum (right)

3) Toughness! Although the aluminum versions are already very scratch resistant due to their hard anodized coating, the Stainless version will be even more durable and scratch resistant due to the nature of the material.

4) Temperature! Aluminum has a much higher thermal conductivity than stainless steel, so when you first pick each version up, the aluminum will tend to feel much colder.

The Collections:

For those that are having a hard time deciding on just one INDX variant...we don't blame you! That's why we created three collectible sets, each displayed in their own fancy black box:

The Aluminum Collection:

The Aluminum INDX is very lightweight and has faster, "clickier" feel to it compared to the Stainless Steel. This set includes all 3 colors!

The Raw Collection:

This collection really shows off how different types of raw metal can look very different from one another.

The Full Set:

One of each!

Stress Relief:

One of the original goals during the creation of the INDX was to design a discreet fidget toy that could help calm nerves and distract a restless mind. While rotating the INDX, the magnets generate soothing pulses that you can feel through your hand and wrist. This smooth tactile feedback can be relaxing, and we believe it could help people that struggle with anxiety. Don't believe us? Check out these articles for more info about fidgeting, productivity, and anxiety:

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Technical Specifications:

 Stretch Goals:

We have some very exciting stretch goals for you, including a special Kickstarter-only green anodized aluminum INDX! Help us reach these goals, and we promise you won't be disappointed...especially if we get to $100k! ;)


We've laid out a strict timeline for ourselves to ensure that you will receive your reward relatively quickly after the campaign ends.

 Some Disclaimers:

We've found the INDX to be helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety, OCD, and just maintaining focus during generally tough situations. Your results may vary, but regardless, we still think you'll appreciate its design and have fun using it! The INDX is not an official medically proven anxiety relief tool, and we're not claiming that it can cure any illness or condition. If you have a serious condition that you are struggling with, please see an expert for help!