Are your kitties regularly leaving smelly surprises around the house?

Does cat litter upkeep often feel too troublesome to even bother with?

Aimicat is a simple, convenient answer for all your cat litter concerns. 

No more shoveling cat poop by hand – simply plug it in and let Aimicat Smart Litter Box do the dirty work for you! Aimicat uses intelligent sensors that instantly recognize and remove feces and automatically replaces the litter.

Cats LOVE automatic litter boxes! Cats are proven to be far more likely to use and love Aimicat than any traditional litter box, because it’s consistently clean!

Aimicat was created to make the lives of cats and their humans as comfortable as possible. The spherical shape of the litter container has seen countless design iterations, to ensure that every cat feels at home in their Aimicat.

And there’s a bonus –  Aimicat's extreme litter efficiency saves you 4 times the amount of cat litter when using a traditional litter box, potentially reducing litter costs by upwards of $600 a year! 


No More Hassle  

Your furry friends will be forever grateful – and so will you!

Aimicat's smart design detects and disposes of used cat litter so that you don't have to. With its custom-built litter filter, sensor system, and deodorizing system - Aimicat is well-equipped to be the ultimate cat litter solution for your home. 

Here's why: 

The Cat's Pajamas

As the daintiest and tidiest creatures we know, cats respond overwhelmingly positively to the comfort that Aimicat brings to their homes. Aimicat uses simple but smart technology which detects when your cat is doing – and is finished with – its business, then automatically removes the soiled litter.     

Toxins Begone

It’s been researched and proven that cat poop can contain a common parasite that often results in a disease called Toxoplasmosis. With symptoms that include fever,  fatigue, and muscle pain – it can cause a lot of complications, especially in pregnant women and young children. Aimicat ensures that you and your family stay safe by taking care of the dirty work!   

No More Smells

That’s not all, either – Aimicat’s filtration system eliminates odors so that your home can be kept smelling and feeling fresh. Aimicat has the power to completely free up your hands and your time, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the company of your kitties.       

Subtle & Convenient 

The Cat's Meow 

Freedom from cat poop has never been easier – Aimicat ensures a clean box for your cats and peace of mind for you.  Its subtle design and ultra-quiet motor make it a perfect fit for any feline home. Your feline companion won't be the only one to benefit from the Aimicat though; we've made it super easy to maintain, and the ultra-quiet motor we just mentioned will provide you with a worry free-sleep!  

Easy Upkeep

No maintenance or disassembly is required – simply reset the litter sand with the click of a button! Want to give your Aimicat a deep clean? Just take the top dome off and run it under a tap or garden hose! Taking out the trash is also super convenient, with the Aimicat's used-litter compartment just snap up the bag, it's as easy as that!  

It's not just your cat that benefits! 

Aimicat is completely cat- and human-approved, thanks to the comfort and cleanliness it provides, cats will always feel right at home in their Aimicat. Designed with a minimalistic aesthetic that fits perfectly in any home. Whether it’s in the background or featured as a centerpiece,  it’s simple to maintain and will never look out of place.

 Silicone Container

Aimicat’s smart design removes odors in several ways, not just by automatically removing cat poop! The primary material inside the container is a cat-approved, elastic, non-stick silicone – perfectly customized for Aimicat’s rotating and odor-expunging functions. Its flexible elasticity is both gentle to the touch and completely eliminates residue while rotating and cleansing. Aimicat was tested over 2,000 times without failure to ensure that your cats always feel snug and fresh. 

Negative Air Pressure System

Aimicat’s powerful negative air pressure deodorizing system keeps your cat’s throne thoroughly sterile! The circular negative air pressure system cleans the air internally, ensuring proper airflow and odor removal. Aimicat’s small integrated fan pushes unwanted smells toward the carbon filter to be evacuated from the container.     

