Protection against air pollution and allergies needed an upgrade: Meet Nosy
The majority of people take for granted how infrequently they breathe through their mouths (Nursing in General Practice). Although when wearing Nosy, you may breathe in small amounts of unfiltered air through your mouth, this tradeoff is worth it for day-long protection against air pollution.

The single biggest hurdle when protecting against air pollution is the time limit imposed by how uncomfortable N95 respirators are to wear. If you are not uncomfortable when wearing a mask, this means there is air leakage making your mask up to 68% less effective (Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine). 
By not aiming to replace a N95 respirator, Nosy’s team was free to develop a product that still filters over 90% of the air you breathe, but that you can comfortably wear for a much longer period of time. With Nosy you can have 8-12 hours of clean air, instead of 1 or 2
Nosy is designed to maximise your protection from air pollution and allergens by filtering indoors and outdoor pollution for extended periods of time. Its Activated Carbon and HEPA filters mediums breakdown toxic gases from fossil fuel emissions (such as CO, NO2, SO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and protects you from particles that are 0.03 microns and larger including Pollen, Dust, Lint, Mold Spores, Smoke, Pet Hair, and list goes on...
Nosy's mission however is much bigger: we don't just want clean air for ourselves but also for the planet. By wearing Nosy and raising awareness about the impacts of air pollution, we are all figuratively and physically bringing the issue of air pollution to people's faces.
Your journey towards a Healthier Lifestyle and living on a Sustainable Planet starts now!
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