Most of the marble runs include the track and the holes on the same molded pieces, limiting your options for how the pieces can be fitted together. With the modular design of MagnetCubes, you can easily connect multiple structures together.

The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. Build and rebuild whatever you can imagine. You could sit down again and again, with new creations every time.

MagnetCubes is a totally new modular magnetic building set for creating roller coaster themed marble runs and large structures. This intuitive building system is fun for all ages and can be configured in endless ways. 

This toy is a modern take on the simple building blocks and construction sets that we all grow up with. MagnetCubes is great for getting kids curious and interested in STEM concepts by challenging spatial reasoning and understanding of physics principles. 


Sets use open cubes with magnets in each corner that easily snap together without the need for special connectors or any prior experience. Simply unpack and build!   

With 64 cubes and multiple action pieces, the design possibilities are endless. Each set can be added onto the next, allowing you to build big and fantastic marble runs as you imagine!

Great for keeping your mind sharp, limber and most importantly, interested! 

The open design of MagnetCubes makes all the action visible. With the panels included in the AdvancedPack, you can weave marble tracks in and out of the architectural structures. 

This building set is not just for kids. Building MagnetCubes is also a joyful experience for parents and adults. Join in the fun and build with the kids to make more complex designs.  

Watching the kids learn as they played is one of the greatest joys

Keep stacking the modular and magnetic building blocks together. Be amazed at how easily, quickly and massively tall structures can be made without toppling over.It’s more fun to play together, with your friends, family, co-workers...

Great for quick breaks from the screen. Relieve stress by fidgeting with beautiful structures and relaxing kinetic movement. 

MagnetCubes is a building system that inspires children to learn STEM principles. The combination of play, exploration, and iterative testing will help children develop critical thinking skills needed to excel in multiple fields. In no time at all, you will have a creative engineer and designer on your hands.

What we used to build the following configurations.

How to assemble MagnetCubes?

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 *Images and videos of AdvancedPack on the campaign page are created with 3D printed prototypes.