Aimicat’s specially developed new carbon structure continually deodorizes smells, preparing the air to be filtered out of Aimicat. Instead of smelly air escaping out the front, the small integrated fan pushes air toward the carbon filter which cleanses it before it leaves Aimicat. Keeping a clean, fresh-smelling home to kitties has never before been more possible!   

You know your feline companion has a sensitive sense of smell – by eliminating the odors with Aimicat, you’re eliminating the potential for your cat doing its business elsewhere.  Aimicat’s deliberate design ensures that all traces of poop are efficiently disposed and kept away from your cats! 

 Infra-Red Sensor System 

While other sensing systems are too often unstable and unresponsive, Aimicat’s custom sensor detects movements with lightning speed and precision, ensuring its reliability. Some sensors rely on a pressure system, which cannot reliably detect kitty presence and can result in activating while a cat’s inside! Our custom-made infrared sensor consistently detects your cat’s presence, leaving no room for error and peace of mind for both you and your cat.    

The sensor automatically detects used litter within 0.1 seconds and prompts the machine to remove it and restock new litter once your cat has exited Aimicat. Using Aimicat is truly as simple as the touch of a button – we wanted to ensure that you will never need to touch cat doo again!  

Litter Filter

Aimicat’s custom-designed litter filter gets rid of all the nasty bits, but never wastes unused litter. We went through over 70 iterations to find the perfect balance between conserving litter and discarding waste to make Aimicat an ultra-efficient, cost-saving automatic cat litter! 

Silent Motor System

Aimicat has a peak volume of just 42dba – no louder than a typical computer. So whether you or your cat are fast asleep, Aimicat will keep to its duty and never make a peep.      

We’ve told you what Aimicat can do, but if you’re interested in the why and how, read on!

It took us over a year of testing, refining, and looking into what makes the perfect cat litter box. We started by looking at all the different potential shapes, mechanisms, and methods that existing smart-litter boxes used, and why they weren’t all that great.

Many existing litter box designs have flaws such as improper litter and odor filtration, unresponsive sensors, or unnecessary noise. Something as seemingly simple as the exact placement of support structures can be deceptively important to ensuring noiselessness, the longevity of the product, and the comfort of your feline companion!

The two main objectives we accomplished with Aimicat are its reliable functionality and its undeniable appeal to cats. Our primary emphasis during all phases of development and through 7 prototypes was to guarantee Aimicat’s reliability and efficiency while serving as an ideal litter in which your companions feel safe and satisfied with. 

 How did we determine Aimicat’s Shape & Structure?

We extensively researched the shape, sizes, movements, and habits of cats in order to determine the optimal materials and structure to accommodate them. We began developing the first 2 versions of Aimicat with standard spherical models and focused on testing the ideal size for the convenience and comfort of cats. For later versions, we developed a 3D mold and ultimately decided that CNC plastered mold was the best structure.  

The angle of the spherical dome was adjusted to ensure perfect balance – stable enough to never shake or fall when cats jump in and out. Aimicat’s door is designed so that natural outside light would not enter, ensuring a shaded space where cats feel a sense of safety and privacy at all times.

How does Aimicat achieve its Im-purr-essive Litter Efficiency?

After testing over 40 different varieties of cat litter, we discovered litter often clumped up before passing through the filter or got stuck to the walls. We made it our mission to determine the perfect material, size, and angle for the litter-dispensing aperture to ensure the most efficient litter usage. Then, to address the issue of litter sticking to the insides of the container, we developed a rubber elastic seal which folds out and dispenses any remaining litter.

Why did we decide to create a Custom-built Aimicat Sensor?

From infrared to ultrasonic – we tested a wide variety of sensor types and found that none of them were quite perfect for cats – some were even irritating to the cats’ senses!

We determined that the existing sensors were all too sensitive to environmental factors or the varying sizes and movements of cats. Other smart litter boxes commonly employ a weight sensor, but we found that far too dependent on the amount of weight applied, which presented safety concerns for cats.

This brought us to develop our own custom infrared sensors, which are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and most importantly – cat-friendly!  

