In the midst pandemic we have decided to present you an already-rolling project, which will enable us to work together with the common aim of fighting the virus that is taking human lives all over the planet.

By joining our forces to find the best solution to this problem, we realised that a tool is needed which will make it possible to avoid unnecessary bare hand contact in everyday errands.

Everyday objects such as light switches, door handles, trolleys and similar are constantly exposed not only to contact, but also to other influences such as coughs and sneezes that can easily transmit the virus to you.

All around the world potentially contaminated surfaces are touched more than 200 times per day.

Virus Reminder - Always at Hand

With every purchase we donate one Corohook to the people who need it the most.

We will be very grateful for your help in any kind of way, and in the case of orders, we will provide immediate delivery after a successful project, or even sooner, which will be announced in our updates.