What does Aimicat do to eliminate all those smelly cat odors?

We wanted to ensure that Aimicat is 100% odorless and completely halts any potential nasty smells. To accomplish this, Aimicat was equipped with a negative air pressure system, customized infrared sensor, and super easy-to-clean design.

Aimicat’s negative air pressure system was designed to ensure that air pressure inside Aimicat is lower than outside, completely negating potential for odor leakage. Then, we designed our infrared sensor to detect movements within 0.1 seconds, for highly responsive reaction time which immediately disposes of waste. Lastly, we wanted to make sure that Aimicat would be a cinch to clean – so we made it possible to simply run it under the tap.

How did you manage to make Aimicat so Quiet?

To ensure Aimicat would be noiseless, we covered the litter passage with soft rubber material which creates serene, effortless litter flow. We carefully tested and selected support structure points which were both sturdy and quiet, then implemented involute gears to aid in smoothing out Aimicat’s rotation efficiency. Perhaps most importantly, we did not settle for any old motor system, but instead developed a new motor system specifically for Aimicat. We co-designed the motor with one of the world's largest manufacturers, in order to make sure that Aimicat would purr as softly as your furry friends do!

So who are we?

Wilsal is a team of young entrepreneurs leading the next generation of robotics. Our team is comprised of RoboMaster and RoboCup champions who are renowned experts in PCB, mold, plastics, and robotics hardware. We at Wilsal are passionate about creating intelligent pet products that bring reliable value and comfort to you and your pets’ lives.   

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I have a big cat. Will he/she fit in Aimicat?

The space inside the globe measures: 450 * 470 * 420mm. If your cat is 450mm or less from the neck to the butt, then your cat can use Aimicat.

My cat is really small. Is it safe for him/her to use Aimicat?

Yes, Aimicat employs infrared sensor recognition, so cat recognition is not restricted by weight. Aimicat is significantly safer than products which use pressure sensors, especially for kittens weighing less than 80 grams.

How much can the waste compartment hold?

According to our testing, Aimicat’s waste compartment can hold up to 7.2 kg of cat waste for 7 days.

It also depends on how well cat litter absorbs urine. If it absorbs less urine and less feces, the container can hold more waste. In general, the fecal volume of a cat is proportional to its weight. So, if a cat is 6.5-7.5 kg, it will produce 112ml of urine every day, about 0.78 liters of urine every week. In this case, Aimicat would hold about 0.9kg of cat litter each week.

How many cats could use Aimicat?

We recommend one to three cats for every Aimicat. We suggest you monitor your cats' behavior and evaluate if they are willing to share the smart litter box. 

How often do I need to dispose the waste?

Once per week is a good rule of thumb.

Do I need to use a special type of trash bag?

No need - Simply use a trash bag that is larger than the waste compartment.

What if my cat tries to enter while Aimicat is in self-cleaning mode?

The infrared sensors will detect your cat and the self-cleaning mode will stop. Aimicat will continue to self-clean after your cat exits Aimicat.  

What type of cat litter should I use?

We recommend using clumping clay (made of Bentonite), corn, tofu, or cat litter with good clumping properties. We do not recommend pine, recycled paper, and silica gel crystals. 

What is the input voltage?

100 ~ 240v AC

How long can the carbon filter be used?

The carbon filter lasts for up to 90 days. We recommend replacing the carbon filter every 30-60 days for optimal filtration.

The Carbon filter is part of the integrated design of Aimicat. We highly recommend that you use our carbon filter for better and longer lasting smell removal. We will send you a carbon filter link after the crowdfunding ends. The cost of one filter is $12. 

Power Supply Source: no built-in battery, uses household electricity

Depending on your cat’s habits and usage, your cat may prefer Aimicat use in one or more locations. We recommend establishing one or several fixed locations with electricity sources to place Aimicat.

Will the wire break?

We designed Aimicat wires to be bite proof - so that even if it is bitten, there is voltage safety.